Exclusive Interview With Anjanette Astoria

  ANJANETTE ASTORIA INTERVIEW by Jon of http://elexismonroe.thumblogger.com/

1 Can you tell us a little about your background?

    Sure…I’m a proud mother of five very intelligent kids ages 8 through 18. All of my kids are very active in sports and my oldest is now in college I love socializing, meeting new people and having fun with friends. I was in retail management for some time and also was a salon owner once which incorporated tattoo and body piercing, a full service coffee bar, hair, nails, and massage.

2 Why did you wait until your 30’s before starting feature dancing?

Well actually when I owned my salon I had a customer there who thought I would do well as an exotic dancer, so we chatted on the subject frequently when she came in for her appointments. I actually was considering doing it even when I had my salon but held off until I closed it. I eventually went to an audition and really bombed. They were kind enough to let me come back for a second and third audition and I eventually started dancing. My first night out I made a few hundred dollars in a few hours, had a lot of fun doing it, so I figured…hmmm…I can do this.

3 Can you tell us one or two funny stories about your time as a feature dancer?
   Well at one point I was wearing wigs. I did a reverse flip on stage and off came the wig, landing on my ass when I was doing the buttshake. It was humiliating at the time but the guys were actually really nice about it and now I laugh about it frequently. Another time was when I do a hand stand against the pole…well I missed the pole. Ouch.

4 Does Ron Jeremy try out all the new female talent or was this special for you?
    Well Ron is a sweetie. I’m sure he tries out plenty of lovely ladies and I don’t blame him for that, but he actually asked me to come to his hotel on two occasions.The first time was when he was doing his book signing at the Virgin Megastore in San Francisco. I had barely started dancing. The second time was in Fresno when he was doing autographs at a strip club there. It was late. I went to his hotel and we played a bit and took pictures.He was so kind he told my man and I to take the bed and he took the sofa. Upon leaving I gave him a blow-job while he was sleeping.He really liked I can assure you, but he did not wake up.

5 You’re bisexual. Was your first experience with a woman on or off camera and what can you remember about it?
    Well I have to be honest…my first all out experience with a girl was with Kira Silver when we did a threesome with Sean Michaels. We also had some fun after the shoot and some of that was caught on camera and is now on my website. I had always wanted to be with women, as I’ve always known that I am bisexual, even since I was a teenager. It just never happened.  My next girl was indeed Amber Chase well before she started doing any work with Girlfriends Films. We actually did two scenes and Amber owns the rights to the second scene, which has not been released yet. Make sure you catch that scene as that one I think was probably even better than the first one.

6 Your company Exotica 3000 Productions has just made Cougar on the Prowl ? You have a scene with the very sexy Amber Chase. What was it like working with her?
   I liked working with Amber Chase.She is very experienced and knows how to eat pussy, which is what I paid her to do in Cougar on the Prowl. She has a great pussy. When I slipped my fingers into her she grabbed them. And it was nice having her squirt all over my tits

7 You have the hots for Lisa Ann. Have you managed to get together yet?
    Yes I do and no I have not…yet I hope to have sex with her someday. She was very sweet to me. She invited me, and a few of the other girls she had when she had her talent agency to do some feature dancing at Spearmint Rhino. She was kind enough to let me stay the night at her lovely home as it was pretty late when we left but that is as close as I’ve been to getting what I wanted. Her house has several levels and I remember lying awake at night on the second to the bottom floor masturbating and fantasizing that I was fucking her. She was just a couple of floors up from me.

8 Who would be your top five women to do lesbian scenes with and why?
    Lisa Ann, Tori Black, Jennifer White (again), Kayden Kross, Diamond Jackson, Jada Fire, Asa Akira, Gianna Michaels, Nina Hartley, Julia Ann, India Summer, Jayden Jaymes…ooops that’s more than five!Well they are all just honestly naughty and have different looks about them. I like exotic looking girls, experienced girls that are not afraid of eating pussy and girls that don’t look at porn like a job, but rather a fun experience.

