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Which means, if you are fighting, Roy, Jeremy etc, go post on the fighting thread.  Or feel free to fight all you want on this thread, just stop turning every post on here into a fight about your personal issues. I’m at the limit of my patience,  and am in no mood with this freaking server problem I am having to start babysitting. If derailing threads continues, I will just delete all the inappropriate comments, I still may go back and do that on some of these newer threads, so if you liked what you wrote, please copy it and paste it here.  Please and Thank you.

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  1. Please post on the thread concerning your topic | The Adult News Wire Says:

    […] Please post on the thread concerning your topic Posted on September 29, 2011 by admin Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginWhich means, if you are fighting, Roy, Jeremy etc, go post on the fighting thread.  Or feel free to fight all you want on this thread, just stop turning every post on here into a fight about your personal issues. I’m at the limit of my patience,  and am in no mood with this freaking […] LUKE IS BACK […]

  2. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard wrote, “I have butt sex with Will Ryder” and then avoided admitting that he is a total homosexual.

  3. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I’ll pay you $1,000 cash if you can prove that I said I had butt sex with Will Ryder.

    Moronica made this claim. I told her it doesn’t matter if she says I did. I never said I did.

    You think you’re fucking with me, Chelsea Morono, but all you are doing is showing the pathetic piece of shit you are.

    You’re not funny. You’re not clever. You’re…

    Roy’s Wife!

  4. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Holy Shit! Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs. Yankees were up 7-0 at the bottom of 8th and just tied it with a homerun. Meanwhile, it’s raining in Baltimore!

  5. jeremysteele11 Says:

    the Rays tied itup, that is…

  6. 128 Says:

    They are told to keep their crap in the sandbox and what do they do? they bring it right here… And I’m not even going to ask what the baseball comments have to do with anything, it’s probably another way to bring attention to himself. Seriously Jeremy, it’s obvious you love to give your opinion on EVERY subject: why don’t you just start your own blog instead of polluting this one?

  7. jeremysteele11 Says:

    There are plenty of threads (most vs every) that I haven’t given an opinion on. Tonight’s baseball games were amazing! Boston looked to be one strike from the post season, give up back to back hits from their top closer and lose to the last place Orioles. Then soon after, the Rays, at one point down 7-0 in the 8th, after tying it up in the final at bat in the 9th, win it in extra innings. And the Braves were not too hot in Hotlanta. St. Louis looks good with Furcal…

    I won’t analyze it any more detail because 128 believes he speaks on behalf of the EVERYone else.

  8. Jerkuliscious Says:

    1000 bucks Germ?? That’s alotta dicks to suck if they force you to pay off. Should set the bounty at a $100.

  9. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Now there is an exclusive thread on LIB where everybody can post their jokes and insults to Germy Steele AKA Germius Stillious AKA Meltard. Wow, that’s a lot of achievement for a 43 year old washed-up cross over homosexual/suitcase pimp. Not.

    Hey Germ, how’s Lucky’s cat doing? You should print out this thread and mail it to your parents, assuming you have a printer and money to buy a book of stamps. How’s that for a Germy Steele joke? I win again, and again, and again.

    Roy & Jet Tits: Invincible

    Germius Stillous: Epic monumental fail

  10. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Jerk- I don’t know what the rate for sucking cock is but it doesn’t matter what amount I state as I’ll never have to pay in anyway.

    Roytard- You and your stupid wife’s “jokes” are only getting worse because you’ve been outed and are getting more nervous. You and Charlie Sheen have to keep declaring that you’re winning but the evidence indicates otherwise.

    How come Monica Mayhem wrote in her book that you’re an asshole and alienated yourself from the industry?

    Many people are convicted in court based on the evidence of just ONE person. In your case we have multiple people making the same claim about you- that you’re an abusive, childish piece of shit control freak who forces sex on them and retaliates on them dropping you as their pimp/agent by terrorizing their families. Yet you claim they are all liars? If you’re such a great guy who’s never done anything to anyone, why did SSTM go down the toilet?

    Epic Idiot!

  11. jeremysteele11 Says:


    “Monica (Mayhem) says that Roy would often yell at people and fight and argue with clients and it lost her a lot of work, so she started repping herself.”

    So explain, what a girl is supposed to do, Roy? Not only do you force sex on them but you’re an asshole to the clients who would hire them. So they are left with no choice but to dump you. But then… Mom and Dad get boxcovers of their girls work arriving in their mailbox. You should be buttfucked with a machete!

    SSTM RIP – Epic Fail. Eternal Loser. Gargantuan Moron!

  12. jet_tits Says:

    @ Meltard: you clearly wrote, “I have butt sex with Will Ryder” in the Bill Cosby thread that you ruined. It is a cut-n-paste directly from your post. And please keep the $1,000 since I do not want your dad’s money.


    @ 128: Meltard cannot help but ruin every thread on LIB. He feels compelled to redirect every topic to his own issues. Very sad, really.

  13. jeremysteele11 Says:

    HEY YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT, YOU QUOTED ONLY HALF OF THE SENTENCE: I ALREADY EXPLAINED THIS TO YOU, AS IF YOU DON’T KNOW THIS, STUPID (I say you’re stupid in this instance, not for believing it, which I don’t believe you do, but for thinking anyone else will):

    Go to
    5th paragraph down I said to Moronica Fosturd:

    “You can make up that I have butt sex with Will Ryder. You keep proving how incredibly stupid and low you are.”

    “YOU CAN MAKE UP THAT I have butt sex with Will Ryder”, said I.

    Go ahead and repeat your lies and I will simply cut and past this comment, stupid!


  14. jeremysteele11 Says:

    5th paragraph of comment comment #56, I forgot to add.

  15. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Btw, thanks and apologies Cindi. In time I will filling this thread up with testimony and links about Roy, and we’ll see who’s “winning”.

  16. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard: the destroyer of all LIB threads.

  17. jeremysteele11 Says:


    “BigDickDaddy = Roy Garcia?”

    Notice how nervous BDD seems. He claims

    “I’m not Roy Garcia but I have never said anything about him because he is gone. He is out of the business. Unlike you and Regan Senter both of whom just dont know when to quit! Both of you scammed your way into some pussy. Okay, great. Those days are gone. Its time you did like Roy and moved onto other things like selling moon boots to other nerds”.

    Well, Roy says he’s still around, “BigDickDaddy”…
    What do you think about that? Also, as I recall, BDD recently said he doesn’t know Roy. So which is it? He’s not around any more or he doesn’t know who he is?… Stay tuned for more.

  18. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Don’t know Roy, BDD? But you know the entire rest of the business so well… So what do you think of this?:

    From Mia Rose:

    It is rare that I will openly “talk shit” … be mean, or say anything too hurtful about someone, why? Cause its fucking tacky… but roy…. I fucking hate you, and the horse you rode in on. I pity your new born. to be raised by you….

    Bunny Luv: “I am not represented by Roy Garcia. I will never ever in my entire life be represented by Roy Garcia. I will tell as many girls as possible exactly how he is. He is a suitcase fucking pimp. He finds 18 year old girls and leeches off of them. He is not a legitimate agent, but for the last two years he has been taking money from girls, 30% of what their income is. He sleeps with every last one of his fucking clients or tries to. I have actual proof. He walks into a club and tells these girls I can make you a superstar. After two months when she’s no longer new, he lets them loose and refuses to get them work, especially if he’s not dicking them. If you’re dicking him, you’ll get work. He’s a younger Regan Senter only he lies about it.”

    And a good LOL from Gia Jordan:

    “I met Roy when I was brand new. He was very out of shape and slovenly, but I didn’t judge until he told me he was talent also and handed me a business card with a picture of a lean, hard bodied man. I asked who was on the card and he said, “Me!” I never called him.”

    SO….. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS GUY, BDD?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  19. RobfromMarketing Says:

    This burnout pothead gets trolled way too easily. Stop ruining in every and all threads Jeremy, go away.

  20. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Who are you RobfromMarketing? Another retard who doesn’t know “all” from some? Cindi created this thread for BDD/Roy& Chelsea and I to get our war on.
    BDD btw, has a very LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG history on LIB attacking everyone on every thread.

    It takes two to tango. And I’ll keep my posts here unless Chelsea Morono can’t shut up and wants to attack me again here or elsewhere.

  21. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Germius Steelious,

    I’m glad this thread has been created on LIB so everybody can see what a raving lunatic, strange piece of shit you are. After this thread, perhaps the next step should be to put you in a cage like the filthy, stupid, stinking monkey that you admit you are so people can line up and spit in your face. Keep on posting, loser, it only proves that I’ve been right all this time, it proves that you’re a delusional moronic troll who picks and chooses whatever bullshit/rumor/false testimony that fits his pathetic delusions and foolish conspiracy theories. Case in point, the old LIB thread that you linked to in comment #17 is the ONLY source you’re been referring to as EVIDENCE that BDD is Roy Garcia all these years.

    Anybody with half a brain can read that thread and realizes there is absolutely nothing conclusive or remotely plausible on that thread, it’s just rumor and speculation, but for a paranoid lunatic like you, that’s all you need. Just like when you watch a piece of shit documentary about AIDS and come away a fucking expert on the issue. Poor little bastard, you’ve lost your grip on reality a long time ago. Smoke more weed and clean up after Lucky’s cat while she’s whoring herself around the country. If she’s generous, she’ll throw a bone your way when she comes back. I win, you lose, again. Fuck you Germy Steele, eat shit and die.

  22. jeremysteele11 Says:

    No Roy, as I said, your IP has already been traced to you. I used to be friends with a guy who’s friends with all sorts of sheriffs and such, bitch.

    Should anyone expect your denials to cause any confusion here? As sure as I’ve sucked and fucked cock on camera as you say innumerable times. You’re as evil as you are stupid, Roy, so you’ll be the last one to know when everyone else does.

    That aside, I am putting just a couple of links for now, showing the world the piece of shit you are. Now your wife has proven the piece of shit she is, as well. You’ve got that stupid bitch trained well. They say a dog is only as smart as it’s owner.

