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Mallcom Terminated PWL

NL- I know you guys wanted to see this letter. It was on Mike’s site. Now do you think Mallcom should give the affiliate sign up info to the lawyer at FSC?

Mallcom Terminates PWL Affiliate Account
By Mike South from
May 20th, 2011

Mallcom terminates PWL affiliate account

I can finally verify that Mallcom has indeed terminated the account of PWL, the following is the termination letter Sent to them

Dear Mallcom Affiliate,

It has come to our attention that your site is not in compliance with our posted terms of service. A copy of our terms of service was emailed to you when your account was established and is also located on our website at

This is a legally binding agreement between you and us and by enrolling in our affiliate program you stated that you read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement of which you agreed to be bound by.

As you know we may reject your application if, in our sole and unfettered discretion, we determine that your site(s) are unsuitable for the Affiliate Program for any reason. We may immediately terminate your participation in the Affiliate Program if we believe you have engaged in any of the following:

a) Any form of spamming including, but not limited to unsolicited email, IRC postings, newsgroups, and/or instant messaging clients;
b) Attempts to cheat, defraud or mislead us or the public in any way;
c) Inclusion of illegal or unauthorized content on your site(s);
d) You shall also be responsible for ensuring that materials posted on your site(s) do not violate or infringe upon any laws including, but not limited to the rights of any third party (including, for example, copyrights, trademarks, privacy, or other personal or proprietary rights),
e) You are responsible for ensuring that the materials posted on your site(s) are not libelous or otherwise illegal

We may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party notice of termination. Notice by email, to your email address in our records, and is considered sufficient notice for us to terminate this Agreement. If this Agreement is terminated because you have violated the terms of this Agreement, which you have, you waive any right to receive any payments due and unpaid to you, even for commissions earned prior to the date of termination.

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106 Responses to “Mallcom Terminated PWL”

  1. Mark Felt Says:

    Not only should Mallcom cooperate fully with the criminal investigation into PWL, they should drop a DMCA notice on PWL to get their banner ad taken down. It’s not good enough for them to say “we’re not paying you.” The need to say “Donkey, you and your ilk are so abhorrant we don’t need any business derrived from you.”

  2. Mark Spiegler Says:

    Abhorrant? Donny probably thinks that word has something to do with whores. lol

  3. tigger_lover Says:

    I wish abwhorrant was a word.

  4. Larry Horse Says:

    Other than the tube scenes how has PWL violated the DMCA? The DMCA seems kind of bogus as anyone can file any claim no matter how groundless and usually get their way.

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  7. Voltaire Says:


    You can always create a heteronymic definition for “abwhorrant” and enter it in the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championship in Austin, TX…

  8. Kelli Says:

    Mark Felt we don’t know that they aren’t working with authorities or will if contacted but as far as the DCMA notice goes, abusing that isn’t the right answer.

    I don’t know where you or anyone else has the right to say what they have done “isn’t good enough” because you don’t really know all they have done. As a private company they don’t really have to share anything with you. Cindi and I have gone out of our way to try and get what information we could from this company for your prying eyes but in reality, this is a gossip website and one they don’t exactly take part in. They don’t know you nor do they owe you anything.

  9. Mark Felt Says:

    So Mallcom doesn’t own the rights to their own ad? Dropping a DMCA notice is hardly an abuse of process, especially when PWL routinely caves to them.

    And, no, the letter is NOT good enough. First, as long as the ad is still there, Malcom gives PWL tacit approval, if not revenue. Second, Mallcom itself can derive revenue from the ad, and, thus, the extortionists, even if they don’t share the revenue with the extortionists. Neither of these scenarios are acceptable.

    Mallcom needs to yank the ads. Mallcom needs to state, unequivocally, that the do not support PWL. Mallcom needs to explain how they ever got involved with PWL in the first place.

  10. RobertJ Says:

    @Mark Felt What is your infatuation with Mallcom? I mean Mallcom said it is not paying them. Most companies are not going to turn down free advertising. I mean you are pretty persistent. Are you a client or customer of Mallcom? Do you have ANY business dealing with them at all? Why not go after the other advertisers on the site. Oh wait that’s right they told you THEY DON’T CARE. At least Mallcom has allowed Kelli to post a statement. When they are NOT obligated to tell you anything. Evidently you are not law enforcement or a FSC lawyer so you don’t know what they have and have not provided. Just because you and Mike South don’t know, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

  11. tigger_lover Says:

    As long as the ads are up Mallcom is saying they approve of PWL, whether that’s intentional or not. They don’t HAVE to do anything, but it would be nice of them to send a DMCA notice. If not to support the porn community, then to make it clear to anyone who goes on PWL that Mallcom doesn’t condone what they do. But no they’re not obligated to do anything. It’s arguably bad PR though for the banner to remain up on the site.

  12. Mark Felt Says:

    @Tigger: And also to discourage other companies from thinking they can park free ads courtesy of the Donkey’s stupidity. He’s been scammed by sponsors before.

    The main point is that no one should be making a dime off of PWL.

    @Robert: Call it a strong hunch that if Mallcom were cooperating with LE, FSC or any other entity, that ad would have been down weeks ago, when Mallcom was first notified.

  13. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Here’s some of my rambling thoughts on this PWL/Donkey issue (I’m also on the phone with someone while writing this…):

    The Donkey is pushing against mandatory condoms. This could actually hurt the cause of free choice on that issue as the Donkey is the anti-thesis of any posterchild the industry would want… as much as I am the antithesis of any cause I believe in because I’m an adult performer. Since PWL is so blatantly racist and evil (it doesn’t matter who laughs and who makes money, you can’t ignore the fact of the evil donkeypunch-like behavior)- the backlash is going to hurt all the things he’s advocating… even the crossover issue… I think… He makes every cause he believes in look bad, whether it’s right or wrong. Regarding, HIV, there are many issues about the veracity of HIV testing, and no one’s dying left and right. The Donkey is a curse we have to turn into a cause that becomes a solution and an overall improvement to keep evil scum from doing things like this in the future. The bottom line is all possible legitimate arguments are tainted by the Donkey’s obvious lies. If Donkey or anyone truly wanted to hurt someone they should never mix the truth with lies because that only weakens your credibility. I know the Donkey is too stupid and damaged to understand this, especially considering all the things he’s been locked up for. We’re talking about serious short-sightedness at best and blindness at worst. All affiliates/advertisers should be BOYCOTTED.. and all involved in this consortium should go down with the Donkey!

