Nacho Vidal Signs with LA Direct

NL- That’s one mean looking dude!

Los Angeles, CA: LA Direct Models (, the largest and most prolific agency in adult entertainment, has signed one of the biggest male star in the adult film industry, Nacho Vidal.  This is Vidal’s first time in the United States in over 10 years,  and LA Direct Models will be handling his representation.
An absolutely top level male performer, Vidal is known particularly for being the right hand man to some of the top performers in the industry.  Born in Spain, Vidal came into the adult industry in 1998 with the help of Rocco Siffredi. Vidal is a performer who pushes the envelope with incredible sex scenes, orgasmic screams, and reliable performance skills. Vidal’s rough-edged approach landed him many important roles, working with some of the biggest female stars in the world. In his prolific career Vidal has starred in more than 1500 movies and is an AVN  and XRCO Award Winner.  Vidal has also starred in Spanish mainstream movies and TV shows, including the Spanish TV series Los Simuladores and the Spanish movies Va a ser que nadie es perfecto and El Alquimista Impaciente.
“Direct Models is delighted to represent Nacho, an iconic performer and legendary name in male talent,” says Derek Hay, owner and founder of LA Direct Models.  “His enthusiasm to be back in the US is unparalleled and inspiring. There is no doubt there will be some barnstorming scenes shot in the coming weeks and months. Welcome back, Nacho, we are pleased to work with you and honored that you chose Direct Models for representation.”
Nacho Vidal will be doing interviews. Press and media contact:
Brian Gross | BSG PR | 818.340.4422 | brian (@) | @bsgpr
About LA Direct Models:
Started in 2000, LA Direct Models is the largest and most prolific agency in adult entertainment. LA Direct Models represents more than 120 female performers and 30 male performers – the most of any agency in the industry.  LA Direct represents numerous AVN and XBIZ Award-winning girls and exclusive contract stars. The company has expanded to representing production professionals such as makeup artists, videographers, directors, still photographer, and more while changing the face of the agency business and its place in the adult industry.
LA Direct also contains separate divisions of the company, producing solo girl websites, editing services for movies, live webcams, and more, in addition to other niche services. The company has also partnered with well-known feature dance agency The Lee Network, with its Southern California headquarters located within the offices of LA Direct.
Hailing from North London, LADM owner Derek Hay started Direct Models in his native England before his launch in the United States in 2001.  Prior to LA Direct, Hay spent his years working for major rock n’ roll artists as a stage manager for touring acts such as the Rolling Stones and Metallica.  Hay took what he had learned in the music business and started an agency catering to the adult industry.


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  2. Larry Horse

    This guy has participated in some weird shit in Brazil and overseas, she-male bareback stuff. The Earl always finds a way to retain his title as the King of the Crossovers. He is the kind of talent that Lexington Steele was talking about years ago after the 2004 outbreak, we really dont know where this guy has been and of course with the testing situation all screwed up, wonder if there is a connection.

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  4. Karmafan

    He is supposed to be a pretty rough fucker and some girls said they won’t work with him again because of it. Other girls think he is great and have done many scenes with him.

  5. origen

    Nacho is trying to get back into the B/G business but his reputation would be forever bounded by his Shemale vids.

    I commend his open bisexuality but there is a lot of scapegoating going on in the Industry right now. There will be a lot of criticism over this decision.

    He is probably one of the most intense male performers in the history of porn. He had the ability to be way more popular than Rocco or Manuel but he went his own way.

  6. If I were a performer, I would not work with any cross over stars, none – no matter who they are. The risk is just far to great. It’s just not worth it.

    And I’m very surprised that in light of all that is going on right now with this controversy that Derek Hay is so proudly boasting that he signed someone who does gay porn and now wants to book for straight.