  23. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Wait, whats does knowing sheriffs an stuff have to do with IPs????

  24. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Access to data, Sean. I’m friends with P.I.s as well. One of them I interviewed on LIB.

  25. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    LOL, your saying that `your friends provided you with info about IPs???

  26. jeremysteele11 Says:

    No, I was told that BDD’s IP was traced to Roy Garcia’s area.

  27. jet_tits Says:

    Sounds rather paranoid of you, Meltard. Maybe it is a LIB conspiracy?

    The good news is that you are once again posting in this thread instead of ruining all the other LIB threads. Cindi created this thread just for you, so use it permanently.

  28. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Thanks Chelsea Morono, I will. Thanks to you, I’m gonna make sure to post as much testimony and links on your husband that I can find. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    It must be really hard to deep throat your husband, like a vaccuum sucking up a pencap.

  29. jet_tits Says:

    @ Meltard: so this “sheriff” that you used to know… Was it one of the cops you blew for protection while in the big house?

  30. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I guarantee you Chelsea and Roy. I will be having the last laugh… At the very, very least, small claims doesn’t cost very much to file regarding the claims that he booked me in countless movies sucking and fucking cock, etc, etc, etc…. this game will not keep going on, just fyi…

  31. RobfromMarketing Says:

    “I guarantee you Chelsea and Roy. I will be having the last laugh… At the very, very least, small claims doesn’t cost very much to file regarding the claims that he booked me in countless movies sucking and fucking cock, etc, etc, etc…. this game will not keep going on, just fyi…”

    Is that you Tara?

  32. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You’re sense of humor is almost as witty as Chelsea’s. Why compare me to that piece of shit, Tara Akinlose? It’s no delusion that Roy has claimed I’ve done movies that no one can find. This will be an easy verdict for the judge.

  33. commonsense Says:

    would appreciate it if all were state there experience whether positive or negative about lawyer michael fattorosi who used his girlfriends e-mail account to converse with donny long.
    thank you NL- if you all agree that commonsense has NONE, and is a waste of reading about negative fattorisi comments, please give me a yeah, and we’ll say a permanent goodbye to CS

  34. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Lol. I guess we should be thankful commonsense went over a week with mentioning fattorosi… If you only new what I new. Haha. Let it go

  35. commonsense Says:

    Sean. Tell us. it will help with any potential investigation of fattorosi. You did great with taking down pornwikileaks, now do it to fattorosi.

  36. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Hey, you guys are derailing this thread!


  37. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    No can do. You people dint no how to let shyt go. You guys stir it up with ur fake names an anon comments then me an Whiteacre got waste team cleaning up messes. There r bigger issues in the adult world right now then fatorosi. I find it odd that some of you have such a hard on for him but are friends with others who posted over an over on PWL , gave up info and lied about other things. Befor you worry about your neighbors house make sure yours in order

  38. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Don’t worry, that was just sarcasm on my part…

  39. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard, nobody read your comment, so nobody worried.

  40. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Germius Steelious AKA Meltard wrote:

    ‘Your IP has already been traced to you.’

    My IP address was traced to me, or BDD’s IP address was traced to me? You’re confused, Germ, looks like all the pot you’ve been smoking for years has finally fucked your brain for good. So you have cop buddies who trace people’s IP addresses without a court order just because you give them blow jobs and work for them as a snitch, right? Like I said in the past, you had such strong evidence and instead for years were ONLY referring to a rumor posted on LIB as EVIDENCE to support the claim that BDD is Roy Garcia, right? Come the fuck on, Germius Steelious, nobody is as crazy or stupid as you are, drop that bullshit already.

    Oh, you wanna talk about the legal action? Let’s talk about it: I claim that as your agent, I acted on your behalf, with your knowledge and consent, and I booked you for gay scenes in which you sucked cock and got fucked in your ass. You claim that I abused and harassed girls against and their families. Let’s file law suits against each other and we’ll see whose case will be thrown out of the court and who will be found guilty of libel and slander. Let’s go, bitch, you’ve got nothing on me. I win, you lose, as always. Fuck you, man whore.

  41. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Lol. Cops can’t trace IPs unless they have a warrant. There’s no IP computer like z finger print computer. Anyone can trace a IP to within a block of the person using it if you no how to do it. Cops serve warrant on ISP and they give u the info. Lol. Even the Feds for the most part need the ISP to give up the info.

  42. BigDickDaddy Says:

    Germy is a retard.

    You want to trace something?

    Trace and trace and let me know what you and your cop friends come up with.


  43. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Too stupid, Roy. We got lots of shit on the net, alone about your abuse of female talent… stay tuned bitch. Meanwhile, you’ll have to provide evidence of scenes where I’ve sucked cock and taken it up the ass, which does not exist. So how are you gonna win. I know you’re addicted to the denialist Sheenism “I’m winning”, but you’re only fooling yourself on this. It doesn’t matter what you type, you’re a loser who’s gonna lose more. You’re the one who has nothing on me in terms of the gay scenes you claim you booked me on.

    Sean, you say anyone can trace an IP to within a block of the location it is being used, and that’s what I was told as well. And if anyone can trace an IP, which is also true, then cops or P.I.s don’t need a warrant to trace an IP. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

  44. commonsense Says:

    I am telling all of you don’t trust cindy, she has been friends with fattorosi, and it is my belief she gives him information, and she wants to stop my comments because of friendship. also don’t you all find it strange her personal information was not posted on PWL.
    She had no problem allowing jeremys private info. I will be opening another site, and or e-mailing sean about making it stronger where hustler and other would rather advertise than on not lules site. Look out cindy.

  45. witega Says:

    is there anyone who has NOT been accused of being involved in a sinister plot, and/or has NOT been named or implicated in some crazy conspiracy theory?

    those people worth watching.

  46. Karmafan Says:

    Sounds like Commonsense doesn’t have any.

  47. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard writes, “I’ve sucked cock and taken it up the ass”. Really happy you are finally freely admitting what everyone already knows about you.


  48. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Cindi was trashed all over the PWL board.

  49. jet_tits Says:

    Totally agree that Donkey spent a lot of effort trashing Cindi on PWL.

  50. JamesBrownDWD Says:

    At this point Jet tits, Jeremy Steele and Roy Garcia need to get a room and just have a bi sexual orgy. Then you all can do every member here a favor and just go away for good.
    This flame war got old two months ago!

  51. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Not Chelsea Morono, you wrote “I’ve sucked cock and taken it up the ass”, not me…. unless perhaps you’re breaking up sentences in half again… You’re dumber than dumberer… Who thinks your funny or clever, Chelsea? That’s ok, when I sue your stupid husband you can laugh then, too.

  52. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Btw, my next op/ed will likely be on this weeks LA Weak-ly article I just read.

  53. commonsense Says:

    Cindi’s real name was on their, and her relatives were not on their. ask monica about being trashed. cindi however does not care about allowing monica to post jeremy’s real name or give bloggers info to fattorosi i believe anyway.

  54. jeremysteele11 Says:

    The Red Sox just pulled a George Steinbrenner move getting rid of Francona. They hadn’t won in 86 years but all of sudden he’s the scapegoat. I’m still giggling from those three amazing games on Wednesday.

  55. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    here you go
    ” There will be a warning blog post telling everyone to blame Mike South, Jeff Mike and Cindi at LIB for the site being up and it will not be removed till they remove there stuff if at all ”

    PWL hated Cindi, thats a portion of a email send to me by PWL…

    You have no clue what your talking about…The person your after is out of your league and beyond your reach

    I dont need at ask anyone about being trashed on there as i got it worse then most…

    Give what info to Fattorosi ? you kinda of sound like your buddy..A women scorned

    on another note..Im gna win the bet….cha ching

  56. commonsense Says:

    have you noticed fattorosi does not twitter anymore. he knows he has to stay low like a good boy.

  57. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Yes failure to tweet is a sure sign of guilt All of you want fattarosi let me see your proof. And dont show me our work. Show me sumthing new.

  58. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Oh nevermind, now I hear he quit. Quitters never win. Winners never quit. But hey, I guess he had enough of “Red Sox Nation”! He’s taking blame for it himself. I wonder, should the Yankees take blame for the bad weather which caused a postponed game 1?

  59. commonsense Says:

    sean you make a very intelligent point. But why is your work product not adequate in respect to fattorosi?

  60. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Why would I or we share work with people who did nothing while we were getting slammed by the powers that be. Maybe we are holding our aces until we need to play them. One thing for sure, if we do have anything we won’t be wasting it….

  61. commonsense Says:

    Thank you for the explanation.
    i will give you on your e-mail info. i have on fattorosi, and then you can give insight.

  62. jeremysteele11 Says:

    was referring to credit 4 idea, that’s all, the money part was a joke

  63. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Germius Steelious,

    So when are you gonna file the lawsuit against me? At the time of filing, you gotta pay something like 30 bucks to the clerk to ensure the sheriff will deliver me a copy of your complaint. If you’re short on the money, Shorty, I can wire you some dough. In return, perhaps you can do a gay BJ scene for me and suck some cock. You like sucking cocks, don’t you, Germ? I remember you told me in a phone conversation how much you enjoy being the bottom in gay scenes. I’ll tell that to the judge on our court date. Go ahead and sue me ASAP so that I win yet around round.

    I always win, you always lose, and that’s just the way it is.

  64. Larry Horse Says:

    Roy, its amazing, you have no value in what you and jet tits add to this site. Its all Steele bashing and bashing others but no real content and no real evidence, add some value to this page…oh wait you cannot.

  65. commonsense Says:


  66. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Lol. Fake profile offering money. What don’t u tell us who u first

  67. witega Says:

    if you have disposable income, as you make it appear you do, why don’t you hire a PI to investigate whomever you would like investigated?

  68. jeremysteele11 Says:

    If I enjoy sucking cock being a bottom in gay scenes where are those scenes, Roytard? You’ll have to provide that evidence to the judge, not just testimony. Otherwise, you can’t you don’t and you won’t win, Morono.