  14. Kelli Says:

    You don’t really know that they haven’t done that. Again, they aren’t hanging out on porn blogs reporting their every move.

    I don’t know how so many people got this sense of entitlement but wow glad to know some people think so highly of themselves.

  15. Fartz Says:


    Mark Felt is one of the few people vocalizing the need to dismantle PWL and God bless his ass for his bravado. He’s championing for the Industry. No agenda to it.

    Free advertising or not, Malcom should feel ashamed hawking business off a site where the most repeated words are F*g, F*g-hole, Tranny-fucker, Worthless HIV Cunt hole, N*gger, K*ke, child rapist, etc. If you’ve read PWL for just one FUCKING second, you’d realize that Mark is in the right here.

    Sorry for the abbreviations, I hate all of the random moderation noise that seems to kick in at random.

    Watch. It’ll go into moderation anyway.

  16. tigger_lover Says:

    @Jeremy – I was just thinking that! With all the rampant misogyny, racism and homophobia of PWL, Donny is really making a good case for condoms and crossovers and anything else he’s against. Personally I think both the gay and the straight side should be made safer with more comprehensive testing and condoms in certain cases, other than that people will always cross over even if just in their personal lives.

    @Kelli – It’s not entitlement. Jesus have you looked at PWL? A person would have to be crazy to want to be associated with them. If Mallcom has tried to get the banner ads removed though and they haven’t been, I guess they’re more or less a victim now too.

    @Fartz – Absolutely. The language on PWL is shocking, and obviously being involved in porn I’m not shocked by many things.

    Hey that reminds me. I bet when Donny jacks off he thinks about a black man making love to him ever so gently up the ass, and then afterwards he cries himself to sleep.

  17. Mike South Says:

    Thats actually well said Jeremy,

    I know a lot of things that I am NOT at liberty to discuss in a public forum. I am doing everything I can to get PWL exposed and brought to justice. What concerns me more is why am I in this position to begin with. It is because nobody else is doing anything. The truth is this is something that should have been handled by the FSC they have the legal (or should have) resources as well as the financial resources (through the industry) and for a decent attorney this should have been cakewalk. If Jeffery Douglas can’t manage it maybe he should be given a job he is more suited for (sitting around looking stupid comes to mind, maybe he should be in the California Legislature.)

    Anyway since no one else seems to give a fuck (excepting people like Mark Felt and others) I have taken it on myself to do everything I can. I hope to have some big news in a couple or three weeks…These things take time but I am doing what I can, wish I had more support from bigger fish in the biz.

  18. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    @Mike – Why do you assume that “nobody else is doing anything”? Sifting gossip and posting tidbits on one’s website does not make one the leader in an investigation, nor does “taking upon [oneself] to do everything [one] can.” I absolutely respect and appreciate your efforts, but you know darn well that there are others not at liberty to discuss their own work behind the scenes to bring down the people behind PWL, and for the same reason. If virtue is its own reward, why do you demand martyrdom too?

    PWL presents, reflects, and was born of tragic, despicable and criminal acts. The people behind it will get their comuppance. But those who use PWL as a platform for self-righteous chest thumping are not much more than PWL profiteers.

    So, Mike, please do continue to investigate and expose away — but all the patting yourself on the back is wearing thin, as are the potshots at an organization you despise but which you also know was the prime force behind that which has rendered you and many many others no longer “at liberty” to make certain public disclosures. Actual industry leaders, unlike you, don’t always feel the need to telegraph every action by publicizing it immediately. And unlike you, they don’t seem to use the means of media to celebrate their opinion that their every fleeting thought is a pearl.

  19. Fartz Says:

    Wouldn’t the FSC going after PWL be a kind of hypocritical move on their part? Don’t get me wrong, they’ve already proved their hyporcrisy by blocking you from Twitter, south, but I think their hands are tied here, due to their name alone.

  20. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    @Fartz – You are misinformed. FSC HAS gone after PWL, and no, it is not hypocritical to go after a website that uses what is patently stolen medical information (a violation of state and federal law) as well as misuse other information and data which had been originally collected for another, legitimate purpose, and has also eagerly and wantonly placed adult performers and their families in jeopardy.

    It’s one thing to post truthful information in the public interest, it’s quite another to go to the lengths PWL has to extort, threaten, DEFAME, humiliate and torment people in the industry.

  21. Richard Cranium Says:

    Wait a minute. I thought Paul Armstrong was doing something separately from the FSC? He dropped it? You can’t possibly be going after PWL by yourself. No offense, but if you’re the only one doing anything, that’s not a good sign that it’ll ever come down. Not a poke at you personally. Just, if it’s one guy then fugetaboutit.

    Interesting developments.

    I guess the only thing we know for certain is that the database gets older and less valuable over time as new girls blaze into LA every day. Within 2 years it’ll be slightly more than worthless.

    My guess is the PWL gentlemen is paying $1000-$2000/month for hosting alone. They admitted in one post that they make about $100/month from advertising. Since then, their traffic has plumetted. I mean, if you were some misc surfer and you got a pop up ad every time you clicked on anything, how long would you stick around? But we’ll just assume they’ll continue to make $100-$200/month. So they’re eating $800-$1800/month to keep the site up. Even if I have a ton of money, I ain’t gonna waste $1500/month on something that’s making me no money and becoming less valuable every day. Add to that the risk that at any time a judge may order DBP to divulge the name of the owner. I’m assuming they were smart enough to not actually use any of their real names when registring the site. I’m seeing a prepaid debit card and a fake name being used. So, that will only lead to another delay as subpoenas are issued and approved to track down where the card was purchased, by who, etc. In that time, they’ll possibly shut it down. Not because they’ve done anything wrong. But because they will see that it will cost tons of moolah to prove they aren’t wrong and they don’t want to waste their money on that.

