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Which means, if you are fighting, Roy, Jeremy etc, go post on the fighting thread.  Or feel free to fight all you want on this thread, just stop turning every post on here into a fight about your personal issues. I’m at the limit of my patience,  and am in no mood with this freaking server problem I am having to start babysitting. If derailing threads continues, I will just delete all the inappropriate comments, I still may go back and do that on some of these newer threads, so if you liked what you wrote, please copy it and paste it here.  Please and Thank you.


  1. Jerkuliscious

    ^^^^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch.

    No problem Fartz. It was really a lay up to bait Jeremy in. I just wish the contest went on longer.

    I refuse to recognize the Transfer of Title. The fact that CocoLoco doesn’t like it makes it better. It’s like going on a date with a chick that says she wants to get married a virgin, so she only takes it in the butt.

  2. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    What i dont understand is why Monica’s Bitch is acting like a bitch about all this…He made a bet, quotes the bet several times, and like we all new he would, lost…Monica’s bitch needs to step up and me a good bitch and do the right thing…I dont no whats gna be funnier, everyone looking for reasons to say ” Monica bitch” or if he actually signed his posts Monicas bitch

  3. Jerkuliscious

    Well it proves there is no substance to the man, and lends credibility to the theory that he’s a spineless weasel of a nut job.

    It’s 30 days or a lifetime, kid. The choice is yours.

  4. jet_tits

    Just wanted to keep everyone informed that I placed Meltard into hard core bitch training this week. He is working hard but is still showing some resistance. Good news is that he is already doing my daily chores and has started giving me a percentage of his meager income.

  5. jet_tits

    Nice to see this site back up again. It crashed so hard yesterday I assumed Meltard posted another one of his never-ending rambling op-eds.

  6. Roy Garcia_01

    It’s good to see LIB up and running, I’m sure Germy Steele is happy, too.

    As my wife Jet Tits mentioned, Germ is being put into hardcore bitch training. I just finished building a cage which from now on will be his home. I decorated the cage’s walls with pictures of men having gay sex just so whenever he turns his head, he’ll be reminded of what he is: a closet homosexual hypocrite bitch:

    The Garcia clan continues to win, Germy Steele continues to lose, again, again and again.

  7. Roy Garcia_01

    Hey Germ, remember the phone conversation we had several years ago in which you told me you enjoy being bottom in gay scenes? You also said that you wanted to “push it to the limit”, your words. At that time, I didn’t realize what you meant by “the limit”, but now I understand, you meant you enjoy pushing your asshole and gaping for the camera after taking big dicks in your ass.

    This is for you, Germ:

  8. jeremysteele11

    No, stupid scumbag who’s too stupid to realize how fucking pathetically obvious he is to everyone else, I have no memory of the lie you keep repeating, just as you have no evidence of these gay scenes I’ve never done doing stuff you claim I just “love” to do. Meanwhile, you can’t put up OR shut up!… and here you go again proving the stupid lowlife piece of shit who deserves to die that you are. No one believes anything you say, including that all the girls who cried R A P E and/or forced molestations and terrorist retaliations are all lying about you, even though they say the same things over and over.

    You can call me Germ all you want littledickdumbodummy. You can also call it Germ Warfare, blubberbitch!


  9. Larry Horse

    Roy, what was the last time you were paid by someone else to have sex on camera. Steele has you beat on that one. Oh and being paid by the missus through some bogus corp. arrangement does not count.

  10. Roy Garcia_01

    Larry Whores,

    When was the last time you had sex with anybody other than yourself? I don’t need to get paid by others to have sex on camera, been there, done that, and I can tell you it’s not as fun as you may think.

  11. jeremysteele11

    You tell her, Larry.

    Roy’s been mentally disturbed, vengeful and sociopathic ever since he first whipped his paltry pecker out on his first crush and then she laughed.

    … Who knew such scarrings would eventualy lead to him becoming the imfamous FictitiousDiccus, porno-terrorist/loser extraordinaire?!

  12. Larry Horse

    I know its a mechanical process and not exactly fun 24/7, but if its not fun how come you always went in for that second pop shot? Fun for you sunshine for sure.

  13. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    Is Monicas Bitch gna explain to the forum why he refuses to keep up his end of the deal..? i just want clarification

  14. jet_tits

    He probably has invented a whole conspiracy theory proving he actually one the bet. I am just hoping he does not post his account in a million-work op-ed, like the one where he admitted to being a midget crossover performer. He is a total nutjob.

  15. Roy Garcia_01

    Larry Whores wrote:

    ‘I know its a mechanical process and not exactly fun 24/7, but if its not fun how come you always went in for that second pop shot?’

    It seems you’re asking why I shoot two scenes in a row. It’s not rocket science, it’s content production, it’s a job, it doesn’t have to be necessarily fun every time. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  16. jeremysteele11

    I know you think, Chelsea Lowlife Morono, that each repetitive dose of idiotic verbal assault shot my way is compromising my immune system like bad medicine. In actuality, all you’re doing is solidifying the sub-par rep that you two scumbags already have amongst the “wonderful world of porn” community. There’s no nudity like intellectual and spirituality nudity, revealing to everyone the grotesque and pitiful mess of emptiness that you both are.

    In the Charlie Sheen School of Winning, you can’t even park your car without crashing, on your way to campus.

  17. jet_tits

    ^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch, owned by Jet Tits!

    So Meltard, you wrote, “I will bail out of LIB. Buh-bye!”

    Why are you still here? Is it so you can derail every thread? Or did one of your other personalities writ that?

  18. jeremysteele11

    There needs to be a horror movie where scum like Roy Garcia and his piece of shit parrot wife die violently… that and Hollywood scam artists, instead of the mindless, vacant and shallow B movie wannabe model/star variety.