  69. commonsense Says:

    this is not fake i stick to it. it’s simple send it to cindy i trust her to verify it, albeit i thik she is friendly with fattorosi and if cindy verifies it i will send her a bank’s check with a contract she has to sign that she will send me the information she received in consideration of remuneration.
    simple as that.
    not a fake profile just anomynous. as opposed to you sean i am very well established and don’t want to use real identity that is all. It appears you are some redneck that is lucky if you ever made $100,000 in one year. Unlike you i don’t have children and not pay my support. I lead a clean life.
    have you checked your credit rating lately? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  70. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    LOL, Ill compare my tax return against yours any day of the week..funny how you ask for my help then insult me a hour later…Once agian, if you knew what i knew

  71. witega Says:

    i don’t think posting lies about Ssean is going to help your cause…in fact i’m fairly certain it won’t.

  72. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    just checked my credit, its a 670…Not to good…But, my very good friend danny has a 770 and works in insurance for about 2500 a i dont see the relevance… Dumbass

  73. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Who cares, whoever that is wants what i have and THEY AINT GNA GET IT…Haha

  74. Larry Horse Says:

    Fattarosi is a porn lawyer, Larry Walters is a porn lawyer too and his non-porn clients have been accused of embezzling(Online poker sites, porn lawyers are not exactly brain surgeons, I dont think Stagliano hired a porn lawyer.

  75. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    Stagliano hired Allan Gelbard, one of the best lawyers around. Period. Very bright guy.

  76. commonsense Says:

    I agree with Mike to an extent. Fattorosi needs to be outed more to save the talent that are thinking of hiring, however i would think he may be having a rough time now.

  77. Fartz Says:

    So all I gotta do is catch a blowjob from Blue, then snap a picture and I’m $5000 richer? Pay for my plane ticket and I’m in.

  78. commonsense Says:

    No plan ticket.
    but if you hired vanessa blue as an escort and she gave you a blow job. you are five thousand richer.

  79. Larry Horse Says:

    Gelbard is considered a porn lawyer and was in a picture with Fattarosi, well according to a California Lawyer magazine. In other news Trannyfucker took Phoenix to Rome for her 30th Birthday, he’s still a jackass but it was a nice thing, I dont think she gave up her ass for him.

  80. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    How are you Larry Whores? Did you take your Nazi uniform to laundry over the weekend? How many times did you jerk off on Sunday night? Just checking.

  81. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    can we define the rules of the bet please…im itching to make a few blog posts an need to no if thats covered in the bet

  82. jeremysteele11 Says:

    i think you need to know the difference between “no” and “know”, ya know? ignorance ain’t cool, fool. ya teaching your kids how da reed n rite?

  83. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    i think u may need to no when to stay out of my way…from what ive been reading im not your problem right now and you should try to should keep it that way..

  84. witega Says:

    scorch! Jerkuliscious laid down some of the rules of engagement. this is the link to the specific comment [#80]

  85. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Germius Steelious,

    What happened to your law suit, fool? Why don’t you make your pathetic move? You must be low on cash. Come shoot a gay scene for me and suck some cock and I’ll give you the money you need to file the lawsuit against me. Come on, bitch whore, do it, do it so I can kick your ass another round and win yet again.

  86. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    This whole not being able to edit your post sucks.

  87. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I picked up the SC-100 Plaintiff’s Claim and ORDER to go to Smarts Claims Court today, scumfuck.

    You haven’t kicked my ass at any point, Morono. Like the gov’t or a sociopathic corporation you only say the opposite of what’s true. Vladimir Lenin said to say the opposite of what is true and call the enemy what you truly are, fool.

    Perhaps someone at the AVN can cover this story. I’m sure the judge won’t want to see it, either way, but Roy will be required to provide evidence of me doing scenes I’ve never done, so you better get busy seeing what kind of bullshit you think you can concoct. And don’t think you’re clever. If you were then SSTM would still be in business, loser!

  88. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Small claims court, whoops

  89. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And for the record Roy Garcia aka DiccusRidiculous, I’m asking for $10,000 for libel.

    Page 3, point 4 requires me to have asked you for the amount I’m suing you for, before I sue you for it.

    You’re not funny, Roy. You’re a piece of shit and you’ve been pulling shit against people for years. There is ample testimony of that available on the net, alone.

    Get ready.

  90. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Germius Stillious wrote:

    ‘I’m asking for $10,000 for libel.’

    What a loser you are, Germ, read that fucking SC-100 Form that you picked up. There is a limit on how much one can ask in a small claim court, and the limit is $5,000. Any court clerk will tell you that. There’s a reason it’s called SMALL CLAIMS COURT, you idiot.

    Besides, what exactly are you gonna sue for? What are you going to say, that I, as your agent, booked you for gay scenes because you wanted to do gay scenes? What’s illegal about that? Why should I find and present your gay scenes years after they’ve been shot? Back in the day, a lot of people shot a lot of things for VHS and DVD distribution, and some of those cheap VHS tapes and DVDs never made it to the internet. Perhaps that’s why your gay scenes are hard to find, but it doesn’t mean you didn’t do them.

    And speaking of claims, what is your evidence to support the claims that I abused girls and their families? What would the judge say when I file the countersuit? Let’s find out, bitch. I’m going to win again, as always.

  91. Larry Horse Says:

    Didnt jerk off at all Sunday, Roy. If I did I would have looked for that scene of Mrs Roy with a real performer, Brandon Iron, in Photographic Mammories, size wise he appears twice the man you are, so does Steele. Will/Jeff, when will you do a Real Steele XXX parody with Steele where his bot kills Roy’s bot in the ring.

  92. Karmafan Says:

    Who is Mrs. Roy?

  93. JRodman Says:

    Jeremy, you’ve really opened up a nice can of science fiction here.

    Lets use a little logic here:

    You state numerous times that you traced BDD’s IP address to Roy Garcia. This is impossible unless you were able to issue a court order to both of their ISPs. You then reworded your original line of bullshit to: I traced it to the same block. While that might be possible, it’s highly doubtful. Chances are the best you could do is a geographic area. So, what provider are they both using; and what was the area number?

    For someone who prides themselves on “the truth” (lol); you sure are full of shit. By default, all your other statements that built of this pile of bullshit are false too.

    Considering Sheriffs are elected by county in California, what would knowing multiple Sheriffs do for you? Absolutely nothing. What does this mean? It means you are a complete idiot on top of being a liar. Do you even know who the current sheriff is?

    Jeremy, you can sue for anything you want. It doesn’t mean you have any chance of winning. You really need to learn to read. You can only sue for $7500 max and you can only sue for over $2500 twice in a year. I’m sure since you know multiple sheriffs, they are going to amend the state law to help a broke scrub like yourself sue for more in court without having to hire a lawyer. Good luck with that.

  94. jet_tits Says:

    I just wanted to thank Meltard for not hijacking and destroying every thread posted on LIB the past few days. I know it must be difficult for him to accept that his comments are not well received. But this site is much better when he limits his posts to just this one thread.

  95. Larry Horse Says:

    There is no way JRod and Roy are the same, JRod’s answer was way too smart for Roy’s obvious intellectual limits, of course my original theory on JRod’s true identity is down the shitter. As for IPs, Super Sleuth Sean was able to find many IPs without a court order, maybe he can find Roy and BDD, of course there Cindi may be the one with that info and she may violate privacy rights…oh wait.

  96. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Why would I wanna end this thread with real answers. Lol. If prove or disprove they may stop posting. And ever since the BET, the posts have gotten fewer an fewer.

  97. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    The way I interpret the rules as long im not allowed to type the name. So in theory if sum one else types the name in my blogs i immune. Correct ?

  98. witega Says:

    i’m not sure…it says no acknowledgment. we may need a impartial referee to make a technical ruling.

  99. jet_tits Says:

    Having no dog in the fight, I would assume having someone else type in the name would be a violation. It is 1 step removed from saying “if I do not touch the keyboard…” and then using a pen to type in the name.

  100. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Damn you, your stifling my creativity ..Looks like i may need a Op-Ed with facts i provide…lol

  101. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Roytard, I was told 10 Gs is the limit and what makes 10 Gs large claims and 5 small claims, idiot?

    You win everytime? Is that why all those girls say you’re a piece of shit, you’ve alientated yourself from the industry and SSTM is RIP?

    Is that what winners do? Threaten people like Robert Ferrara for your pimp fees? Just like you threaten girls who drop you because they can’t get work because you’re an asshole that directors don’t want to deal with, or because girls don’t to have sex with you to be represented?

    You say you booked me countless times sucking and fucking cock, that this is “common knowledge” but NOT ONE piece of evidence can ever be found? This lie followed me outing you about Tina Lee’s r a p e allegations. Co-ink-a-dink?

  102. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And use a little logic, Larry. JRod never existed until it was created to attack me, only me, and never Roy, even though he shows he’s a piece of shit to everyone else here.

    And if Sean can trace IPs so can the law or P.I.s.

    With all the shit on the net for BDD to say things like “Roy is out of the business” and then change it to “I don’t know Roy” says lots. The offer still stands. Larry needs a new pair of $1,000 loafers. What’s it gonna be, BDD? Is Roy with all the many, many, many links and testimony on the net a guy not worth criticizing, while Regan Senter, who comparatively speaking is definitely out of this business, is? Or attacking Powder or Wankus, who have never been accused of trying to force sex on girls? REALLY? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE FUCKING FOOLING (besides Larry?)

  103. jet_tits Says:

    @ Sean: Maybe we should have a LIB Op-Ed writing contest? Basic rules such as the piece should be at least 1,000,000 words, have absolutely no point, etc…

    @ Meltard: your knowledge of the California legal code is quite unfortunately impaired by the reality of you being a total nutcase. Information flows into your brain, 20+ different inner-voices start screaming, then the info is passed through a paranoid schitsophrenic filter, and exits as a new reality that only you can relate to.