  7. DawnyShort

    The thing is that you faggets should realize that it doesn’t matter this this fag shot shemale porn. Be honest when was the last outbreak of anything is shemale porn? Thats right. You have no idea. You straight fags think its a big deal that he shot with shemales when all the straight porn hiv and other cases came from the fags in straight porn. and when i say fags i mean straight people. you fags have more to fear from whores who escort in straight porn than shemales. stop trying to use them as scape goats and deal with the hookers in straight porn. its not shemales causing the problems. they test just like the straight whores you fucking idiots. and kelli, you fat fuck. you are such a fat whore lol shut the fuck up already

  8. Oh “Kelli”, “Kelli”, “Kelli”…so you have a problem with the concept “cross-overs” (which I’ve realized isn’t a rational concept to begin with), yet you don’t have a problem endorsing and assisting Mallcom Inc – the company which owns and STILL is benefiting from a vast amount of highly targeted traffic from the PWL venture…I suppose that it’s a good thing you’re not a performer, because with your attitude and value system in regards to what is “worth it”, you wouldn’t do well in the current or future market.

    “Cross over” male talents are the future in my view. Generally the ones I’m aware of have a more appealing look, are more marketable, and are better performers. Once again I’ll reference Next Door Studios – studios such as that are the future of porn.

    The majority of cross-over male talents have no problem performing with condoms either and complaining about utilizing condoms is usually not the norm for openly bi-sexual performers. If anything they prefer it. Top female talents such as Tanner Mayes have done some fantastic scenes with “cross-over” males. I think the real issue here stems from the jealousy of lesser male talents who consider themselves “straight” – and of course – the jerks behind the scenes who are shaking in their boots due to condoms possibly becoming mandatory and have come to realize that their days of easily fucking the female talent bareback are numbered.

    Anyways, if I were an active talent again, I’d prefer to work with cross-overs. Overall I’m getting really sick of people having issues with bi-sexuality and homosexuality. In the past, before I really took a look at myself and learned to love myself it was easy for me to spout of prejudice comments and harbor prejudice attitudes…however as I’ve opened myself to enlightenment and God, I’ve come to learn all prejudice is based on ignorance and evil – I hope oneday you can understand that “Kelli” – same goes for the rest of you insecure, self hating little jerks.

    I never would have thought such a prevalent and negative attitude towards sexual orientation would be so commonplace in an arena such as adult entertainment.


    As for this guy’s look – I think he looks interesting – not really “mean or rough” – more like “raw”. As for his performance style being “rough” – I was told E. Everhard was “rough” and it turned out he wasn’t so it probably depends on the recipient’s perception.

  9. Fartz

    Wow. You’re an idiot. Nobody said anything about homophobia and hating homosexuals or crossovers. It’s been known for awhile now that HIV is more prevalent in the male homosexual community and passed easier because of internal ejaculation by way of, well, buttsex, you know? Since porn fans don’t want condoms, then crossovers would definitely pose a problem. You’re just looking for an opening to attack Kelli and spout your new found religious bullshit that no one is buying. Seriously, just go away already. You’re slowly becoming the black Lubben. Always condemning the industry but just can’t find a way to stay away from it.

    Anyway, what I really wanted to say before I read Blubben’s post was regarding Nacho. Is there proof that Nacho banged Trannies? All of the Nacho Shemale stuff that’s come into the store has been Solo stuff. We even got a Nacho gay movie in called “I Want To Be Face Fucked”. In all these titles, it’s my understanding that Nacho is just directing. Nobody ever gave Rodney Moore shit for banging shemales, and he has a much, much, more extensive line of Tranny product than Nacho. All solo, however. Joey Silvera also shoots a ton of tranny product both solo and male/shemale action. I don’t think he ever involves himself in the scenes, though. I’m just going by boxcovers here. Shemale’s aren’t my thing and I’m not about to pop these titles in just to prove a point on LIB, but the boxes don’t show any of these guys getting involved with the talent. Shemale product is very profitable. The shit sells. I would shoot Trannys if I was in porn and knew the profits it would bring.

    I’m not sticking up for Nacho here, the guy gets on my nerves and half the chicks he fucks end up getting this forlorn, “help me” look on their face once he starts his ridiculous piston-powered jack-hammer fucking of every hole. I just want to know if he’s fucking shemales, or just shooting them.

  10. origen

    He’s fucked and sucked them, Fartz–but he never got fucked. (“Nacho Vidal’s Hard Time She-Male” or “Bang Bang She-Male”)

    Fartz, this is completely about homophobia. You think guys like Nacho are stupid enough to shoot with untested talent or high-risk talent without recent tests?