    What happens next will be a crapshoot. If it’s down, will anyone care enough about who put it up to spend money tracking them down? Probably not since according to Mike no one’s doing anything about it but him while the site is live. Is their really a criminal case that the government will fund to track down the conspirators? My guess is now no but who knoes. I think you guys are making that up to scare PWL and they’ve already proven they aren’t afraid so if I were you, unless I have firsthand knoweldge that the govt is doing shit about this, I’d drop that threat. You’re only giving them more ammo. And if there really is a criminal investigation going on, why give them that info? Makes no sence to me. Sounds like desperation on your part.

    I see you’re now dropping all of Donald’s criminal info everywhere. That’s super-neato but it ain’t nothing new. That’s all been out there before. What’s the point? Only info I’d post is his current address. Just post it up as publicly available information and let the chips fall where they may. Other than that I think you look desperate posting info on him that’s been around for years anyway.

    You want to make waves, post who else you suspect is involved. Even the slightest bit of suspicion, post their info. Name, mother’s name, daddie’s name, sister’s name, criminal record, CURRENT ADDRESS, everything that PWL would post. You’ll eventually flush out the trash and the collateral damage can be justified like the nukes used in Japan. You had to sacrifice some to save many more.

    Good luck too all involved.

    oh and a word of advice to those reading this. you’d be better off ignoring PWL altogether. All you do when you talk about it is give people more reason to go there. This means you, Minica. And some others. If you’d just shut up about it, it would go away faster. The only threads on that forum that get any traction are the desperate “oh please, take me down” or the “i’m going to sue you” threads. If girls would just ignore it, there would be hardly any thread on there at all and it would die faster than it’s already dieing.

    Peace, out.

  22. Worstnightmare Says:

    Listen up all you Elawyers. First off Mark Felt is one of many Mark Spiegler alt’s. Mark Felt just AKA Spiegler and Mike South know nothing and only know how to be a internet keyboard warriors. Porn Wikileaks has and is doing NOTHING illegal. None of you can stop them and everyone keeps seeing this everyday that goes by and the website is still up.

    Mark Spiegler is nothing more than a internet trolling suitcase pimp scamming girls for blow jobs and Mike south cleaned floors at NASA and failed out of porn. Show me some people with a real internet business talking shit about PWL and i will listen. What gives Mark Felt AKA Spiegler and South a right to say ANYTHING?

  23. chichiladouche Says:

    Michael can the information even be considered stolen, if the database wasn’t actually broken into? Lots of people had that information at their fingertips and the ones that didn’t pay the fee to gain access to the information (password sharing) got it through the channels that AIM set up to get them.

  24. Mike South Says:

    If the FSC has done the best they can they may as well have sat on their asses because in effect thats all they did….they said they were “looking into it” Im sure they had Jeffery Douglas on it cuz I know when I think of a good kick ass lawyer I think of Douglas….NOT….What a worthless bunch of fucking blowhards.

  25. tigger_lover Says:

    I too wonder why nobody with more resources and know-how seems to care enough to take PWL down.

    The data where all the names came from was only intended to be used by performers and producers for STD test results, not for release to the general public or for harassment and intimidation purposes. Harrasment was still illegal last time I checked, and so was publishing information taken from a patient’s medical data without their consent. Saying somebody has HIV when they don’t is defamation. Those are just a couple of things PWL can be sued for successfully with the right approach.

    @Mike – I believe the FSC has been using Corey Silverstein as the lawyer in the case.

  26. tigger_lover Says:

    @Michael – That’s a good point. Plus while all of us want to see PWL shut down and the perps brought to justice, but the fact that they harass everyone who speaks up against them has made most people either keep their mouths shut or stay out of it completely.

  27. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    @chichiladouche — Yes, the information has been stolen and misused within the definition of the applicable statutes. Without question. And we don’t KNOW to a certainly how the data was taken — a database breach, or someone misappropriating a back-up, or whatever. All we have are rumors.

    @Mike — Listen to what you just wrote: because they said they were looking into it that somehow means that they did nothing (they “sat on their asses”), or nothing useful? Why in the world would they reveal to anyone what all they were doing, or when? Wouldn’t showing their hand be a little counter-productive?

    I’ve got a comment in moderation above, so I won’t repeat all that stuff, but you and I both know this is a criminal (or shall we say, governmental) matter first and foremost, and a civil action second. The entities charged with gathering information for any criminal case are FAR better situated to get to the bottom of it than ANY civilian lawyer — AND YOU KNOW THIS!

    And what makes you think Douglas is taking the lead on this? Nobody has said that. He’s the FSC Board chair so he spoke to the issue. As you also know, there is an independent attorney who is building a case against PWL and seeking those affected to join it. There seems to be a lot of different things going on at one time, and, aside from the gossip, none of us has any clear picture of the interplay — AND THAT’S A GOOD THING.

    Mike, you’ve done a great service in your investigation of PWL, and you’ve put together some remarkable, unassailable intel, but please start thinking beyond the porn industry “bubble”, and set aside your contempt for FSC for just a minute. Going off half-cocked is your style, not theirs (and I mean that with all due respect, as a fellow gun-totin’ libertarian who refuses to march in lock-step with ANY group). Dissemination of information is one thing — and you’re terrific at it — but legal strategy is not your strong suit. Leave that to the lawyers and responsible entities, and help them do their jobs. The childish, carping insults don’t help anyone. I suggest you leave that to the trolls.

  28. tigger_lover Says:

    @Richard Cranium – Posting personal info of people you have a SLIGHT SUSPICION are involved with PWL is simply not right. If they’re not involved you’d be doing the same thing to them as Donny, and possibly ruining their career and personal life in or outside of porn. It could also get you sued. Not to mention throwing around wild guesses would get you nowhere. What we really need is a detective on this case.

