Ivy Winters Interview

This is an interview from http://therealpornwikileaks.com/ by Sean

Ivy Winters has been trying to seduce me on twitter for a month now..Shes always forcing me to look at her naked tumblr pictures and even offered me $33 bucks if i would take a picture wearing a mini sombrero eating a twix candy bar while wearing nothing.  Im afraid of her so when she told me i had to write about her i had no choice. If  something happens to me please look at her tumblr, there will most likely be clues to my disappearance posted cryptically between her naked pics and gym pics..

1. How long have you been in porn?
This January will be my 2 year anniversary with porn! Although I did take some time off at the end of February and just started back up!

2. How many scenes do you think you’ve done?
Well I’ve done about 40 DVDs and probably 50 scenes for different websites!

3. I noticed a IR scene. Did you do that without hesitation ?
Yes, I’ve actually done 2 IR scenes and I did them both without hesitation. I know a lot of girls like to wait to do things like IR, anal, etc, but I think if you enjoy doing something why hold off? When I have sex I don’t look at the color of someones skin. All I care about is how good they fuck me! lol

4. You fucked Ron Jeremy. Anything about that scene memorable?
I’ve worked with Ron twice now. Both times were very enjoyable and memorable! When I first found out I was going to be working with him I was so excited because Ron’s a legend in the adult industry. He’s definitely entertaining to be on set with!

5. Tell me something you haven’t done on camera that you wanna do ?
Hmm… I have never done anal so I’m currently testing that out. I really just want to do a huge gang bang with as many guys as possible! That would be pretty cool.

6. Do you have a favorite studio to work for?
I have truly enjoyed every company I’ve had the pleasure of working with so far! There are definitely a few companies I’ve never worked for that I look forward to shooting with in the future though.

7. Ever dated another porn talent?
That’s never really a good idea. lol I fully enjoy having sex with the male talent, but dating probably not.  But there are some girls I could see myself…..

8. I think you hold the record for most naked tumblr pics. When will we see a website?
Is this true? If so, I should add that to my resume! I actually have my website in the works right now! www.dirtylittlecumslut.com- because that’s what I am

9. In the next few months, what will we see you in?
Well as I mentioned before, I just took some time off. So everything I’ve shot is probably already released. But I plan on coming back creating a “porno tornado” and shooting tons of crazy stuff! So I would say you’ll see me in a lot of things in the next few months. Or actually you’ll see a lot of things in me!

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I definitely have a lot of goals set for myself in adult and outside of adult. I would love to start directing and explore other options in the industry. I also want to open my own business. So in 5 years I see myself as a business woman with many different projects going.

11. If we were dating an you walked in on me your (girl)bestfriend , would you be mad or join in?

I would watch for a little bit and then join in!

12. Would you rather own a emerging maple syrup conglomerate or be a pimp from oaktown?
I think I would make a good pimp.

13. I looked for a update on your twitter, did you shave the bush or leave it..
The mini bush is staying.. for now.

Ivy can be found on twitter here  http://twitter.com/IvyWintersxxx


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  2. commonsense

    solid interview. Good Job. Why should interracial even matter. I have heard girls state oh no. That is pure racist.

  3. Often times it’s the agents and managers that feed into the female talent’s heads that they shouldn’t do IR.

    It’s a control mechanism they use in order to get a higher rate for when the girl DOES do IR later (and of course it’s generally the same agents and managers who initially said the girl should not do it, who turn around and tell the girl she’s “shot out” and that she has no choice but to do it now if she wants to work).

  4. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    interracial matters because some wont do it…thats why i asked…i dont call it raciest thou…I would call certain fans raciest…if bibi jones started fucking black dudes in gonzo scenes her fanbase would change..some talent refuses because of the backlash not because they dont like black people..and then you have those that are turned off by it the same way some are turned off by fucking fat people..im sure there are a few that truly are raciest, but to label a person raciest because they wont have sex with another race is it out of line…my kids are bi racial so in most instances i wouldn’t be called raciest, however im not attracted to Asian women…from a sexual standpoint i have yet to meet one that makes my dick hard..does that make me raciest..i dont think so

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  6. commonsense

    thanks for answer. Guys what happen ao all the other people that use to post on here. mariah milano for one. after pwl broke they stopped posting.
    so monica are you in i writing with sean about fattorosi

  7. I am looking forward to shooting Ivy one day soon. I have to find the right project for her but I know she will bring it. Plus she is a Badger and I love me some Badgers.

  8. Karmafan

    I’ve scaled back my posting here til the dust settles in the Jeremy/Monica war that seems to be spread over just about every thread on here.

  9. RickMadrid

    yeah she needs a good ANAL pounding after she has tested the waters on her own. Then have WILL RYDER shoot her first ANAL gangbang!! that will sell..