    So what? The guy got sucked off by dudes and sucked a little tranny cock. Big fucking deal. At least he’s open about it and he is one of the nicest directors and male performers in the history of adult entertainment.

    Kelli, you need to get fucked by Nacho. He’s simply the best. Kelly Stafford, among many others, says so and she’s a hard girl to please.

  11. Karmafan

    Crossovers need to end. Guys need to work the gay side or the boy/girl side but not both. I usually agree with Monica on many things but crossover talent is NOT one of them. Its not the future of porn. Crossovers will be the end of porn. I’m surprised you can’t see that.

    Sooner or later there will be another HIV outbreak in the porn industry and another after that and another after that. Getting rid of hiring crossover talent is one way to reduce the chances of these “HIV outbreaks” and keep the govt/states from banning porn production entirely as being unsafe.

  12. Well considering that sooner or later there MAY be another HIV outbreak then, the logical thing to do would be:

    1) Make condoms and other protective measures 100% mandatory – then if an HIV outbreak occurs again…

    2) Exterminate all the “cross-overs” (and that means guys working on the “gay” side of porn AND girls who work in “lesbian” porn). Then if an HIV outbreak occurs again…

    3) Exterminate all the blacks…then if an HIV outbreak occurs again…

    4) Exterminate all the jewish people…then if an HIV outbreak occurs again…

    5) Exterminate all the non US born performers…then if an HIV outbreak occurs again…

    6) Exterminate whoever is left with the exception of the core group of KKK members…then if an HIV outbreak occurs again…

    7) Exterminate the porn industry all together.

    Easy – so lets start with step 1.

  13. origen

    I don’t think cross-overs will be the future of porn but I think more attractive and “talented” male performers will be the norm. More lonely women are consuming porn nowadays like you wouldn’t believe….

  14. Karmafan

    Too much american male talent appears to be tattooed knuckledraggers that look like they just got out of the joint after doing a 10 year stretch for armed home invasion.

  15. Michael Whiteacre

    The male talent pool in 1970s-80s porn didn’t have many Adonises either: anyone here ever see Bobby Astyr?

    And no, more crossover talent, in my opinion, is NOT the key to a bright sunny porn future. I think that the people that most prone to seriously promote that idea are those who wish to see the industry shut down over the havoc they predict it might cause. (See my comments about the different “arms” of war strategy in another thread.) I am not saying that is what Monica is doing — I have no reason to suspect that she is anything but sincere (she certainly pulls few punches!) — I am only saying that it represents a dangerous path that may well have been carved out by savvy, manipulative dirty-tricksters.

    I am reminded of President Nixon’s plan to redirect money to help fund/support the candidacy of the weakest/most easily defeated Democratic candidate (McGovern). Similarly, a move toward actions that would seem to the public, bureaucrats, etc., to be reckless represents, in my view, an attempt to attain victory through leading one’s foe into a trap. A notable increase in the prevalence of crossover talent might create a PR goldmine for the current anti-porn/”workplace safety” crowd.

    It would provide the bureaucrats further “cover” to force the adult entertainment industry to make safer sex ads rather than entertainment.

  16. who me

    Well, as a person that purchases porn, when i find out a girl works with crossover talent, it usually does something to the fantasy, I dont know why, it just does, but then again if i didnt come on this site i wouldnt know who is cross over talent or not.

  17. Larry Horse

    Even if the Trannyfucker didnt do gay, tranny or strap on work he would still be one of the shittiest performers out there. Give me Don Fernando anytime! yeah I know he used to cross dress and couldnt act a lick but never had that pained red flushed look TF has when he’s pounding a broad, he so much more at peace with a chick with a dick or a dude.

  18. This is a good comment thread in regards to the issues and especially the mindsets of what’s taking place right now in regards to porn’s “future”.

    I’ve said and written quite a bit over the past couple of years on what I’ve observed in and out of porn world and it’s all been genuinely how I’ve felt about where I was, what I’ve experienced and who I was encountering at that moment. I’ve gone from “sane” to “crazy” and have com e full circle quite a few times now (that is if there’s such a thing as either term).