  29. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    @tigger_lover – The other reason people may be wise to keep their mouths shut is stated above by Richard Cranium: “All you do when you talk about it is give people more reason to go there.”

    Think about it — which commentators, bloggers and so-called adult industry insiders were most vocal about PWL from its infancy (and no, I don’t mean Mike South)?

    The PWL situation has increased the pressure on the industry at a time when it is besieged on all sides. Which entities, and which proponents of the anti-porn philosophical construct benefit from that state of affairs?

    Put simply, those who attack the industry, and those who are the conduits of information to them, are manifestly the beneficiaries. Donny Long is just a distraction.

    And no, I do not believe for a second that Monica Foster is using PWL as a means to any end. She was brutalized by PWL — plain and simple — and she has worked tirelessly to help put the pieces together. I’m not saying that every lead or theory panned out, I’m saying I believe she was/is completely genuine in her attempt to get to the bottom of it.

  30. Mark Spiegler Says:

    Worstnightmare, you are Donny Long. There is no need to deny it. You both misspell the same words and cannot punctuate for shit! I, on the other hand, don’t have any alts on here AND, unlike you, I post under my real name! (Of course I’m not ashamed to because I have never been arrested, let alone convicted, for woman beating, burglary, grand theft or DUI)

    Anyway, PWL has done several things that are illegal. But I’m not here to school you in the law. The FBI is actively involved in your case and I PERSONALLY (throught an attorney) handed over proof to them that you are behind PWL.

    When judgement day does arrive your “friends” in the “Donny Long Army” (all 3 or 4 of them) will silently melt away leaving only YOU and perhaps one or two other people to go to jail. But, hey, you are already familiar with jail! lol

    In closing, Donny, You have been threating myself, Christian, Derek Hay, Kevin Klein, Derrick Pierce, several Spieglergirls and COUNTLESS other people for years – and guess what? WE ARE ALL STILL HERE WORKING AND YOU AREN’T. EPIC FAILURE DONNY LONG!!!!

    You were a joke when you were IN the business and now you are even a bigger joke.

  31. chichiladouche Says:

    Michael isn’t there some issues about whether it not it did come from AIM? I’m pretty sure it did, but from what I understand 2257’s are almost as easy to come by if you work in the industry. Perhaps that needs to be addressed as well. I don’t know if posting the addresses and information about families would be considered illegal since all of it was taken public search engines and essentially copied and pasted.

  32. Mike South Says:

    Micahel…yoou really dont know if legal strategy is my strong suit or not, you may be surprised.

    as to the attorney filing a civil action that is freeones and they were on that BEFORE the FSC glommed on to them, ie more lip service from the FSC.

    How do I know they haven’t done anything, very simple, I have been working with everyone who has been doing anything and not ONE of them has heard a word from the FSC. I volunteered my info to the FSC and they had no interest. The truth is they don’t want to do anything that requires any effort. The fact that the FSC has lost all credibility is not just one that rings true with me, the industry as a whole generally agrees. Im going to post a lot of commentary on that later this week or early next week.

    The fact is the FSC can’t point to any definitive victories or even near victories on anything pertinent and until the AIM fiasco the FSC didn’t want anything to do with talent, now that they see a potential revenue stream they are interested in a minimum amount of effort to try to make it work…It will be another in a long stream of FAILS

  33. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    chichiladouche – Much of it unquestionably derived from AIM’s database. Some of it apparently derived from 2257 materials and/or older “delivery” materials (such as the so-called Mickey Mouse ID photos). And yes, 2257 info is available within the industry (though its misuse is prohibited), but the larger question is who benefitted from putting it all together, and then using it to terrorize the industry AT THE VERY SAME TIME that AIM was under aggressive attack. The timing is no coincidence, just as the timing of the “commentators” who professed outrage at the website was no coincidence.

    Operating through shills and moles, enablers and other conduits, these forces supported — at least tacitly — the creation of PWL to suit their own ends. There exists a strategic link, if not a direct one, between all these parties.

    When the rabbit screams, the fox comes a-running — but not to help.

    The goal has been, and remains, to place all sectors of the adult industry under tremendous pressure AT THE VERY SAME TIME it is engaged in a political/public policy struggle. The weak points were AIM and the talent pool.

    It’s really quite simple: the economy turned, the porn industry started hurting financially due to several factors, and suddenly the first wave hit: the low-level parasites and insects — like Lubben. Small time moral entrepreneurs.

    AIM, run by someone with a chequered past who, over a long career, has alienated large segments of the population she serves, is vulnerable.

    LA County, desperate to distract the population it served from its colossal failings, labels adult performers the new Typhoid Marys. A health crisis is declared.

    Then, along came a spider. . . .

  34. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    @Mike – I’m going to email you.

  35. tigger_lover Says:

    @chichiladouche – The names most definitely came from AIM. I know people who are not in the industry, who never did a single scene and therefore never filed a 2257, but they tested at AIM and now they’re on PWL.

  36. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    @tigger_lover – Correctamundo. You should get those names to FSC (or ask those non-performers to contact them). The larger the critical mass built against PWL the better.

  37. Richard Cranium Says:

    Who funds the FSC? I mean, c’mon, if you bang your head up against a wall, doesn’t it begin to hurt and you then stop banging your head against a wall. The FSC has not done ONE thing of any consequence. Waste of space and dollars.

  38. Richard Cranium Says:

    @ tigger_lover

    Re: Posting personal info of people you have a SLIGHT SUSPICION are involved with PWL is simply not right. If they’re not involved you’d be doing the same thing to them as Donny, and possibly ruining their career and personal life in or outside of porn. It could also get you sued. Not to mention throwing around wild guesses would get you nowhere. What we really need is a detective on this case.

    I respectfully disagree. Right now, tough times call for tough measures. You have to realize what you’re fighting against here. You’re fighting people who have nothing left to lose. You can’t win. There’s nothing to take from them. They have nothing. They have no money. They have no skills. They have limited intelligence. They have nothing of value that you can take from them. It’s like trying to fight terrorists who are willing to kill 80 of their own people to kill 1 American along with the group. You can’t beat that. You can only try to contain the damage.