  104. jeremysteele11 Says:

    As soon as Chelsea Romero can admit she’s Roy’s wife I’ll perhaps respond to her idiotic repetitions.

    Is it not paranoia or schizophrenia to acknowledge, yet again, claims that Roy terrorizes not only girls’ families, but their boyfriends:

  105. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard, I do find it very amusing that one of your many personalities implies you will not reply, yet another of your personalities actually replies in the next sentence.

    It is a miracle that you actually can accomplish anything given your mental state.

  106. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Very weak, stupid and 100% evasive responses, Chelsea Morono. You and Roytard are LOSING… DUH!

    SSTM = Dead.
    Roy’s Rept in Porn = Ruined.
    Roy’s ads on sexyjobs – Banned.
    Thug tactics by a fat immature, scumbag pussy baby =


  107. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Jeremy, i can track IPs, in fact i just did one for sumone else like 5 mins ago..It really isnt that complicated..I dont need a search warrant cuz its illegal lol However for law enforcement do do it they need a warrant signed by a judge and can only get it by way of having probable cause..and not trying to be mean, but a statement by you isnt probable cause…

    And for the record, i was a licensed PI in the state of Texas for 6 years..Having that Lic got me NO extra info…It was just a way of IDing myself to clients..
    anyone with a internet connect can find out whatever they want..they just need to no were to look..every piece of info is for sale sumwere..Everything

  108. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard, winning is poking a stick through the cage and watching my favorite little nutjob monkey react. You are simply just amusement for others.

    Has anyone ever called you “Abby Normal”?

  109. jet_tits Says:

    @ Sean: being that you are a trained PI, are you currently monitoring any or all of Meltard’s thoughts and activities? I mean, does he need to wear a tinfoil hat to avoid you running a trace on his thoughts?

    Meltard, I read on a top-secret document (released by wikileaks) that you can block mind control tactics simply by sticking your head into a toilet and flushing. Something about porcelain and moving water actively scrambles the signals.

  110. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yeah Sean, and we have due process, an internal revenue “service” and a department of “defense”… by the book, everytime. Yeah. Uh-huh.

    It matters not, anyway. The glove fits, you can’t acquit and I ain’t gonna quit till the piece of shit gets a taste of what he deserves.

    Jet tits is saggin n laggin.

  111. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    lol a trained PI…only in certain areas…my specialty wasnt stuff like this..but my point was, the only people who can really get you IP info do it illegally..Look at me, ive had certain ISPs served for 7 weeks now and they have yet to turn over what we asked for..Had i done it myself id have it, but i couldn’t use it…

  112. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Germius Steelious,

    Thank you for entertaining my wife Jet Tits, you clown. I went through your pathetic comments, bullshit and lies and found nothing new. I don’t have to repeat my responses to false allegations that you base on internet rumor and your wicked imagination, anybody with half a brain can read your comments and realize that you have nothing to offer.

    Go ahead and sue me, it doesn’t mean a fucking thing. Your allegations have no merits and your words have no value and you will be kicked out of the court in less than 10 minutes, and then you have to deal with the countersuit that I will file, and even if I can’t collect any damages from you since you’re broke as fuck, but at least I will destroy your credit. If you doubt me, roll the dice and see what happens.

    Roy & Jet Tits: Ultimate winners

    Germius “Meltard” Steelious: Zero the anti-hero

  113. Larry Horse Says:

    Roy Garcia, speak loudly and carry a small dick. That article Steele dug up sums you up, you are a pseudo tough guy and the more you yap and threat, the more you make even Donkey a sympathetic character.

  114. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Larry wrote:

    “Roy Garcia, speak loudly and carry a small dick. That article Steele dug up sums you up, you are a pseudo tough guy and the more you yap and threat, the more you make even Donkey a sympathetic character.”

    ‘Nuff said.

  115. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Look who’s talking: Larry Whores, a miserable internet troll who doesn’t even dare to post comments under his real name and hides behind stupid screen names and posts hateful anti-Semitic messages on porn forums, a guy who doesn’t remember when was the last time he got laid, another middle-aged minimum waged earning obsessed porn fanboy whose most valuable information is about the color of his favorite porn whores’ underwear.

    I’m not a tough guy, never said I was, but I’ll tell you this: you would never dare to spit your bullshit if you’d ever came face to face with me. Ever. You’re just a keyboard warrior who has no life, no hubby and no friends and family. I was going to suggest you to introduce me to your wife so I can fuck her on my next POV scene, but then I realized in all likelihood you don’t have a wife, or girlfriend, or anybody. You only exist on porn message forums, and that is pathetic beyond words. Eat shit and bark at the moon.

  116. Larry Horse Says:

    Its fanboi. I eat some shit, usually sopes or chile relleno tacas. Minimum Wage? Probably when you extend what I make to the hours I actually work. Next POV scene? We would have to go back in time for that, right?

  117. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    While I enjoy this argument. , it’s just not the same since the bet. Jeremy. Say it. Jus say it so we can all get back to normal. Say her name, do it for all of us.

  118. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard, your love for Monica not only caused you to destroy your relationship with Lucky, she also exposed you to de a 5’2″, 40+ lunatic.

    What I enjoyed most was osberving that when Monica and Sean started having challenges, you tried sucking up to both. You pathetically wrote Monica, “I really am I nice guy” in a lame attempt to get her side with you. But the best part was when both shot you down.

  119. JRodman Says:

    Wow. The ignorance here is really alarming. You guys are watching too much CSI.

    Mr. Sean, I find what you are saying far-fetched to say the least:

    Finding out who owns a website even if they registered it as private is usually pretty simple. Even the self proclaimed “internet” geniuses and PIs in training can do that.

    To retrieve personal information off an IP address is a much more complex matter. This is because most personal IPs are dynamic – meaning more than one person could have the same IP depending on the time and date. Even if you had all the data ready, there would need to be a serious breach in security at the ISP for you to obtain any accurate information. The ISP would be legally liable. I mean even if you found the exact router the person was on, how would you get through that and get the individuals personal information?

    What are you doing about people using proxies? Are you also using your PI training [laughable] background to breach that security too? How do you know you are accessing a static IP or a dynamic one? When you hit an ISP node what approach are you using from there?

    When you reach a business static IP what are you doing to get through that security system and get to the personal computers?

    Tracking an IP in 5 minutes to personal information? Sure you are. Keep dreaming…

  120. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Absolutely correct..IP traces are are never 100 percent..However, if u read my last statement, everything is for sale..Theres one thing ive learned..people that dont want to be caught, always get caught, not because of the precautions they took while trying to hide ..Its becasue of sumthing they did before they didnt want to be found out..Now, i personally have a Comcast and Time Warner people i deal with in a after hours sort of way..So if sumone presents me with a IP addy from those companies, i can get whatever info i want…So when i said it took me 5 mins it was accurate..Now if i need a IP trace from say Tmobile, well thats not so simple..Ive had process served on IPs many times, after there served i site back and wait for the info;…Sometimes we ge the info really quick, sometimes they drag there feet..

    The point of all this was, Jeremeys statement that he knows PIs and Sheriffs is pointless and means nothing..Since local law enforcement can only get that info with a subpena and Lic PIs only have access to off the record stuff..No special privileges…

    And your statement about IPs changing is partially correct..However, going thru regular ISP your located to a numeric addy..Unless youre mooching net off your neighbor …

  121. 128 Says:

    “While I enjoy this argument. , it’s just not the same since the bet. Jeremy. Say it. Jus say it so we can all get back to normal. Say her name, do it for all of us.”

    And why is that? she seems to have stopped posting here and it looks like everybody else has moved on. Even Jeremy Steel has stopped “demanding answers” to his questions to her. Why do you want to keep dragging this kind of stuff? There was a time when I thought that you were (one of) the only sane person posting on this blog, but apparently you seem to revel in endless and childish online wars. Sad…

  122. jeremysteele11 Says:

    It doesn’t matter how many times you repeat “Meltard”, Chelsea Romero. It makes no sense. Butt your attempt to take attention away from this does:

    My LOVE for Monica? Monica is the only moron who claimed this, along with claiming I might have AIDS and that I’m a financial backer of PWL, etc, etc.
    She hasn’t exposed me for anything, only claimed I’m whatever height. And people my age are A list talent in both porn and mainstream. Age means nothing unless you have a diet and lifestyle that Roy has.

    Do you really think you’re fucking with me?

    Do you really think anyone believes what you’re saying?

    My relationship with Lucky is not destroyed. We hung out together at PSK last night. She bought me dinner and drinks for taking care of her cat for a week.

    It’s amazing, Roy quotes Sophia Mounds and Roy’s wife quotes Monica Fosturd (you, happy Sean? I said her name). If only you knew how stupid you are and how bad you embarrass yourself for saying this stupid shit.

    I said I was a nice to Moronica because I was trying to explain how fucked up she was to have attacked me when I was nothing but nice to her. But look how she attacks Misty Stone and all these cool people who have never done anything.

    You’re quoting Moronica Fosturd, Roy’s Wife. It is possible for you to get any more pathetic?

    When Beetlejuice on Howard Stern said he was 6 foot 2 inches, did you believe that as well?

    Your stupidity is profound, even if you think you’re just fucking with me, knowing you’re lying, you’re only proving you’re an idiot to be saying this.

  123. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And regarding IPs all I’m saying Sean is I was told by a reliable source that BDD = Roy Garcia, but that was already known before it was confirmed. But if someone has no interest in and ignores all the evidence then they can believe anything.

    BDD has NOTHING to say about all my links with all that testimony that Roy Garcia is a piece of shit!




    WHO… DO… YOU… THINK… YOU’RE… FOOLING (besides Larry)?

  124. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Lol. I wanna win the bet. Nothing more. Lol. Jeremy. Sweet. Well. While it took longer then expected. I was right in my prediction I can now move on. And @128. No not really. I sent that person a text saying I didn’t want to get into a flame war. On top of that. If you go back. Gave her a full 48 hours and she didn’t stop. But. That’s water under the bridge. Jeremy lost.

