“The Devil & Shelley Lubben” Videos Are Out

NL-Michael Whiteacre & Lydia Lee (Julie Meadows)  in their new documentary "The Devil And Shelley Lubben, shows Shelley Lubben in the role of a fact juggling, misguided ex-porn star who twists her experience in the porn industry into a alcohol and drug filled ongoing "rape". The input from stars like Melissa Monet, Kayden Kross, Guy DeSilva and Nina Hartley, along with footage showing Shelley in action, is an interesting enlightening watch.

I’d love your opinion after seeing both parts.

Links to the vids are here-




  1. origen

    Mike, I like porn so I don’t like arguing with you. You’re a good guy so you’ll agree that a performer’s physical health is the MOST important pillar of the Industry. I’m just fleshing out some criticism.

    I suspect Sasha Grey WILL condemn ASPECTS of the adult industry in her upcoming book. Porn is not supposed to be perfect, but, again, there are major problems. These problems–mostly related to STDs–are what make porn harmful for the body. Sasha Grey has already admitted that she caught at least one STD during her career.

    Also, some extreme acts, that segments of the Industry endorse, can physically decimate the body. I’m not vanilla but performers need to be careful–even if another performer is up for “anything”. Its NOT okay to beat a willing performer until she has longstanding bruises for several days after-wards. How do you ethically justify that? It is also NOT okay for agencies to allow performers to do extreme acts so frequently and intensely that it poses a clear and serious injury risk. If a performer gets injured as a result of an action on set, a settlement should be paid out or performers should file a worker’s comp claim. All performers should be aware of their legal rights when it comes to worker’s comp and there should be no obfuscation in the vein of arguments such as “independent contractors vs employees”.

    Anyway, you know my main beef–STDs. Porn would never be a benevolent place for adults of any age so long as the STD rate affects as many performers as it does now.

    What do I mean by porn recruiting “kids”? I mean porn producers and agents discussing future adult career plans with minors–as was the case with Sasha Grey. Hey, I’m not EXPLICITLY saying its prevalent or its wrong but it is what it is. Just because the military recruits minors for combat doesn’t mean their actions are right but neither does it validate those in the adult industry.

    And who said anything about becoming hookers? Seems like a non-sequitur suggestion if you ask me….

  2. jeremysteele11

    Michael W. said “@jeremy – what in G-d’s name are you talking about? Lubben has websites which tell her side. She gives speeches which tell her side. She posts videos which tell her side. She wrote a book which tells her side. My videos constitute THE RESPONSE. They are a DEFENSE to her repeated attacks. Are you honestly trying to assert that her side hasn’t been heard?”

    You’re totally misunderstanding me. I simply was saying I’m curious to know what Shelley’s reponse to your video would be. You say your video was a response to her attacks. Well, in the court of law, or public opinion, one responds to the response. Has she responded to your video yet? Sorry if I’m not as well versed on the subject of Shelley Lubben as you are.

  3. Michael Whiteacre

    @Jeremy – sorry, my fault — I misunderstood. Here’s a sampling of responses.

    Lubben herself has said that people should pray for me (that I be delivered from, and stop serving, Satan), and has snidely referred to me as a Jewish “treasure.” No one from their camp has responded directly to the doc yet, however Lubben and the Pink Cross sheeple often speak through surrogates (or use phony names and dummy accounts), so, first, here’s a sample of the comments and emails I’ve received (I don’t claim to know that ANY of these are Lubben or her inner circle, but this has been the consistent theme):

    “Shelley did not choose to go into porn. She was young, screwed up, and desperate for money . . . like so many in the industry. If you hate her, then hate all the ex-porn stars she’s saved. They have stories. Are you going to start knocking them down too?”

    “The Jews run the porn industry, that is why they are gunning at this White woman. They were also targeting the Russians and Ukrainians, back in 1917 to 1939.”

    “many porn stars either die of an STD, sucide, drug overdose, or another medical malady. Name at least five porn stars you know of that have lived to 80.”

    “this guy [Whiteacre] is a dirty jew that jerks off to swirly scenes.”