    I say fight fire with fire. I say post Donny’s CURRENT ADDRESS. It’s gotta be publicly available somewhere. Even if it’s in Thailand. Shit, hopefully it IS in Thailand. That would be even better.

    Joe LiBrandi, post everything ya got. Home address, kids, criminal records, parent’s address, siblings, EVERYTHING. You’re not doing anything illegal and let affected people do what they feel is right in their mind. Assume everyone is guilty until they prove otherwise. All you’re doing is exactly what PWL is doing. Will you catch a couple innocent people in the crossfire? You sure will. But not 14,000 people. Sacrifice 10 to save 14,000. Makes complete sense to me.

    Oh, and also, you may want to change your name from igger_lover to something else. I mean, one simple typo and Donkey may decide to start a new site aimed directly at you.

  39. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Wow, Richard. This is cosmic. Your comment came on right after mine and you refer twice to banging your head up against a wall. I just left the “swimming in the main stream is a lame dream” comment on The Texas Zombie Killer LIB thread which is from this song, “Beat My Head Against The Wall”).. or was it, as Bush would put it, subliminable… perhaps you’ve heard of Black Flag?:


    Beat my head against the wall one more time
    Will this solve my problems at all?
    I don’t care about parties or a good time
    I won’t stand in your line

    Swimming in the main stream is such a lame dream
    No method to the madness
    Beat my head against the wall

    Tension builds up so quickly
    My judgement becomes affected
    And without my even knowing it
    I have started to act like a dick

    Swimming in the main stream is such a lame dream

  40. Richard Cranium Says:

    @worstnightmare, thanks for posting that. Mr. Spiegler is right. You have now proven difinitevely that you are Donny Long.

    I heard an estimate that 0.5% of the population is so dumb that they don’t understand how dumb they are. They’re unable to comprehend that they are dumb people. Congratulations on that. It’s gotta be hard for you to know that you are SO dumb that you can’t open your mouth or post a sentence without people knowing exactly who it is. Go do some more meth, that should help.

  41. Richard Cranium Says:

    That’s nice jeremysteele. Are we bonding now? Do you wanna have gay buttsex with me but only as a top? LOL. I’m fucking with you. Hope you’re doing well.

  42. tigger_lover Says:

    Cool, lots of comments that were in moderation are showing up now. I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt.

  43. tigger_lover Says:

    @Richard Cranium – The PWLers have nothing to lose, but people who may be wrongly accused of being involved do have plenty to lose. I still think there are ways to find out who exactly is involved without resorting to casting darts every which way. Since Donny is involved for sure I have no problem naming him, as far as others I’m not sure.

    I guess you caught the joke in my name. 😉

  44. Richard Cranium Says:


    13,000 of the 14,000 on PWL have something to lose. Sacrifice 10 to save 13,000. I simply do not care. Donny’s sperm-donor daddie owns a hotel? Owns it? Pays for damages done by tenants? Interesting.

    What do Joe LiBrandi’s parents do? Where do they live? Does he have kids? What school to they go to? Who’s his wife? ex-wife? Does he have a tiny penis? Does he use propecia? Is he a selfish lover? What the fuck ever.

    It is time to cast darts. Big, rusty ones. If you ain’t against PWL, you’re for it and you will be exposed till you prove you’re not involved. IMNSHO, that’s what needs to be done now.

    If you’re supporting PWl with ads, you MUST be publicly admonished. Other people who make money for the advertisers on PWL need to pull their accounts in support of the cause. When new ads pop up, go after those people. If they won’t take down the ads, go after their other accounts.

    Basically, WWPWLD. What Would PWL Do? If they’d do it to someone, then we do it to anyone who could possibly be involved with it.

    It is time to fight fire with fire. Take no prisoners. Burn it all down. Once the outcasts have been named, we can begin to rebuild.

  45. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I won’t take offense to that Jibe, Richard Cranium, as I know your name is the long version of Dick Head.

    Hey, if my dick is in the head of Dick Head it ain’t my fault! Nor is Dick Head thinking about my dick in his pie-hole. Face it, folks. This whole business is gay/queer- double anals, triple anals, ball slapping d.p.s, double b.j.s, bukkakkahs, 9 guy creampie… last is a queer, rotten egg!

  46. Worstnightmare Says:

    Mark, I am not Donny but have been following you and Donny’s feud for many years. Its funny how obsessed you are with Donny. For years you post like you are a jealous boyfriend that got rejected. Did Donny reject you? Can’t you find something new to attack with? I got a chukle out of reading about the Nazi Mark Spiegler girls on the front of PWL this week.

    Mark you keep calling people names but have you looked in the mirror at your own face and gut? If I had to look in the mirror and see what you see everyday I would say that would be a bigger fail than anything Donny has ever done.

    Mark please remind us what you have accomplished in the last 4 years attacking Donny besides getting your ass kicked all over the internet along with anyone that even looks at you? You, and all the girls that have any thing to do with you, have great looking wiki’s on PWL.

    Mark Spiegler we can clearly see you are Mark Felt and you can say you are not till you turn red but you are.

    Last question: You keep making all these threats towards everyone just like Mike South and many others but never follow through so when will you losers stop FAILING and do something other than whining like bitches on the internet being nothing more than the keyboard warriors that you really are.

    Now go ahead and respond with:
    BLA BLA BLA BLA and still do nothing but kick yourselves :]

  47. jeremysteele11 Says:

    “Worstnightmare”, you’re not fooling anyone. You sound like Donkey’s alias with a spell check. And you are as stupid as Donkey saying Spiegler is Mark Felt. Mark Felt has already insulted me once and Mark would never do that. Apparently you have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER with Donny Long’s criminal record, do you??? What makes you such a Donkey fan?