    I’m not directly responding anymore to scum. However, since I’ll be accused of derailing threads with a one million word rant and being retarded no matter what I say, I might as well throw in some good passages from Nancy Turner Banks (a black woman, btw, Monica, so you ought to read it, too), author of “AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire- the deadly virus of international greed”:

    “… there is a growing inverse relationship between total healthcare expenditures and the general health status of the population. The more money we pay, the worse the health parameters are becoming…”

    “… under the Roosevelt aegis, a half dozen agencies of the Federal Government were turned over to the Rockefeller Drug Trust to do with as they willed… the FDA… is very assiduous in putting out of business any and all vendors of therapeutic
    devices which increase the health incidence of the public and thus decrease the profit incidence of the Drug Trust… The American Medical Association is the front for the Drug Trust.” Morris A. Bealle, Super Drug Story.

    “Curing cancer is never going to happen. Cancer is too lucrative a business for the Rockefeller pharmaceutical syndicate to tolerate cures.”

    “Cancer is the most profitable disease for the big pharmaceutical cartels. One cycle of treatments with one drug can cost as much as $30,000. When you consider than one in three Americans can expect to have a cancer dignosis at some point in life, a collapse of this paradigm would also collapse massive profits. The drugs purposely introduced for use by those unfortunate enough to fall into the HIV trap all all carcinogenic and organ toxic. People are dying from the very drugs that target the virus. Since HIV has never been isolated, there is not a gentle word for this — it is murder!”

    I can’t wait for the responses so I can add more good stuff that too few give a fuck about investigating.

  19. jeremysteele11

    I’m in agony Chelsea Morono. I can’t take it! Please stop. I think the 59th time you said this was even funnier than the 47th, btw, stoopid.

    “The drug business is the largest single enterprise in the world today, transcending and dwarfing all others… Drugging America also has other secondary functions besides profitability. It debilitates the segment of society most prone to resistence and rebellion- the young.”

    It should also be noted that the American economy itself is addicted to drugs. Drug money is essential to the health of what has become, because of banking policies, a parasitic tapeworm economy. Without drug prohibition, besides limiting the private prison business, insurance companies would be smaller and less profitable. The magistrates, judges, lawyers, police, prison guards, and foreign owners would be twiddling their thumbs. Hospitals would be closing down surplus beds. The entire AIDS industry would fold. Supplies of house security paraphenalia would collapse, and drug counselors and therapists would have to find new work…. However the most important issue is this: Estimates are that from $100 to $250 million in drug profits are laundered through U.S. banks every year. The multiplier effect of (6x) of $250 million is $1.5 trillion per year in U.S. cash transactions. Corporations trading on Wall Street, including many implicated in money laundering schemes where products are sold with questionable bookkeeping throught drug producing regions, all have stock values that are based on annual net profits. Known as price to earnings or the POP, the multiplier effect in stock values is sometimes as much as a factor of thirty. Thus, for a firm like General Electric or Piper Aircraft to have an additional $10 million in net profit based on the drug trade, the net increase in the company’s stock value could be as much as $300 billion. If the drug trade goes, stock values would collapse.

    Katherine Austin Fitts, a former HUD undersecretary… revealed that the import of drugs plaguing their communities was being done deliberately to maintain the POP of stock values. She asked the people in the audience to raise their hands to indicate whether they would like to see drugs disappear and lose their stock value or keep the drugs and their stock values. Only one hand shot up for getting rid of the drugs. America lost its moral core on the way to the bank. Chinese Premier Chou En-Lai was correct. It would seem that the whole country is addicted to drugs or drug money.”

    – Nancy Turner Banks.

  20. jeremysteele11

    Btw, I’m still anticipating Monica’s Auto-biography, Mein Kuntpf. I want to read more about her “purebreed” philosophies. Aren’t inbreds also purebreds, too? As long as it ain’t white bread, right?

  21. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    Ok. Here are the options as far as Monicas bitch is concerned. We can just keep calling him Monicas bitch.I can make a Monicas bitch thread and a fake Monicas bitch account on my site, then I can pretend to be him and answer y’all , or we can make a thread complete with back story and Monicas bitch account , and copy and past all his replies under Monicas bitch. Sorta of a duplicate thread. Of course this woulndt be nessecaary if he would just uphold his end of the bet….

  22. jeremysteele11

    I don’t know who Monica’s bitch is. Even she doesn’t claim I’m that. And I usually don’t pay much attention to what you say, Sean, so I don’t know what you’re talking about regarding whatever “rules” you supposedly made. I certainly never formally agreed to them, whatever they are. And the fact that you’d go along with something Roy’s wife says is more pitiful than the Mofo’s intellectualism.

  23. jet_tits

    ^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch, owned by Jet Tits!

    Meltard, you know you are Monica’s bitch. You made a bet, you lost that bet, you do not have the sack to pay up. What a little bitch you truly are.

  24. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    Dude. U even admitted it when you posted her name. Are you really gna try and say you weren’t part of the bet??????

  25. jeremysteele11

    What was the bet? MoFo says I ain’t her bitch. I say I ain’t her bitch. Chelsea Morono, who says she’s not Roy’s wife, also says she “owns” me AND that I’m MoFo’s bitch. Case dismissed!

  26. jet_tits

    ^^^Signed Monica’s Bitch, owned by Jet Tits!

    Meltard, Brandon said on another site that you are only 5’2″. Is that true? No wonder you did twink films.

  27. jeremysteele11

    What sad offspring must’ve been produced between Roypist Garcia and his lowlife wife Chelsea. I’m sure you’d provide the link, stupid, if Brandon actually said that. But he hasn’t, so you won’t. Otherwise, he’d be saying he’s the same size. If only Morono and Moronica could see how stupid they are they’d stop posting.

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