    To Michael Whiteacre: I’m not certain anyone in this situation is really as diabolical as you’re hypothesizing in regards to obliterating porn all together – but then again you never know.

    Actually your little friend “3ach3961” (the one who needs to learn how to speak from his diaphragm) called me out as a “backstabber” and “batshit crazy” – maybe…but I don’t feel I’m that way. I perceive myself as simply being very empathetic at this phase of my life.

    I don’t really think you needed to put your efforts into the Lubben expose. In my view it’s the equivalent of those PWL wikis. You are seasoned, smart, reputable and talented enough from what I know of you not to have lowered yourself to those sort of tactics to make your point or share your views. I’m thinking there may have been a personal vendetta involved however being that I’ve come to realize there’s quite a bit of “porn history” amongst many in this “game” that isn’t being acknowledged.

    There may be some elements that are off about the Pink Cross along with the majority of “anti-porn” groups and supposed “porn exit gateways”, but considering that most are just the flipside of the same coin that the porn industry rests on I’m really not too surprised.

    To Origen: I agree, women are a huge untapped market and the more ideally and universally attractive male performers (whether they’re “cross-overs” or not) will be the the future. Hell, I’m a single 32 year old woman and I know what I want to see more of. “Christian” or not, I know damn well when I’m sitting at home alone and am horny I might feel like watching some porn – and the last thing I want to look at is an over the hill, overweight, not so attractive guy having sex. I’m sure that for porn marketed to men, that “look” works but not for women like me – I want an Adonis so I actually DO hope that LA Direct picks up Jeremy Bilding and some others like him – QUICKLY.

    To Everyone: I feel that many of you reading this who are porn “professionals” (and I use that term very loosely) are definitely using this “cross-over” issue as a mask for a plethora of other agendas. Considering the age of many of you and social maturity level you SHOULD HAVE reached by now, it’s pretty pathetic.

    I think it’s time for many of you that will be affected by some upcoming changes to come clean and ADMIT what’s REALLY bothering you. Then admit what you really want, and why.

    Look, a lot of this mess (especially as many of you know the PWL issue) REALLY hurt my feelings. Of course it’s beyond wrong and breached some legalities on various levels, but it REALLY hurt my feelings, pride and has been beyond embarrassing (but I suppose that was the point). Ironically after dealing with the emotions and circumstance that it’s brought upon my life, the situation has made me stronger of course, but it’s also made me realize the need to TRUTH and transparency on all levels in (and outside) of the industry in regards to possibly everyone – not just a select few.

    To “Kelli”: I’m not going to let up on you because you need to come clean in regards to a few things and provide some answers. Exactly HOW IS IT OK for Jerry Aharony and whoever else to make a financial gain off of my, my family’s and a multitude of other’s pain, anxiety and stress? Also why exactly were you so surprised when I decided to make it a bit more known publicly about Mallcom Inc / being the recipient of the targeted traffic the PWL venture is sending that particular business entity?

    I’ve done a lot of shit in my time, but I’m willing to attach my name to it all. You don’t pull shit on people unless you are willing to say “Hey it was me and this is WHO I AM (or was)”. If you can NOT or DO NOT WANT TO do that then you must not really believe in what you are doing to begin with now – do you?

    Yes, that’s some bitter medicine to take, but once you take it you feel better then you start the process of getting well. In my current view, that’s what true ACCOUNTABILITY is.

    To Everyone: I define myself as of current as a Christian and of God – my mother instilled those values in me as a child – however I DO question life and religion which I’ve found as of recent to many modern Christians is seen as “un-Christian”. I’ve started to notice that I’m even being called a “witch” – hope I don’t get burned at the stake but nothing would surprise me at this point.

    Funny that so many still in this day and age want to define everything as so clear cut – “black” or “white”. At this phase when I think about it I don’t think I like ANY group: Porn, Anti-porn, Christian, Atheist, Satanic, etc – I guess I just have to lack definition from this stage on because I only like individuals (and a very few at that). I suppose I can only be a part of the Alexandra industry and religious group.