  48. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    Spigler, did it bother you at all to participate in producing Nazi fetish porn with the Auschwitz scene in ‘Rocco’s Power Slave’? Isn’t that menorah naked Dana Dearmond is licking for “Nice Jewish Girls” kind of like having a whore lick a crucifix or koran? What was you cut for booking Dearmond and Kelly Divene to fuck James Deen in a tassled rabbi prayer scarf? How much did you get for booking Juelz Ventura to pander to negative Jew sterotypes in ‘Big Tit Jew Princesses’?

  49. Worstnightmare Says:

    @jeremysteele11 Do you really think anyone cares but you fags what some porn hooker told cops to have a guy arrested? WHORES LIE!

    Donny is straight and did more scenes than all of you put together. The fact that he is straight unlike you and speaks out against the gays makes him ok in my book.

  50. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Holy Shit, Donkey. You just keep proving over and over how dumb you are… HEE HAAAW!!!- HEE HAAAW!!!

    The Donkey = King of All Jackasses For All Time!

  51. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Come on, Donkey, where ya hiding? Come out like a real man! You need to get your jack-ass kicked!

    You’re a lot like Sophia. She came on LIB a little while back as “Dr Pain” (Colonel had a laugh with that one) and she was incredibly easy to pick up… She thought she was being clever but she was mistaken. And now, here we have our infamous Donkey, himself before all of us now… well, well, well… and even though you may now use a spell check, (unlike Sophia’s case back then) you come to us as “Worstnightmare”, and like Sophia, threatening violence by your name, itself.

    You’re a pussy, Donkey and you ain’t got no posse, except for those fuckhead conspirators seeking to cash in on your malicious idiocy.

  52. Worstnightmare Says:

    @jeremysteele11 Is that the best response you got is calling my Donkey? That doesnt bother me one bit but does it bother you that Donkey made you known as a big faggot crossover loud mouth pussy keyboard warrior like south a Pigler?

  53. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    Jeremy, what would you do if he did come out of hiding? You couldn’t kick his ass any more than Roy Garcia’s because of your munchkin stature. Stop writing checks your ass can’t cash. I even offered to get you a ring in Roy’s neighborhood a few weeks ago (“The Boxing Club” on Gennese in San Diego). You then piped down pretty quick. Suddenly your threats became vague and non-committal. It’s a joke when you act tough with full sized men. Take a queue from Nazi porn participant Spiegler. He threatens to have other people kick somone’s ass. He came on a forum a while ago challenging people to fight trannyfucker (not himself). Also, he lied about having mob connections who would fuck up Skeeter Kerkove for repeating stories which were around for 10 years.

  54. tigger_lover Says:

    @ Worstnightmare aka Donny Long – Wow could you be any more obvious! Nobody talks like that except the Donkey.

  55. tigger_lover Says:

    The Donkey couldn’t be any more obvious if he tried.

  56. tigger_lover Says:

    Oh hey you know who cares about those great looking wiki’s? Absolutely no one. PWL has no credibility. In fact it gives credibility to the people it attacks.

  57. Mark Felt Says:

    I love the smell of donkey-panic in the morning. Means we’ve been doing something right.

  58. jet_tits Says:

    @Donnynightmare “Do you really think anyone cares but you fags what some porn hooker told cops to have a guy arrested?”

    Donny, the facts clearly show you were not only arrested, you were CONVICTED. Your Dad must have been proud to find out you are such a coward that you beat up your spouse.

    All the facts about your entire criminal record can be found at:

  59. tigger_lover Says:

    Here’s a friendly reminder in case you forgot all that prison butt fucking Donny, you didn’t just get arrested, you were convicted. Multiple times.

  60. Mark Spiegler Says:

    Worstnightmare, everyone on this site know’s you are Donny (except for yourself). You aren’t fooling anyone (except …. for yourself).

  61. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    Spiegler – don’t you have anything to say about taking money to aide in the production of Auschwitz fetish porn and anti-semetic themed DVDs. Talking about “Rocco’s Power Slave”, “Big Tit Jew Princesses” and “Nice Jewish Girls”. How are you not a profiteer of hate for making money off these projects. Did you have any holocaust relatives? What would they think about the concentration camp BDSM thing?

  62. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Worstnightmare Says:

    “@jeremysteele11 Is that the best response you got is calling my Donkey?”

    Is this a Freudian slip?… did he mean to write “calling me Donkey?”?

    Did you say something, Menacchhh? Sorry, but I’m not responding to your obnoxiousness. There’s no point. You can believe whatever you want? What you think of me is none of my business. What rock did you crawl out from anyway? And how long do you plan your vacation stay at LIB-Land?

  63. jeremysteele11 Says:

    darn. my comment went “poof”, that means if it shows up i’ll’ve missed the opportunity to correct as we usually have…

  64. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    Spiegler, where the fuck did you go? Were you involved in Nazi Death camp porn (the words of your client Dana DeArmond-not me) because you are a self-hating jew? Or it because you’re so greedy that there is no project you’d turn down on ethical grounds no matter how sick it is?

    It’s pretty fucked up that for the concentration camp scene and for the 2 DVDs that pander to negative jewish stereotypes, the girls you booked are of Jewish heritage in real life.

  65. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Btw, my “worst nightmare”, Donkey is still that image of your shitty scene. Why do you pretend that’s not you? And how many girls did you name “Long”, you dumb jackass? And calling you “Donkey” is good enough for me. I don’t need to top that, add to it or make things up about people as you do. You look like a donkey and act like a donkey. ‘Nuff said. You break into homes, beat women, DUI, burglarize, name all girls “Long” then wonder why they want to get the fuck away from you, and now you’re attacking everyone in the biz because Spiegler had to expose you for the convicted felon/scumbag you are… don’t you get how stupid you are? Like Sophia, you come on here with a violent-sounding alias and everyone figures out it’s you right away. Admit it to yourself, you actually thought you’d be fooling people. This shows how stupid you but you refuse to face this fact. Like Spiegler says, you’re only fooling yourself!

  66. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yes, my worst nightmare… disgusting close-up p.o.v. of Donkey’s ass hovering above the camera… the viewer goes “What is that shit on his ass? OH SHIT!, IT’S SHIT!!”…. Just like your career!