    A will now watch poncho and lefty on YouTube and ride off in to the sunset with my winnings.

  125. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Naw, the REAL loser is Chelsea Morono, who mentioned Moronica’s name first…. and she’s double the loser for trying to use her as some kind of credible authority on anything.

  126. jet_tits Says:

    Ha! I knew I could get Meltard to write her name… Sean, you owe me one for that.

    “She bought me dinner and drinks for taking care of her cat for a week.” What a total cuckold!!! Are you like that psycho Walter Sobchak (The Big Lebowski)watching his ex’s dog while she is out banging others? L O S E R

    Too funny.

  127. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Moi, un perdant? Vous vous asseyez ton gros cul à la maison pendant que votre mari est au travail violant les filles dans des “auditions”.

    Oh, you’re hurting my feelings… not. Because I love cats and take care of them I’m a cuckhold, uh-huh. If Roy’s dick would grow every time you’ve told a lie, he’d really be able to call himself “BigDickDaddy”, as is his dream.

    Keep trying Chelsea. Everyone sees you’re the loser, trying stupid tactics to take attention away from Roy- the scum you can’t even acknowledge you’re married to.

  128. jeremysteele11 Says:

    i’m sick of the repeated c.c.r.-like riff in that viagra commercial…. ask your corporation if questions about sexual activity and an erection lasting more than four hours is appropriate during family hours… BUY GENERIC.. SAVE MONEY AND FUCK THESE FUCKERS!

  129. Larry Horse Says:

    Roy, I bet Steele would give you the bus fare to come up to PSK next week, so tough guy put your fat mouth to the test. As for Steele watching the cat, so what, Lucky was not out partying, she was working…and any partying she did was not A list.

  130. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Meanwhile Chelsea doesn’t even try to defend Roy. Even she knows she can’t. Beyond pathetic.

    You know what would be sad about Chelsea Romero rolling her car off a cliff during a thunderstorm?


  131. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Germius “Gay Cuckold” Steelious wrote:

    ‘I was told by a reliable source that BDD = Roy Garcia, but that was already known before it was confirmed.’

    Who is your RELIABLE SOURCE? How was it ALREADY KNOWN? Who, expect you and your imaginary friends, knew it? How did they know? Come on you cuckold bitch, spill your guts out and answer these questions. So the fact that BDD has not trashed me is your biggest EVIDENCE that I’m him, right? Has it ever occurred to you the reason he hasn’t trashed me is that perhaps he wants to fuck with you and your perception? Also, maybe he likes how I beat your ass and make a fool out of you. The old saying goes: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But of course simple reasons are not good enough for a paranoid fuck like you and you need to create your own version of reality. Kiss my winning ass and die, loser.

  132. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Larry Whores,

    Take Germy Steele’s dick out of your mouth. I don’t need to go to PSK to meet Germ, but I will gladly pay for his bus fare to come visit me. He can bring you with himself, too so I kick the asses of both of you pathetic internet losers. Come on over and be my new girlfriends, bitches.

  133. jeremysteele11 Says:

    That scary “I’ll make you my girlfriend” threats got old with Robert Ferrera 8 years ago.

    Your lame excuses will only fool fools like you.

    The reliable source is the BATF & the NSA.

    Got news for you, stupid. NO ONE on the internet is anonymous, ya puss!

  134. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Trust me, Germ, making bitches like you and Larry Whores my girlfriends will never get old. So what is your information, according to BATF and the NSA, that MY IP ADDRESS WAS TRACED BACK TO ME, OR BDD’S IP ADDRESS WAS TRACED BACK TO ME? Also, how were they able to pinpoint an IP address without a court order, and why did they break several state and federal laws to do so? Come on pussy cat, do tell.

    Winning feels good.

  135. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And if BDD (as Mr Hypothetical Anti-Hero X) really wanted to fuck with me, he’d make me a fool and trash Roy, who he must know is a piece of shit, and then like a mythic dragon, spread his great wings and fly back into his etheric myst, leaving “Germy Steele” confused, frustrated and humilated for all cyber-eternity, as well as buying Larry Horse a new $1,000 pair of shoes!

    But the truth is BDD DOES hate Roy. In fact “he” hates the people who mirror the part of himself he hates, projects his self-loathing and seeing it in others… thus, trashing other people who audition models, like Reagen… as well as trying to compensate for his emptiness by bragging what he’s supposedly got in the material world and what others don’t. But you can never fill that void because you ARE that void, Roy.

    You both got a lot in common. Both are obviously from the inside, yet on the outside, have a beef with the porn world which rejected you. The tough guy b.s. act which failed again and again, but you’ve defined stupidity, which his doing something which doesn’t work, over and over, and expecting it will work out right.

    You’ve been lashing out for years, Roy, taking sadistic pleasure in trying to hurt as many people “anonymously” as you can for years. You’re a cyber-terrorist on worse days, and a piece of shit cowardly bully on better days.

    We can see you behind that veil, bitch.

  136. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And why the fuck do you think you’re talking for “BigDickDaddy”… on yeah… duh…

    “Winning feels good”?

    Testimonies from multiple talent and producers = SSTM = Banned from posting on = FAIL!

  137. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Homeland Security is watching you, Roy. Your terrorist threats and behaviors have been noted.

    Your signature is all over the place, fool.

  138. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And while the other post is still awaiting approval, let some of the obvious that some may have missed be noted for the record:

    Given Roy’s behavioral history and failures in the porn industry (which he, in Sheenistic denialist terms labels “winning”), what’s really crazier than even Roy’s claims that’s it all some nebulous conspiracy stretching throughout time for all female talent to making the same complaints and accusations… what’s even crazier is the idea that Roy WOULDN’T attack the porn industry and seek to reek revenge on it, anonymously. BDD had a lotta Hate… a whole lotta hate… serious, sociopathic hate, which expressed itself identically to Roy’s pattern of repeating, repeating, repeating the same attacks and thems found in both.

    Your signature is all over the place, Roy. You’re like O.J. You could bungle the investigation, even hide the bodies and wash the blood, and you still got your mask, your letters, your threats, you’re cuts on your person, witnesses, etc, etc, etc… Stop playing “WHO, ME?” little dick dummy!

  139. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Fuck you Germy Steele, you pathetic piece of shit. I asked for SPECIFIC EVIDENCE as to what IP address has been traced, why, when and how it was traced and how it was ALREADY KNOWN that BDD is Roy Garcia even before the alleged IP address trace. In response, you wrote a million words worthless poem that nobody cares to read except you and your imaginary friends that live with you in your rat hole apartment. I’m glad I was able to show everybody on LIB forum who you really are, a middle-aged, broke, delusional pot head cuckold who rants out of his ass and takes care of his ex-girlfriend’s cat while she’s whoring herself around the country. You have ZERO credibility, bitch, smoke some more weed and write another poem, it’ll make everything alright.

    And tell Homeland Security lackeys Roy Garcia said go fuck yourself.

  140. Larry Horse Says:

    Roy, you cant even beat your meat with that belly of yours, besides Steele knows Krav Maga.

  141. JRodman Says:


    Now you are just lying. I don’t know where you get this shit from but you are delusional.

    First, Time Warner uses dynamic IP for residential accounts, so for the most part, every time you reset your modem you get a new IP. This done so they can give your IP to someone else when you are not using your modem.

    Without a proper time stamp, court order, etc… Time Warner will refuse to trace the IP. This is so the don’t accidentally give out someone elses personal info.

    Your fake “friend” (reminds me of jeremy’s sheriff friends) is not even privy to the personal information. Regular workers are not given access to this information. Not to mention Time Warner charges even the government for it’s time when doing a trace.

    Everything might be for sale, but you definitely don’t have the money to buy it.

    You aren’t just making a call and tracing IPs, ROFL. Go back to your James Bond fantasy world.

  142. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Your fucking delusional my IP, been my IP for 3 the 3 years ive been with TIME WARNER…Any in house IT can pull a account vs IP addy..Ive had done many times..As for money to pay a tech, it costs about the same as it does to get free HBO…

    LOL following your methodology, every person who ever had the location revealed by way of a time Warner check had it done so thru a court order..Thats like telling me i cant pull a felony record or background check on a guy who got arrested yesterday because im not a cop, im not talking about the convictions that are public record..Im talking non indicted cases…this argument is pointless, i dont care if you think its possible or not.,.It happens all the time..IPs arent locked away under code were 2 people have to put there key in at the same time…lol But hey, if it helps you sleep better at night, great…

  143. JRodman Says:

    Unplug your modem. If you are on a residential account, you will have a dynamic IP and it will change when you plug it back in. If that doesn’t work, simply release the IP and change the MAC address of the modem. Now you will have a new IP address. This is why time stamps are required for traces.

    Finding a location via an IP lookup is much different than getting someones personal information with an IP address. An IP lookup will not give you an exact location, just an area.

    You are comparing a background check, to someones billing information – HUGE difference. Basically you are saying that you and your “inhouse IT” guy have access to every single Time Warner subscriber’s credit card and billing information…

  144. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I’ll give you IPs Roy as soon as you provide evidence that I’ve sucked and fucked cock on camera. Until then that information is classified due to national security, stupid loser.

    Now let’s examine some of the details of this link:

    Look how much of a stupid failure you are. Here’s one of your collection letters, tained with BDD-like, retarded insults, which guaranteed you FAILURE status in the porn industry.

    From: Roy Garcia
    Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2003 10:45 PM
    Subject: fuckin little bitch!
    Then send me my money, you irresponsible, unreliable, unaccountable little skinny boy! All those girls in your joke of an agency are old, has-been, rejects – with an unknowledgeable fuck leading them no-where. Fuckin twit! I will collect my debt from you ghetto style if you want, can’t wait to make you my girlfriend.



    Btw, Robert Ferrara was a nice guy you were fucking with.

    He said to you, “I do not deal with people that are vindictive and need to get back at people.