    Condoms….here’s the real deal with that in my view in relation to porn – the little piece of rubber is being used as an element of control at this stage – so it’s time to define WHAT and WHO is using it to control some aspects of porn and WHY. Now I personally feel that condoms would protect quite a few men and women, but not just from STDs. It will protect their confidence and it will protect them from certain types of individuals who are looking to intimidate and degrade them beyond their initial expectations.

    Quite a few of you who are anti-condom are definitely anti-condom because you know damn well that you want to fuck the adult talent behind the scenes condomless. You also want to create content that pushes the limits of many (though not all) performer’s initial comfort level when it comes to degradation. Many of you who intimidate talents into being with you are not tested and THAT is how a lot of disease is being spread (and you are using the concept of “cross-over” talents as the scapegoats).

    Furthermore, as I stated in a recent MonicaAtHome broadcast quite a few of you in porn practice some religious rituals in which the exchange of bodily fluids are vital – so though many of you will never publicly admit this – it’s an issue.

    The hatred towards gays, bisexuals and various ethnicity needs to come to an end – at least on the surface, very quickly because as a “professional” group of people you are looking VERY bad on a world scale. As many of you know (and I’m sure most of you do now considering my PWL wiki) I am the daughter of an openly bisexual man who is currently in a gay relationship. I (along with many others – involved in porn or not) take the hatred towards certain sexual preferences and ethnic groups that many of you are displaying VERY personally, because essentially what you are attempting to put into effect is “acceptable discrimination”. I feel that I’m essentially the real life result of a “cross-over” and I don’t like my family being told that they should justifiably discriminated against. I also don’t like being told that my views on bi-sexuality and homosexuality being acceptable is COMPLETELY wrong and/or dangerous/risky (that is far to broad of a statement to make).

    Like I said, it’s time for many of you reading this to come clean about what is REALLY bothering you, what you want, and why. There are FAR to many lies, coverups and manipulations occurring in porn. Prostitution being a huge one – right now much of the porn industry is a STRUCTURED gateway into that world whether you want to admit it or not. That’s where a lot of the STDs are coming from into the talent pool, which is why RIGHT NOW in my view condoms need to be much more the norm if not mandatory.

    Now if certain people who really don’t need to even BE attached to porn were to be elliminated who facilitate the prostitution gateway that would definitely help. Also if pay rates were increased to what the talent is REALLY worth and/or residuals were implemented then much of the talent probably wouldn’t go into the riskier sex work arenas. People generally don’t take risks unless they have to, and with the current lack of compensation for porn talents – they are finding that they have to.

    I personally don’t feel that “cross overs” are any more high risk than any other talents – especially considering that prostitution element that I just covered that several “straight” performers are involved in. Why should “cross-overs” or ANYONE have to make a choice of only working in ONE marketplace of porn? Transgender/Transexual and gay porn is a growing and very lucrative market that no performer should be forced to cut themselves off from (due to some hateful political agenda).

    Any professional talent (male, female or somewhere in between) is not going to put themselves in a risky situation if they don’t have to – and you cut the chances of someone having to, by ELEVATING the overall professional standards and practices of the industry. The money IS THERE to do so – so to those of you who are hoarding it all, it’s time to stop being so greedy and loosen the purse strings.

    Speaking of greed – my whole take on the hatred towards LA Direct and Spiegler is simply that they currently have the best product (talent) and quite of a few of you know it and are jealous as can be. A lot of that talent was DEVELOPED and cultivated – it didn’t happen overnight, so stop trying to steal what these 2 have and find and develop your own talents. If you can’t – do something else – yea the girl supply and influx has dropped, but why are you surprised considering the greed and abuse many girls looking at the business from the outside have become aware of.

    Throughout this epic “porn battle” there’s a ton of varying “agendas” and while some of you have been vary visible and vocal about certain issues, others have remained in the shadows and have stayed VERY quiet. It’s the quiet ones I’m really looking at and that I suggest many of you do as well. Of course some with the most the gain are hiding in plain site too…

    Look, I’ve been through a ton psychologically and emotionally due to my dealings with those in and attached to “porn” but I’ve made it through. What I’ve come to realize however is that many of you who are in and attached to this industry haven’t had to deal with much of ANYTHING at ALL – but you will. Quite a few of you who have gotten away with more than you want to admit to, and your faces and identities are being attached to your deeds at an increasing rate. I honestly don’t believe that quite a few of you will fair as well as I have due to having it easy for far too long and not even understanding the concept of true ACCOUNTABILITY.