  67. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    Spiegler has been exposed as an Nazi fetish porn profiteer of hate. Looks like he’s gone to ground like a scared rat.

    Jeremy, as a half jew do you really think you should be kissing his ass like that? If you had been on the continent circa 1940, they would have sent your ass to a camp like the one depicted in Spiegler’s Auschwitz porn

  68. Mark Spiegler Says:

    Menachem (or should I address you as Coke Stevenson),

    You are employing a false premise. Therefore, your syllogism is flawed.

    Remedial logic anyone?

  69. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    @Mark Spiegler – Now, you’re confusing him with your “mystical jew-talk.” He probably thinks you’re casting a spell.

    Look out Menachem/Coke — a Golem’s gonna get ya! Didn’t you know that Spiegler’s got one buried under his stairwell? It’s the same one from the basement of that synagogue in Prague. You provincial putz!

  70. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    NL- I think I am about done listening to ur repetitive racism. gets old. If you are adding nothing to our board, soon you will be adding nothing else to our board. But I want the opinion of other commenters pls.

    Call me whatever you want, Porky. Let’s review. You book the Jewish Dana DeArmond to participate in “Rocco’s Power Slave” in Europe and you take a commission. It is Auschwitz fetish porn depicting prisoners being disciplined and buggered by Nazis (per Dana’s desription in her interview for Trve West Coast Fiction). Then we have you booking Jewish Juelz Ventura in “Big Tit Jew Princesses” and taking a commission. It panders to just about every negative jewish stereotype there is. Then you book Dearmond and Kelly Divine in “Nice Jewish Girls” and take 2 commissions. It also panders to negative jewish stereotypes but has a few special twists. Like naked DeArmond licking a menorah. Jewish James Deen fucking them dressed as a rabbi with a tassled prayer shawl etc.

    Why not donate those 4 commissions to the Holocaust Museum, you greedy lowlife?

  71. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I agree 100% Cindi. It sounds like this angry racist has inhaled too much coke, cock, or both.

  72. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    He has not addressed specific points related to his participation in the ‘Rocco’s Power Slave’, ‘Big Tit Jewish Princesses’ and ‘Nice Jewish Girls’. The projects were disgusting. Why is it racist to ask for his explanation?

  73. Mark Spiegler Says:


    Apparently you CANNOT read. You’re premise is false on two accounts!

    Until you get your facts straight (apparently you are stupid enough to accept what has been written on PWL as “fact”) you can GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  74. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    Those titles were produced with the participation of your clients. Anyone can see them on their own without going to porn wiki leaks. You’re lying…..

  75. Fartz Says:

    Yeah and what about, “Gia has a n*groe problem”? Or “I like to jerk off N*ggers” or “Slant-Eyed Sluts”, Or “I Can’t Believe You Sucked a N*groe”, Or “Whitezilla Is Bigga’ Than a Nigga'”? You’re constant harping of only jewish titles makes your trolling of Spiegler obvious. You fail as a troll and a poster.

    Phlogiston? Right? Back in the glory days all you did was cry about ADT and Steph, then, when XPT got tired of your worthless nonsense you melted down like a butthurt bottom-bitch and spammed the forum until they banned you.

    I could care one way or another if Cindi puts you in a garbage bag and hauls your ass to the dumpster where you belong, but until you learn how to properly troll I think that’s where you will end up.

  76. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    –crickets– I guess people should just accept your denile even though you refuse to address the irrefutable facts. Your participation in these titles has nothing to do with porn wiki leaks, so stop using them as a distraction

  77. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Menacchflem keeps spouting out insults for no other reason than to spout out insults. There’s no other point you have, whatsover. You say Jews and short people are scum. You claim my Jewish upbringing made me what I am even though I officially am Catholic. You point out some movies that Spiegler allegedly cast girls in. They’re just roles. What’s your point? No girl should work in a movie that says “nigga”, “cracka”, “nazi”, “whore”, “cunt”? Who you are to talk about human decency with the way you talk to people? How pathetic are you Cockhead/Cokehead to have been kicked off XPT? That’s a special achievement you share with the Donkey and Sophia.

  78. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    Rocco Siffredi’s anal bondage scenario which depicts concentration camp prisoners being sexually dominated by Nazis is on a different level than all of that shit. I’m sure the men who coordinated behind the scenes to make your example “Slant-Eyed Sluts” were not Asian. It is fair to compare the Asian girls involved with Dearmond and Juelz Ventura in the two tamer Spiegler projects about “jewish princesses”.

  79. tigger_lover Says:

    @Menachem – Are you done sucking Donny Long’s dick yet?

  80. jeremysteele11 Says:

    (last comment on moderation, but last thing I meant to say was Donkey and Darrah, not Sophia, whoops).

    In the meantime, here’s the edited version with correction, maybe it won’t go on moderation:

    Menacchflem keeps spouting out insults for no other reason than to spout out insults. There’s no other point you have, whatsover. You say Jews and short people are scum. You claim my Jewish upbringing made me what I am even though I officially am Catholic. You point out some movies that Spiegler allegedly cast girls in. They’re just roles. What’s your point? No girl should work in a movie that says …. ….. …. …. ….. Who you are to talk about human decency with the way you talk to people? How pathetic are you Cockhead/Cokehead to have been kicked off XPT? That’s a special achievement you share with the Donkey and Darrah.

  81. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    Say what you want about me, but why are you so desperate to shield Spiegler from accountability? The sickness factor of the Auschwitz porn scene is right below child porn. Think of how messed up the audience is that would into that shit

  82. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    who booked Dana Dearmond, Kelly Divine and Juelz Ventura? the tooth fairy?

  83. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Assuming it’s as bad as you say it is;
    1. You should like it, since you hate them little, conniving Jews, anyway (I’m speaking as you).
    2. Spiegler might not have known the artisitic particulars. And if no performers complained about it it may never had gotten back to him.
    3. I’d be surprised if you’re not subscribed and jerking off to it, yourself.
    4. It’s Rocco Siffredi. You think anyone is gonna interrogate him like you’d interrogate a Jew?