    “It’s obvious that Shelley’s good work is making waves now…PRAISE GOD! Stay strong Shelley!”

    “Hitler warned us about jews like yourself. THere is good reason why he expelled the kikes from europe with all of your money robbing, pornography, theft and lies. i wish i could rivive hitler so he can finish the job.”

    Here’s some of the latest from Facebook, posted in Lubben’s name:

    “Please have a heart and donate anything you can to Pink Cross Foundation. We have sacrified so much to continue this work and we truly need financial help to keep going.” (This after Pink Cross footed the bill for a vey expensive multi-day (Tuesday-Friday) trip to Great Britain for Lubben and her entourage.)

    “Help me to repent Lord. Clean me, my family, my home and Pink Cross from evil in Jesus name!”

    “Faith and Repentance. That’s it. Pray for Pink Cross!”

    April Garris on FaceBook: “Thank you for your prayers everyone. Shelley made a fantastic speech and the people who needed to hear it responded. The truth about pornography and Jesus Christ were boldly proclaimed.”

  4. Michael Whiteacre

    origen – Thank you for the response. Your discussion of rough and “extreme” scenes and such is very interesting. Obviously there is performer choice involved, and you are arguing, it would appear, for the conscience of another — an outside person like an agent or producer — to play a part. While I agree wholeheartedly that an external mechanism would limit, in many cases, some degree of “wear and tear” – physically, emotionally, etc. — that’s a very tricky and rather sticky wicket. If we are to consider both consensual sex and power of consenting parties to enter into contracts to be RIGHTS, then you can see the problem. Whose right is it to tell a performer who needs some money for whatever purpose, “You can’t do that scene because you already did one triple penetration in the last ten days”, or whatever? If self-determination is a right — and it IS — then, to quote Martin Luther King, Jr. let me ask: Isn’t a right delayed a right denied?

    As for your example of bruises — as a young man in the Bronx, I worked a couple of summers (a few weeks each) doing construction work. If you want to talk about physical strain and bruises, porn pales in comparison. Different jobs entail different risks. BUT, I’d say that anyone who presents a physically demanding, possibly physically damaging job (including violent or high-impact sex) as anything but what it is, should have their heads handed to them. Lying to the performers in order to get them to agree is wrong. Period. It also constitutes a false inducement (for the pecuniary gan of the inducer, presumably the producer, or done on his/her behalf). I believe in arming people with information which is made readily available, not lying to them, and letting them choose.

    That said, I think the industry would be a much better place if there were more producers who viewed the talent as a human resource to be protected, cherished and developed. As we’ve discussed before, I FULLY support broader use of testing to include other types of STDs and some program to sharply curtail the spread of “the clap.” I have been assured that a through, independent evaluation of the raw STD testing data from AIM is near completion — I would suggest utilizing that set of figures as the basis for a new strategy to address the issue. Things can always be improved, in any system. I am for progress. But I am against driving a tank through this industry in the name of “caring” for the workers’ well-being.

  5. origen

    Mike, I could care less what two consenting people do in their personal lives. If one partner likes getting beat to a fucking pulp, that’s great for her.

    However, porn is a business. Employer liability in the case of workplace injury is unavoidable and producers should behave accordingly. Likewise, the ethical obligations of agency apply–so, yes, if there is an evident risk of severe injury performers should be refused booking by their agents.

  6. origen

    I like AIM, but that’s not the organization I had in mind when you said “independent”. AIM is not independent. There are several financial linkages between AIM, production studios, adult agencies, and porn advocacy groups. AIM is not even non-profit.

    I hope you take this seriously. If the adult industry doesn’t take REAL steps to combat STDs soon, the government would step up enforcement measures.

  7. origen

    @ Mike’s emails,

    So The Colonel was right about Shelly’s connections to white supremacists. She should really apologize for the racist comments she made and those of her supporters.

  8. origen

    …And Mike, I just re-read your above comment. I was wrong. Data coming from AIM is fine by me as long as the independent survey group asks for COMPREHENSIVE testing for a wide range of STDs…

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