    This is getting far to long, but I’ll conclude with this: What happened in the porn industry (at least on an intellectual level) is that you have a bunch of honor class students – borderline geniuses for that matter (some of who were very nerdy social rejects who have used porn as a platform to get “revenge” on the types of people who slighted them back in the day – others who were just lazy and rebellious who simply coasted), now exploiting the slow and special needs students. Not cool considering that the weak should help, not hurt, the strong.

    Now it’s time for college where all you gotta do is the minimal to get a degree so whether you have an IQ of 160 or 50 it all depends on how hard you’re actually willing to work, and how resourceful you actually are. That’s all any employer is really looking for afterall.

    So anyways, if you believe in God I suggest you pray – if you’re more into the flipside – go for luck and maybe cast a spell if need be. If you’re into neither I don’t know what to tell you.

    I’m done stating the obvious as usual for today. I suppose I just felt like writing. Time for my idealistic little self to throw my Bible into my backpack, pull on my thong, turn on my webcam, jump on my broom and fly away.

    Laterz ∞

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  21. Michael Whiteacre

    @Monica — Thanks for your response. Regarding 3ach, I have nothing to do with his opinions; I haven’t called you any names, and I don’t think of you as a backstabber. You never pledged any allegiances that I’m aware of that you’ve now “betrayed,” and you have every right to speak your mind. I think you point out a lot of the most serious issues concerning the industry – and society, for that mater. I don’t agree with everything you write but as the saying goes, if two people agree on everything, only one is doing the thinking.

    Your comment, “I’m not certain anyone in this situation is really as diabolical as you’re hypothesizing” did make me chuckle, though, as it is you who suggests that there is a Satanic contingent in the porn industry. If that is true, it would not be difficult for me, personally, to imagine that diabolical liars and corrupters would also feed off each other. But, your opinion may be at variance to mine.

    As for Mrs. Lubben, I have no “history” with her, nor did I commit to the project out of a personal vendetta. I first met her in person in November 2010 at UCLA and was outraged enough by the defamatory charges she launched, and the distortions of objective facts she committed, to do something abut it. Make no mistake, I was extremely incensed at this woman’s tactics, but it only became “personal” once she began addressing me personally on forums such as this, and after she posted things about me which caused her followers and member of “her team” to send me a stream of ugly messages filled with bile, threats and ethnic/religious prejudice.

    In Shelley’s caricature of the porn industry, “crooked” pornographers lurk around seeking sexualized young females — most if not all of whom are victims of sexual abuse and parental neglect, leaving them emotionally “needy” — and they tell them things they have longed to hear like, “You’re so beautiful,” and “You should be a star.”

    Then, “a few compliments later,” followed by a seductive offer, they find themselves being drawn into a world where they’re photographed, put on video, and exploited for the profit of others. Then, she says, “with open arms and warm smiles,” they’re given “calm assurances” because “deception is rife throughout the entire grooming process.”

    The term “seasoning” has been used to describe what happens to a victim after being harmed.  Predators can sense the vulnerability of a previously-harmed “seasoned” individual and use that as a factor in deciding whether to pursue a potential victim.

    Shelley reminds me a lot of her own caricature of a pornographer.  Distressed performers are inundated with emails offering guidance, invitations to her “beautiful home,” and a shoulder to cry on. They’re told that they’re made for something better. Then they’re asked to pose for photos with Shelley and record testimonial videos which she uses as fundraising tools.

    In my view, people like Mrs. Lubben feed off of the stress that has been generated by PWL and AHF.

  22. Im sorry everyone im a perv,but thats the hottest doggie style face I’ve seen all day! And if his test is good, Id be on set early, and ready to be choked out by that hot mofo! DAYUUUM!

  23. jeremysteele11

    Sounds like a new series: Chili Cheese Nacho Dog. Reminds me of when I did a scene for “Chunky Cheerleaders” walking into the scene with my cock in a hotdog bun and then Do-me Moore adding mustard and (yuck) ketchup!

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