    Ferrara alleges that after Jordon left Garcia’s talent services, Roy e-mailed her husband scattered boy/girl photos, in an attempt to cause problems in their relationship, since Jordon supposedly kept her boy/girl adventures secret from her man.

    “That is way too low, even for Roy,” Ferrara said, “Matt from Matt’s Models ended his relationship with Garcia and so did I. I was sending Roy girls, boy was that a mistake.”


    You’re incredibly stupid Roy. A few hours later, Top Pro Talent received a call from Garcia who said, “I don’t like how your headline says I threatened him. I didn’t threaten him, I finished my e-mail with ‘kisses’ so he would know I was being sarcastic.”

    Sociopathic morons trying to clever: FAIL! Sorry, no trabajo.

    You’re the same idiot who thinks it’s clever making up shit like I kissed Belladonna as an excuse for not booking me anymore when that never happened and you were busy forcing sex on females and terrorizing their families and boyfriends in retatiation for them not dealing with you.

    And saying I’m disrespecting soldiers because I’m against profiteers who start wars while failing to compensate soldiers who die from depleted uranium exposure and unprotected road vehicles which should’ve been metal plated to protect from bombs, etc.

    How come other agents are still in business, where as all you got in order to get laid is your pathetic littlemushroomdick p.o.v. site?

    You and you’re veiled other half BDD love to trash people for the alleged cheap apartments they live in ($300 apartment you claim about someone in that link).


  145. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard, are you once again denying you did gay porn immediately upon release from one of your jail stints? You have previously admitted to writing a bunch of never-ending op-eds about your crossover performances. After all this, you are once again denying doing gay porn? Nutcase.

  146. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Chelsea, you’re as transparent as you are stupid.

    Why don’t you create another account and call it “red_herring”, retard!

  147. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard, are you taller than Brandon Iron?

  148. Jerkuliscious Says:

    Come on. This Steele kid gotta be taller than Brandon Irons. Brandon needs to stand on a bucket just to sniff a broad’s ass. I think I seen Irons with 2 phone books under each knee so he could get the right height for doggy.

  149. jet_tits Says:

    Totally agree that Brandon is a dwarf. No question he gets the children’s seat when he goes to a restaurant.

    Meltard just may be Brandon’s height. Even if he happens to be an inch or two taller, he makes up for it with his girlish figure.

  150. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Meltard? And the world is flat. Anyone who has had to deal with Moronica Fosters attack could easily be driven nutty. All I ever did on those voice mails was address HER nuttiness and text messages. And I’d rather be a dwarf (no Moron, check stupid brain of yours, I didn’t say I was) than have a LittleDwarfDick like BigLoserFatso. The Garcia/Romero children must be pathological liars and scumbags being raised by you two idiots.

    You lose again, Chelsea. You’re still Roy’s wife. The truth is you’re so ashamed that all you can do is throw in this idiotic 1st grade level humor. You can’t defend that bitch. That’s the cold, hard truth. Roy’s in love with his gay talent and their cocks. U gotta feel stupid to married to that fat fool.

  151. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And girlish figure? Where’d you come up with that one from? Do you like well-rounded men, like your round-as-a-well, shrimp-dick-daddy?

    Come on, dummy, stop avoiding the hard questions as much as you avoid Roy’s dick.

    And Brandon and I are about the same height, and he’s definitely a much bigger performer than the self-proclaimed Godfather of P.O.V.”. So if size matters, Chelsea, you should kill yourself now.

  152. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And you should be saying “Me-tard” to describe yourself… Seriously, Chelsea Morono, you’re definitely in the top 10 dumbests whores in porn history along with MoFo and Sophia.

  153. jeremysteele11 Says:

    dumbest whoopsie

  154. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Germy Steele wrote:

    ‘Now let’s examine some of the details of this link.’

    Nobody cares about your cross-examination, Professor Steelious (sounds like a Planet of the Apes character). Digging up years old links, lies and internet bullshit and rumors don’t prove a fucking thing. I had a dispute with Robert Ferrara 8 years ago, we resolved it and moved on, so what? People in the adult industry always have disputes, some of them resolve their dispute and move on and some of them like you continue to chase their own tails year after year, after year. You’re a man-child, a paranoid fool, a homosexual in denial and a piece of shit. End of story. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what you say, I always win, you always lose. Suck it down, bitch.

  155. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Look how cute Germy Steele is on the box cover of this gay DVD from 2005:

    If he turns around and bends over, everybody would think he’s a petite girl, nobody would think that’s a man.

  156. jeremysteele11 Says:

    If multiple girls claims that you forced sex on them or tried to r.a.p.e. them are bullshit rumors then what are all yours about me? Be consistent, stupid! Multiple testimony about your behavior versus your
    bullshit claims after I posted about your r.a.p.e. (her word) attempt of a female talent.

    And you forgot about all the box-cover/porn pictures you sent in to girls families and boyfriends in retaliation for dumping them. You resolved it with Ferrara? Yeah, he and everyone else stopped doing business with you, SSTM went under and then the vengeance of BDD began- with your need to get back at people because you’re a loser. How do you call that “winning”?

    That link was from a solo shoot I did and, not that it matters, but it was long before 2005, closer to 2000. Don’t know why it has 2004 as a release date.


    And I have no idea what this “girlish figure” thing is that you’re talking about. Your anger makes you stupid, Roy, it gets you in trouble, you don’t think, you say and do things which only hurt you the worst and now you say you’re always winning. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

    Charlie Sheen lost his #1 show, his girls, tons of money, etc. -you lost your agency, your girls, tons of money, etc. and you both call it “winning”.

  157. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard wrote, “And Brandon and I are about the same height, and he’s definitely a much bigger performer.”

    This is so funny on so many levels…

  158. jeremysteele11 Says:

    …much bigger performer than twig dick daddy Roy Garcia I said, STUPID! Re-read what I wrote since you’re so mentally disabled.

    Why do you keep cutting sentences in half and then claiming this is what I said? Who’s the retard? Who’s married to Roy Garcia?


  159. BigDickDaddy Says:

    I just clicked on:

    Oh this is too funny!!!

    Germy, you really need to stop kidding yourself and go on Santa Monica Blvd!! Its where you belong!!


    Love the link!! Germy you are pathetic!

  160. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard, that was a cut-n-paste from your own post. Are you now denying you wrote that you and dwarf Brandon are about the same height???

  161. Larry Horse Says:

    That video looks like its just Steele pumping one off in the shower, all these other Steele vids, appear to be some muscle bound gays with the name Jeremy Steel. Roy, stop fucking around and produce some real evidence of course I feel stupid for letting a scumbag liar like you jerk me around. Steele, get out the camera or recorder, talk to Tina Lee and some other girls and shut Roy the fuck up forever.

  162. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Hey BDD, what do you think about that scumbag Roy?
    Are you Roy’s bitch? How come up don’t have any balls anymore, attacking everyone like you used to before you got outed?

    Come on, pussy, Larry needs a new pair of shoes.

    And I’m not addressing any idiot who calls me “Meltard”, who quotes Moronica Fosturd, and married to a r-a-p-i-s-t.

  163. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard, if you had a midget wrestling match with Brandon, who do you think would win? You both claim to have had martial arts training…

  164. Jerkuliscious Says:

    I’d rather see Brandon with the dollar bills staple gunned to his forehead.

  165. Jerkuliscious Says:

    Hey, comment #150, is that Game/Set/Match???

  166. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    @jerk lol i told u, it was over days ago….

  167. jeremysteele11 Says:


    We have a recurring theme here from

    She was at one time represented by the infamous agent Roy Garcia of Sex Symbols Talent management, but ultimately pursued freelance work because of an apparent “falling out” with Garcia. Fellow porn actress Mika Tan alleges that in retaliation Garcia sent covers of adult DVDs featuring Lee to Lee’s father. Tan claims that Lee’s father had thought Miko worked in a grocery store and had been previously unaware of his daughter’s porn career. The shock allegedly led to him having a stroke. She soon left the adult industry after around this time though previously recorded sex films of her continued to be released for some time afterwards.

  168. Jerkuliscious Says:

    Can the boss around here change his screen name?

  169. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Germius Steelious,

    What did you dig up this time, loser? More bullshit and lies? You must be in love with me since you spend so much time reading and writing about me. I should have known better. Years ago, you told me in a phone conversation that how much you love being bottom in gay scenes. I should have read between the lines and realized you wanted to make love to me, you wanted my dick inside you.

    On to your most recent link. Here is what it says:

    ‘Miko Lee’s fellow porn actress Mika Tan ALLEGES that Roy Garcia sent covers of adult DVDs featuring Lee to Lee’s father. Tan CLAIMS that Lee’s father had thought Miko worked in a grocery store and had been previously unaware of his daughter’s porn career. The shock ALLEGEDLY led to him having a stroke.’


    Do you understand the meaning of these words, stupid? It means these are nothing but baseless lies and unconfirmed, unverified rumors. Why Miko Lee herself has been silent about this ALLEGED incident all these years, and why does she need her “fellow porn star” to make ALLEGATIONS on her behalf? The answer is because this is a fairy tale, a fabricated lie, bullshit.

    As for my modeling agency, I decided to close it so that I can focus on managing my content production instead of dealing with the agent responsibilities such as flaky talents and bratty producers. However, I still recruit new girls to shoot for my web sites.

    The fact is that a picture speaks louder than thousand words. You can spend hours and dig up all kinds of bullshit, lies and rumors about me. None of them matters and none of them holds a drop of water. In return, I just have to post your picture:

    I win, you lose, again. Checkmate, bitch.

  170. jeremysteele11 Says:

    How does everyone from different places and times come up with the same story?

    Different girls, different times, different “alleged” crimes. Not all victims go public but the record is there. What a co-ink-a-dink that they all share the same schizophrenic false bullshit memory. What’s the odds of that?

