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Hackers Hit
By Bob Johnson,


PORTLAND, Ore. — Hacker group Lulz Security said that it hit 56 porn sites on Friday, stealing and posting administrative emails and outing 26,000 emails and passwords from users of tube site

Two weeks ago the group took credit for hacking and Sony, exposing employee information and leaking the source code for the Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network reportedly in retaliation for a negative documentary program on WikiLeaks.

Lulz Security is reportedly connected to the hacker collective Anonymous.

The exposed data specifically targeted military and government emails but doesn’t include data that can be used to access their accounts.

“Hi! We like porn (sometimes), so these are email/password combinations from which we plundered for the lulz,” the group posted on its website,

The group has also attacked Nintendo, FBI affiliate Infragard Atlanta and data security company Unveillance, among others.

But Lulz Security is also credited with some “white hat” work according to DigitalTrends, reportedly having alerted the British National Health Service to its network’s password vulnerabilities, and it took down Muslim terrorist website, showing off its cyber hacking strength to rival hacker “Th3J35t3r.”

In its attack on PBS on May 30, the group posted a fake story about deceased rapper Tupac Shakur living in New Zealand that saw its Twitter account blow up to more than 120,000 followers.

Security expert Patrick Gray wrote on, “LulzSec is running around pummeling some of the world’s most powerful organizations into the ground … for laughs! For lulz! For shits and giggles. Surely that tells you what you need to know about computer security: there isn’t any.”


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  2. Karmafan

    Earlier today they hit the CIAs website and brought it down. I think they made a mistake going after the CIA. Bringing down websites from porn sites or Sony’s playstation site is one thing, once you start attacking the CIA and federal government you are seriously asking for trouble.

    If they are able to track down these fools they will drop them in a hole somewhere and these guys will never see the sun again much less the internet and being able to hack websites. Here is more info from the newswire…

    BOSTON — The public website of the Central Intelligence Agency went down on Wednesday evening as the hacker group Lulz Security said it had launched an attack.

    Lulz Security has claimed responsibility for recent attacks on the Senate, Sony Corp, News Corp and the U.S. Public Broadcasting System television network.

    The CIA site initially could not be accessed from New York to San Francisco, and Bangalore to London. Later in the evening service was sporadic.

    “We are looking into these reports,” a CIA spokeswoman said.

    Lulz Security has defaced websites, posted personal information about customers and site administrators, and disclosed the network configurations of some sites.

    Security analysts have downplayed the significance of these attacks, saying the hackers are just looking to show off and get as much attention as possible.

    In the case of the CIA attack, hackers would not be able to access sensitive data by breaking into the agency’s public website, said Jeffrey Carr, author of the book Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld.

    “All they’re doing is saying ‘Look how good we are,'” Carr said. “These guys are literally in it for embarrassment, to say ‘your security is crap.'”

    Lulz only made claims that it attacked, and there was no evidence on Wednesday evening that sensitive data in the agency’s internal computer network had been compromised.

    There also were no apparent links to more serious network security breaches recently at the International Monetary Fund and Lockheed Martin Corp. Lulz Security has not been linked to those incidents.

    Lulz, whose members are strewn across the globe, announced the attack shortly before 6 p.m. East Coast time.

    “Tango down,” the group Tweeted, pointing to

    Although the group, also known as Lulz Boat, fashions itself more as pranksters and activists than people with sinister intent, its members have been accused of breaking the law and are wanted by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

    Lulz broke into a public website of the Senate over the weekend and released data stolen from the legislative body’s computer servers.

    In May, the group posted a fake story on the PBS website saying that rapper Tupac Shakur was still alive and living in New Zealand. Shakur was murdered in 1996.

  3. Michael Whiteacre

    WOW. I have to concur, Karmafan — bragging that you just pissed off the people that run black ops is likely not the wisest career or life choice.

  4. Fartz

    You never know with people like this. They hacked into Bethesda Software’s website and told them they’d leave Bethesda alone if they released more info on their upcoming game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Something tells me that a person that makes a demand like that won’t hold up to well in the big house.

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