  84. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    DeArmond did complain about it – “it was in a scenario where I was being held prisoner by Nazis. And I asked them if maybe they thought that was offensive. They kind of looked at me like, ‘Why?’ And I said, ‘Well, because my dad is Jewish.'”

    But then why are we even talking about it? It doesn’t even exist, right Spegler? Since being confronted with specific facts about cast/title/theme, he’s been trying to get away with dismissing it as something completely made up porn wiki leaks (like the thing they say about him being a child rapist). If he’s going to claim the excuse you just laid out for him, Jeremy, then he’d have to admit he’s been lying up to this point.

  85. Mark Felt Says:

    Jeremy, stop feeding the JOE-ke troll. Even the Donkey does. He’s still butthurt that the Donkey didn’t make him a mod, so he’s here soliciting attention from you. And you give it to him.

    He was never Phlog, BTW.

  86. jeremysteele11 Says:

    What’s a Phlog? R u saying Menachem = Joe? I don’t think so.

  87. Menachem Schneerson Says:

    Wow, look at Spiegler/Felt evade having to address to specifics with a blanket self-serving “not going to respond at at all” response. Back in Mark Felt’s Watergate days they called this a “non-denial denial”. I was doing you a favor by giving you an opportunity to man up and put the thing to rest. If you’re going to punk out like that, this will continue to be brought up as long as you’re in porn.

  88. Mark Felt Says:

    No, not Librandi. Different Joe.

  89. jeremysteele11 Says:

    not “joe know”, either.

  90. Mark Felt Says:

    Nope. Not Know Neither.

  91. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I don’t know which Joe you know (and we both know it’s not ‘Joe Know’), but it don’t mean Jack to me, anyway.

  92. Mark Felt Says:

    Strange rumblings tonight.

  93. jet_tits Says:

    Multiple websites posted evidence last night that Mr. Long tested HIV positive in September 2010.

  94. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    Anyone with Photoshop could have made that. I’m not defending the Donkey — but anyone could have mocked that up.

  95. Mark Felt Says:

    True, Michael. What’s funny is that the Donkey has a poorly shopped version of the same thing up with someone else’s name.

    Is it true? I hope it is. That may consign me to Hell, but I do. There are few people on this planet who deserve such a fate and the Donkey is primus inter pares of that lot.

    If it turns out to be a hoax, then I wish, hope and pray that the Donkey tries to sue over it. Just the thought of watching him under cross-examination makes me giddy.

    Anyone know the story about LBJ and the pigs?

  96. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    @Mark – I know the LBJ “pig-fucker” story.

    As or the Donkey, my great-grandmother taught me to never wish death upon an enemy. She’d never say, “He should drop dead”; instead she’d say, “He should live — but not long.”

  97. Mark Felt Says:

    I don’t think anyone believes the Donkey will live long. I’m surprised he managed to reach 30.

  98. Mark Felt Says:

    Also, it seems industry punching bag Porno Dan has a banner up there now.

  99. Fartz Says:

    That’s pretty fucking funny. It’s one thing for a low-life jailbird like Dirty D or an under the radar puking blowjob enthusiast like Dirty Danza to support PWL, but Porno Dan? Really? He always came across as a small-peckered post-fratboy piece of shit to me, but the industry seems to embrace his antics. Everybody from Jim Powers to Jeff Mullen has sung his praises and now he’s supporting PWL. I am seriously THIS CLOSE to patting Donkey on the back and commending him for sucessfully trolling an industry full of fuckheads that can’t even band together to fight a common enemy. In the words of Joeknow, “LOL!!! ONLY IN PORN!!!”

  100. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    @Fartz – I think it’s more a case of people in the industry embracing Dan’s personality than his antics. He’s a likable enough guy. His strangest, if not finest, hour came the other day at the OSHA meeting, where Dan pleaded for industry moderation and restraint (in terms of bizarre/outlandish/provocative productions). This, from the guy behind “Cum Omelettes.”

  101. MrsKellyShore Says:

    Interesting indeed. I’ll just be glad when the site is taken down. It not only ruins your reputation in porn, but also in your personal life. The lies they tell about members. I had to post my STD results for the public, because since I spoke out against them on twitter they said I was “hooker and hiv infected”.

    I’m glad someone made the real porn wiki leaks blog. So the true stories can be told and the operators of the PWL site can be exposed!

  102. chichiladouche Says:

    @Michael Whiteacre that is hysterical. Don’t forget the cum snorting series he produces or (now proved to be fake) fuck a fan series. I’m sure there were more then a few WTF and some jaw dropping going on.

  103. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    @Chichiladouche – Let’s just say that his plea was met with incredulity. Mr. Spiegler referenced Cum Omelettes out loud, and then many within earshot, including the wonderful Julia Ann, immediately pinched the bridge of their nose in apparent mental anguish.

  104. Fartz Says:

    Ha. Chichi….. beat me to the cum snorting point.

    Well, regardless of how anyone feels about him, Porno Dan is a pretty involved person in the biz.

    Dirty D is internet-only (besides that short period where KickAss was distributing his shit), and is currently in Tampa fighting charges of shooting underage girls. Dirty Danza is also internet-only and he shoots rough, gross shit and is also an aspiring MMA fighter. Both of these guys don’t have much to lose when it comes to credibility in the Valley.

    Porno Dan is at every function and even has articles about him in Fox, AVN, and Xbiz. The girls seem to dig him. I mean, you have to have some sort of like for the guy if you let him randomly slip his two incher in ya’ off camera and off payroll on a consistent basis. For awhile there, everytime there was a pic gallery of an industry event, Porno Dan would be right there, with his dick in some whore wearing his shit-eating grin. The guy really seems to get around and gets good press if he is indeed so despised. As shallow as it sounds, having Porno Dan’s banner up there is a sort of bush-league validation of PWL by the industry itself. Guilt by association.

  105. Mark Felt Says:

    So it seems Porno Dan’s ads were pulled the moment he became aware of the situation. My question is: Why are Mallcom’s ads still there. Kelli? Kelllliiiii?????

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