    Your desperate attempts to find something to support your lies about me has lead you to a couple of photos of me, one of me pulling my pecker, and the other taking a shower. But you said you were too busy to find what’s so easy to find. You had to dig to find that shit, stupid lying loser.

    Compare that to you tweeting how you’re “in love” with your gay talent and the fact that you shoot man buttfucking man with your face and camera right underneath, so close you can smell and taste it. You never answered how someone else supposedly has a detailed account of your shooting tweets and you claim it isn’t you. Are you too fat that you can’t fit through the slide door to come out of the closet?

    Yeah, you’re winning like Charlie Sheen. Somehow no one agrees with you but you and your dumb closet wife.

  171. Fartz Says:

    JEREMY BROKE THE CONTEST!!!!! HAhahahahahaha!!!!

    If we can’t change his screen-name. We can do our parts by trying our damdest to put a ^^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch^^^^ After everything he posts. I humbly ask Roy Garcia and Jet-Tit’s to start beginning their reactions to his nonsense with this phrase.

    You two seem to post directly after him in every thread, and since MC Dopey-Mopey won’t man up, as evidenced in his utter ignorance to the fact so far, we might have to get proactive as a team.

  172. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    I will DM cindi and see if she can enforce the bet.

  173. Jerkuliscious Says:

    I believe that I’m going to continue to treat CocoLoco as Jan Brady. Once she she turns on this Nica broad, I’ll do my best to post some witty, hurtful comments, but until then, I’m just bored of her. Only other thing that could pique my interests is sharpies in her shit pipe.

    CocoLoco, what would it cost me to commission a self portrait of you with Shitpipe Sharpies? Would I get to choose the colors of the caps protruding from your orifice? I got a Chock full o’ Nuts can full of pennies and nickels, will that do the trick?

  174. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Hey smelly Fartz, you low-life moron, to be someone’s bitch means being subservient and/or controlled by them, and mentioning someone’s name in response to someone else bringing them up first doesn’t qualify.

    On the contrary, being someone’s bitch is more in the order of conforming to some stupid rule without end, where you give up your right of free speech.

    Besides, there was no prize to win in this contest.

    And how dare you fucking “humbly” ask pieces of shit like Roy and his wife anything? Do you have a sister or cousin? Imagine if she got the Roy Garcia treatment? You wouldn’t be humble.

  175. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Since we’re on the subject of the chock full of nuts, CocoLoco MoFo, I’m actually curious to hear or read her expound more on the subject she holds dear to her heart; that of racial purity and her supposedly being a “purebread”. Maybe she can write a book all about it called “Mein Kuntpf”.

  176. Jerkuliscious Says:

    The prize was to be CocoLoco melting down from lack of attention. Sadly, your lack of will power thwarted our attempts.

  177. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Unfortunately Jerky, Chelsea Morono was badgering me with Moronica claims and quotations, so she was giving that piece of shit mental case that attention and faux deference. That’s because Roy’s wife is too stupid and low to recognize that doing so only makes her look incredibly dumb…. so fucking dumb in fact that it beyond the most intellectually well endowed genii could never figure out she would do that and think she’s “winning”. And when someone attacks me, with words, I fight back. With my trusty keyboard, I slay, slaughter and take no prisoners because otherwise Chelsea Morono will in her dimwit head think she stumped me if I don’t respond. The internet does not justify disrespect just because the coward is attacking from a remote locale instead of face to face. The only proper thing to do is clearly display to everyone else how pathetic she is, such as when she cuts sentences in half and then claims I said the half she didn’t cut out and “shyt” like that.

  178. jeremysteele11 Says:

    where’s the fixit button cindi? that should’ve read “so fucking dumb in fact that it’s beyond the most intellectually well endowed genii ability to ever figure out why she would do that” sorry

  179. Fartz Says:

    Signed, Monica’s Bitch.

    like that, guys.

  180. jet_tits Says:

    @ Meltard: “to be someone’s bitch means being subservient and/or controlled by them.” Glad you now understand why we all consider you Monica’s total bitch.

  181. jet_tits Says:

    Monica, can you please control your bitch a little bit? His posts are getting out of hand again. Seems he cannot write anything under 1,000,000 words.

  182. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Fine, morons. If you guys can’t think or count while swear allegiance to each other no matter how low, evil or stupid you are, I will bail out of LIB.


  183. jet_tits Says:

    Signed, Monica’s Bitch.

  184. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Lastly, if anyone would like to visit or send fan letters to Roy Garcia or Chelsea Romero for all the wonderful work they have done for their community you can reach them at: ********* (address removed), CA. 91350.

  185. jet_tits Says:

    Signed, Monica’s Bitch…

  186. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Or at xxxTinaLeexxx has tweeted:
    R a p i s t Location: (address removed) Temecula Ca 92590
    20 Apr (Jeremy you are on MOD)

  187. jet_tits Says:

    Signed, Monica’s Bitch..

  188. jeremysteele11 Says:

    There’s no logic at all in calling me Monica’s bitch. None. Can’t explain it. All you can do it say it. FAIL!

    Stop living at the computer, loser! You can’t speak or sign anything for me, stupid! You can’t even speak on behalf of your husband. Logic and ethics are extremely lacking in the Garcia home. You think r a p e and abuse is funny, don’t ya? How about someone pay you a visit ghetto style and don’t accuse me of threatening you with violence because I’m ending it with “kisses”.

    Gee I wonder what her response will be? The audience finds it all, hilarious for sure.

  189. Larry Horse Says:

    “Mein Kuntpf”, Steele I’m supposed to make the pseudo Nazi jokes here…according to Roy. Hey Roy, you wear a hairpiece? Funny if you do and you accuse Steele of a combover.

  190. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Jeremy, u made a bet now live up to it..i talked to cindi and she will make you another account for 30days called monicas bitch

  191. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Germy “Monica’s Bitch” Steele wrote:

    ‘With my trusty keyboard, I slay, slaughter and take no prisoners.’

    Hey guys, here is all you need to know about this pathetic fucking loser. The fact that a 43 year old man brags proudly about being a keyboard warrior is laughable abd yet sad and tragic on so many levels, even though he looks cute on the box cover of gay DVDs:

  192. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    No Larry Whores, I don’t wear hairpiece, I have awesome natural hair. Now let me ask you a question: are you disabled? Do you sit on a wheelchair? Are you a retard? There’s something off about you, Larry Whores, normal adult men do not developed an unhealthy obsession with porn and do not day dream about being a Nazi officer. You’re fucked up, homey.

  193. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Whatever you say “BigDickDaddy”. Tata.

  194. MonicaFoster Says:

    I don’t want Steele or anyone else here to be my bitch. I officially transfer Jeremy’s “bitch status” to Jet_Tits.

  195. jeremysteele11 Says:

    This B.S. (bitch status) is B.S. (bull shit)… only in your dreams. Y’all should start a Scum-Dummies Committee, where if you’re dumb and scum you’re “#1″… but again, only in your dreams…

  196. Fartz Says:


    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The “contest” made for some interesting lulz.

    You need to chill the fuck out, man. How often do I give you shit? Like, real shit? Hardly EVER!! Fact of the matter is you agreed to the contest and broke the rules. I’m just breaking your balls for going back on your word. Roy and JT have you so riled up, it’s causing extra side-item/bonus lulz. Maybe you should get off LIB. You’re seriously breaking down for the world (ok, like 12 people actually) to see.

  197. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    He knows he made the bet, he even admitted he lost when he typed by acknowledging me before he said it..if hes gna welch on it so be it, just add that to the list…

  198. jet_tits Says:

    Monica, thank you for the transfer. I humbly accept and will start training Meltard ASAP. I believe he will become a good bitch.

  199. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    its looking like this may be the rout we take..he refuses to uphold his end..i will have to do a press release on my site letting everyone know to refer to him this way until Nov8th

  200. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You a-holes can attack me all you want. Everytime you do I’m putting up another 9-11 doc/clip:

  201. Jerkuliscious Says:

    ^^^^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch.

    No problem Fartz. It was really a lay up to bait Jeremy in. I just wish the contest went on longer.

    I refuse to recognize the Transfer of Title. The fact that CocoLoco doesn’t like it makes it better. It’s like going on a date with a chick that says she wants to get married a virgin, so she only takes it in the butt.

  202. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    What i dont understand is why Monica’s Bitch is acting like a bitch about all this…He made a bet, quotes the bet several times, and like we all new he would, lost…Monica’s bitch needs to step up and me a good bitch and do the right thing…I dont no whats gna be funnier, everyone looking for reasons to say ” Monica bitch” or if he actually signed his posts Monicas bitch

  203. Jerkuliscious Says:

    Well it proves there is no substance to the man, and lends credibility to the theory that he’s a spineless weasel of a nut job.

    It’s 30 days or a lifetime, kid. The choice is yours.

  204. jet_tits Says:

    Just wanted to keep everyone informed that I placed Meltard into hard core bitch training this week. He is working hard but is still showing some resistance. Good news is that he is already doing my daily chores and has started giving me a percentage of his meager income.

  205. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Another good doc on a subject that only scumbags don’t care about:

  206. jet_tits Says:

    ^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch, owned by Jet Tits

  207. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Is the IRS bugging you for money? The Pentagon lost track of 2.3 TRILLION dollars and no one has been held accountable.

  208. jet_tits Says:

    ^^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch, owned by Jet Tits

  209. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I’m emancipated, not owned. But speaking of being owned, hw’s that LittleDickSugarDaddy, Chelsea?


    “BigDickDaddy” EXPOSED! (“Is it in, yet?”):

  210. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Well if this is the way Monicas bitch wants to play it..ok…I must plan

  211. jet_tits Says:

    Nice to see this site back up again. It crashed so hard yesterday I assumed Meltard posted another one of his never-ending rambling op-eds.

  212. Jerkuliscious Says:

    More like slop-meds.

  213. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    It’s good to see LIB up and running, I’m sure Germy Steele is happy, too.