  10. Personally I have zero problem with hookers, prostitutes, for sale girls, escorts whatever you want to call them. I have always felt that prostitution should be completely legal and I think it is a wonderful service for many. I think girls that work in the movie business need to be vigilant about protection outside the industry of course, but what goes on outside my studio walls is not in my control.

    Commonsense, your comment to me about Fattorosi is intriguing. Let me ask you this- if I was friends with a defense attorney who was repping a murder one suspect would you ask me how I feel about murder? Unless I misread your question I don’t think one has anything to do with the other. I think a big problem with communication these days especially on forums like this and on other social media lanes is that we text and tweet and comment and keep wording so narrow that people either purposely or mistakenly take things out of context. My defense of Michael Fattorosi is just one example of that. I merely said what our forefathers have said for decades is that a person is innocent until PROVEN guilty. However, since many are of such a sound mind that they can be the judge, jury and executioner there is really no possibility of open dialogue and people base complete facts on a few clues that frankly are open to debate. Jeremy and Monica’s recent back and forth is just one example of a lot of BS and some truth all getting mixed together into one big insane brew. Social media also allows the user to state something, then retract it by elimination which really muddies the waters. However, since this is a thread about Ivy Winters I stick by the facts and repeat that she is one hot badger. If she were a gift I would buy her for a friend. All the best to everyone.

  11. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    Prostitution is legal in all 50 states..Its jus called dating…Whats the difference between me paying you 100 bucks to suck my dick or me buying you dinner then you sucking my dick..Truth is, most females decide when they first meet a dude if there gna fuck him or not..The issue is how long it will take and what he does in between to justify getting some ass..” well he took me out 2 times, dinner and movies” ” so now we can have sex and he wont think im a ho” lol its all big game… Its like the MILFS at my gym..They wanna fuck, but, its always lets have lunch fist.So i go thru the motions,they feel better about themselves and we both have a good time..

    I to like badgers, especially ones that aren’t bald…lol

  12. commonsense

    I agree 100% with you, and not sure yet if i think prostitution should be legal, but probably so like in vegas, where the department of health regulates the health of the females. In respect to fattorosi the distinction is that when a defense attorney is hired to defend a murderer, it is after the fact. My concern, and i am just basing it on hearsay, that fattorosi represents some girls, and there is no question they are escorts, they are on all the escort sites advertising. Fattorosi is aware, my question and the mainstream media who are interested on doing a story on the pwl, is fattorosi assisting these girls, colluding with them, in his own e-mail he states that Derek is deriving is money directly from escorting how does he know this. Also what is fattorosi’s relationship with pamela peaks?? It is not as simple at what you are trying to say which i believe is an escort goes to fattorosi for representation. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. But if fattorosi is representing a girl who is an escort accepts money for sex, and he is totally aware of this, does he not have an obligation to do something as an officer of the court. he should not be encouraging it as an officer of the court.

  13. commonsense

    Again let me be clear i am not sure he is encouraging these girls in commiting the act of escorting which leads to prostitution, but if he does know about it, does he not have an obligation to do something when he is made aware of this in the course of litigation?????

  14. commonsense

    ALSO will you sound lime my type of liberal, i strogly believe in innocence until proven guilty, and even innocence after proven guilt. watch the movie the thin blue line. it is about innocent people who in a court of law proven guilty bit received death penalty and then after the fact evidence showed otherwise very scary.

  15. Jerkuliscious

    Make it legal then Tax and Test. Win/Win. When they come in for the test, stick em with a needle of birth control, so we aren’t inundated with a mess of trick babies.

    Only reason it isn’t legal is because we fucked up and allowed women the right to vote before STD testing was invented.

    You can still stigmatize it if you like, that is not my concern.

  16. commonsense

    i agree, if it was legal then we (people of america) can regulate it, and collect taxes.
    But my concern is myopic in that as will states he does not care what his talent does outside his employment. well that statement is a slippery slope, because these porn performers, and i don’t want to call them star’s or actresses, b/c they are not.
    These gilrs that escort and most do, whether advertizing or under the radar, can cause diseases to their male counterparts

  17. LOL – something tells me you’ll have a hell of a time getting a solid answer from certain people on this thread CommonSense – you’re assuming all the “males” you’re questioning have integrity and balls – certain ones have neither.

    Anyways back to Ivy – I’ve had dinner with her and she’s awesome. Great personality, driven, ambitious, focused, and knows what’s up in this crazy adult ent. world. If it was 3 years from now and my studio was in full effect – I’d have her under exclusive contract.

  18. commonsense

    Thanks monica. You are correct.
    don’t give up on what you are doing. you helped a lot of people.
    think of going to school to be a social worker.

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