    As my wife Jet Tits mentioned, Germ is being put into hardcore bitch training. I just finished building a cage which from now on will be his home. I decorated the cage’s walls with pictures of men having gay sex just so whenever he turns his head, he’ll be reminded of what he is: a closet homosexual hypocrite bitch:

    The Garcia clan continues to win, Germy Steele continues to lose, again, again and again.

  214. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Hey Germ, remember the phone conversation we had several years ago in which you told me you enjoy being bottom in gay scenes? You also said that you wanted to “push it to the limit”, your words. At that time, I didn’t realize what you meant by “the limit”, but now I understand, you meant you enjoy pushing your asshole and gaping for the camera after taking big dicks in your ass.

    This is for you, Germ:

  215. jeremysteele11 Says:

    No, stupid scumbag who’s too stupid to realize how fucking pathetically obvious he is to everyone else, I have no memory of the lie you keep repeating, just as you have no evidence of these gay scenes I’ve never done doing stuff you claim I just “love” to do. Meanwhile, you can’t put up OR shut up!… and here you go again proving the stupid lowlife piece of shit who deserves to die that you are. No one believes anything you say, including that all the girls who cried R A P E and/or forced molestations and terrorist retaliations are all lying about you, even though they say the same things over and over.

    You can call me Germ all you want littledickdumbodummy. You can also call it Germ Warfare, blubberbitch!


  216. Larry Horse Says:

    Roy, what was the last time you were paid by someone else to have sex on camera. Steele has you beat on that one. Oh and being paid by the missus through some bogus corp. arrangement does not count.

  217. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Larry Whores,

    When was the last time you had sex with anybody other than yourself? I don’t need to get paid by others to have sex on camera, been there, done that, and I can tell you it’s not as fun as you may think.

  218. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You tell her, Larry.

    Roy’s been mentally disturbed, vengeful and sociopathic ever since he first whipped his paltry pecker out on his first crush and then she laughed.

    … Who knew such scarrings would eventualy lead to him becoming the imfamous FictitiousDiccus, porno-terrorist/loser extraordinaire?!

  219. Larry Horse Says:

    I know its a mechanical process and not exactly fun 24/7, but if its not fun how come you always went in for that second pop shot? Fun for you sunshine for sure.

  220. jet_tits Says:

    @ Meltard: you accepted a bet, you lost that bet, and now you refuse to pay up. You have zero credibility.


  221. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Is Monicas Bitch gna explain to the forum why he refuses to keep up his end of the deal..? i just want clarification

  222. jet_tits Says:

    He probably has invented a whole conspiracy theory proving he actually one the bet. I am just hoping he does not post his account in a million-work op-ed, like the one where he admitted to being a midget crossover performer. He is a total nutjob.

  223. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Larry Whores wrote:

    ‘I know its a mechanical process and not exactly fun 24/7, but if its not fun how come you always went in for that second pop shot?’

    It seems you’re asking why I shoot two scenes in a row. It’s not rocket science, it’s content production, it’s a job, it doesn’t have to be necessarily fun every time. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  224. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I know you think, Chelsea Lowlife Morono, that each repetitive dose of idiotic verbal assault shot my way is compromising my immune system like bad medicine. In actuality, all you’re doing is solidifying the sub-par rep that you two scumbags already have amongst the “wonderful world of porn” community. There’s no nudity like intellectual and spirituality nudity, revealing to everyone the grotesque and pitiful mess of emptiness that you both are.

    In the Charlie Sheen School of Winning, you can’t even park your car without crashing, on your way to campus.

  225. jet_tits Says:

    ^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch, owned by Jet Tits!

  226. jeremysteele11 Says:

    … claims stupid repetitive parrot.

  227. jet_tits Says:

    ^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch, owned by Jet Tits!

    So Meltard, you wrote, “I will bail out of LIB. Buh-bye!”

    Why are you still here? Is it so you can derail every thread? Or did one of your other personalities writ that?

  228. Jerkuliscious Says:

    Same reason Darrah couldn’t leave XPT.

  229. jeremysteele11 Says:

    There needs to be a horror movie where scum like Roy Garcia and his piece of shit parrot wife die violently… that and Hollywood scam artists, instead of the mindless, vacant and shallow B movie wannabe model/star variety.

    I’m not directly responding anymore to scum. However, since I’ll be accused of derailing threads with a one million word rant and being retarded no matter what I say, I might as well throw in some good passages from Nancy Turner Banks (a black woman, btw, Monica, so you ought to read it, too), author of “AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire- the deadly virus of international greed”:

    “… there is a growing inverse relationship between total healthcare expenditures and the general health status of the population. The more money we pay, the worse the health parameters are becoming…”

    “… under the Roosevelt aegis, a half dozen agencies of the Federal Government were turned over to the Rockefeller Drug Trust to do with as they willed… the FDA… is very assiduous in putting out of business any and all vendors of therapeutic
    devices which increase the health incidence of the public and thus decrease the profit incidence of the Drug Trust… The American Medical Association is the front for the Drug Trust.” Morris A. Bealle, Super Drug Story.

    “Curing cancer is never going to happen. Cancer is too lucrative a business for the Rockefeller pharmaceutical syndicate to tolerate cures.”

    “Cancer is the most profitable disease for the big pharmaceutical cartels. One cycle of treatments with one drug can cost as much as $30,000. When you consider than one in three Americans can expect to have a cancer dignosis at some point in life, a collapse of this paradigm would also collapse massive profits. The drugs purposely introduced for use by those unfortunate enough to fall into the HIV trap all all carcinogenic and organ toxic. People are dying from the very drugs that target the virus. Since HIV has never been isolated, there is not a gentle word for this — it is murder!”

    I can’t wait for the responses so I can add more good stuff that too few give a fuck about investigating.

  230. jet_tits Says:

    ^^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch, owned by Jet Tits!

  231. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I’m in agony Chelsea Morono. I can’t take it! Please stop. I think the 59th time you said this was even funnier than the 47th, btw, stoopid.

    “The drug business is the largest single enterprise in the world today, transcending and dwarfing all others… Drugging America also has other secondary functions besides profitability. It debilitates the segment of society most prone to resistence and rebellion- the young.”

    It should also be noted that the American economy itself is addicted to drugs. Drug money is essential to the health of what has become, because of banking policies, a parasitic tapeworm economy. Without drug prohibition, besides limiting the private prison business, insurance companies would be smaller and less profitable. The magistrates, judges, lawyers, police, prison guards, and foreign owners would be twiddling their thumbs. Hospitals would be closing down surplus beds. The entire AIDS industry would fold. Supplies of house security paraphenalia would collapse, and drug counselors and therapists would have to find new work…. However the most important issue is this: Estimates are that from $100 to $250 million in drug profits are laundered through U.S. banks every year. The multiplier effect of (6x) of $250 million is $1.5 trillion per year in U.S. cash transactions. Corporations trading on Wall Street, including many implicated in money laundering schemes where products are sold with questionable bookkeeping throught drug producing regions, all have stock values that are based on annual net profits. Known as price to earnings or the POP, the multiplier effect in stock values is sometimes as much as a factor of thirty. Thus, for a firm like General Electric or Piper Aircraft to have an additional $10 million in net profit based on the drug trade, the net increase in the company’s stock value could be as much as $300 billion. If the drug trade goes, stock values would collapse.

    Katherine Austin Fitts, a former HUD undersecretary… revealed that the import of drugs plaguing their communities was being done deliberately to maintain the POP of stock values. She asked the people in the audience to raise their hands to indicate whether they would like to see drugs disappear and lose their stock value or keep the drugs and their stock values. Only one hand shot up for getting rid of the drugs. America lost its moral core on the way to the bank. Chinese Premier Chou En-Lai was correct. It would seem that the whole country is addicted to drugs or drug money.”

    – Nancy Turner Banks.

  232. jeremysteele11 Says:

    p.s.- “throught” should read throughout

  233. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Btw, I’m still anticipating Monica’s Auto-biography, Mein Kuntpf. I want to read more about her “purebreed” philosophies. Aren’t inbreds also purebreds, too? As long as it ain’t white bread, right?

  234. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Ok. Here are the options as far as Monicas bitch is concerned. We can just keep calling him Monicas bitch.I can make a Monicas bitch thread and a fake Monicas bitch account on my site, then I can pretend to be him and answer y’all , or we can make a thread complete with back story and Monicas bitch account , and copy and past all his replies under Monicas bitch. Sorta of a duplicate thread. Of course this woulndt be nessecaary if he would just uphold his end of the bet….

  235. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I don’t know who Monica’s bitch is. Even she doesn’t claim I’m that. And I usually don’t pay much attention to what you say, Sean, so I don’t know what you’re talking about regarding whatever “rules” you supposedly made. I certainly never formally agreed to them, whatever they are. And the fact that you’d go along with something Roy’s wife says is more pitiful than the Mofo’s intellectualism.

  236. jet_tits Says:

    ^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch, owned by Jet Tits!

    Meltard, you know you are Monica’s bitch. You made a bet, you lost that bet, you do not have the sack to pay up. What a little bitch you truly are.

  237. jeremysteele11 Says:

    “Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance” – William Gaddis

  238. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    Dude. U even admitted it when you posted her name. Are you really gna try and say you weren’t part of the bet??????

  239. jeremysteele11 Says:

    What was the bet? MoFo says I ain’t her bitch. I say I ain’t her bitch. Chelsea Morono, who says she’s not Roy’s wife, also says she “owns” me AND that I’m MoFo’s bitch. Case dismissed!

  240. jet_tits Says:

    ^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch, owned by Jet Tits!

    Meltard, Brandon said on another site that you are only 5’2″. Is that true? No wonder you did twink films.

  241. jeremysteele11 Says:

    What sad offspring must’ve been produced between Roypist Garcia and his lowlife wife Chelsea. I’m sure you’d provide the link, stupid, if Brandon actually said that. But he hasn’t, so you won’t. Otherwise, he’d be saying he’s the same size. If only Morono and Moronica could see how stupid they are they’d stop posting.

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