9 What’s your favorite fetish and why?
    Must I tell? I like going down on a girl’s ass, and guys too.Call me crazy. With guys I like sliding my tongue into their ass while stroking their cocks. It’s amazing to watch them cum like this, and yes of course I love licking up their cum.With girls It’s just really intimate and I like letting her know how she tastes and feeling her warm body on top of me. I also like being chocked, having my hair pulled and getting pounded and being used. I like guys to fuck me hard and just not stop. I like being used as a sex object love to see a guy get what he wants from me.

10 What’s your favorite sex toy and why?
    The Vortex and the Magic Wand.Both make me squirt, but the Vortex is more of a twisted toy that you hook up to a vacuum.The first time I used the Vortex, I came for several minutes, squirted everywhere and my legs just would not stop trembling.

11 If you could design a range of sex toys what would they be and what would they be called?
    I like to make a line of large toys shaped like baseball bats and cucumbers with built in vibrators so I don’t have to keep using my baseball bat or cucumber in my closet. A fist that feels real would be nice.I just think it feels good ramming large toys inside my pussy and ass and seeing how big of a toy I can take and how deeply I can take it.  I think I’d call the toy line…Astoria’s Secrets.

12 You’ve said you’d like to do a gang bang with 40 men. I believe the world record is about a 100. Would this tempt you?
    Actually I thought that the record was higher than that.Yes I could do that for sure….and would. Doing gang bangs only leaves me wanting more. Being used like that would be awesome!

13 How did you discover you could squirt ? What’s the main pleasure for you in anal sex and squirting?
    Well you can see the look on my face in Hustler’s Cookies and Milf#3. That was the first time I had ever squirted and I did not even know what squirting was at the time…so yeah I was a little shocked. But it is an orgasm for sure, but a different kind. I did that scene with Jay Lassiter, and I’ve done four scenes with him since. I think Jay can make any girl squirt.

14 Was it difficult creating two production companies , Exotica 3000 and Shinefish Films in the present economic climate?
    Well they are both now rolled up into one company, Shinefish Films. Originally I wanted one for adult content and the other for mainstream movies. Shinefish was for mainstream movies. But everyone started using Shinefish Films, so it caught on.  I combined the studios now and my mission is to take adult content mainstream. I think the only way to do that is to have a movie with a point, as real story, and that it be artistic in nature. That is much harder to produce and takes longer to realize revenues sometimes, but I think it’s the right thing to do for the long term health of the adult industry.

15 Both your recent films , The Session and River Road , have supernatural themes. What attracts you to the horror genre?
    Well I’ve always been a horror and scary movie fan. I am a big Stephen King fan as I think the way he writes is believable and most often there is an actual point, or a story, something to learn. For instance with River Road, one could debate if it was about the supernatural at all, or if it was about the delusional mind of an alcoholic. It depends on what you believe or what you have experienced in your life.While some that have seen the film have been quoted as saying they were scared out of their minds, others saw it as a raw look at a disease and could not even bare to finish watching it.

16 I imagine the biggest problem with making horror films on a low budget is getting just the right special effects. If you had an unlimited budget what kind of film would you make?
    I want to do a prequel to River Road and a sequel, but the prequel, which takes place in the mid 1800’s I, will definitely need some help with.

17 You used an unusual casting method for The Session and are using the same for it’s sequel Re Session Camo Games. Can you tell us about it and why you decided to do it ?
    I believe in giving back, plain and simple. My career started on xPeeps.com which is a social site owned by AEBN.I cast my film The Session almost entirely from xPeeps as that is the site where I was discovered by Steve Holmes and Ron Jeremy.

18 You have a scene with rising black porn star , Flash Brown , in The Session. What can you remember about it ?
    Actually I just signed Flash Brown to my studio Shinefish Films in partnership with Valley Heat. We will be distributing and marketing the brand of Flash Brown who has now won the 2010 xUrban Best Male Newcomer, was a 2011 AVN Nominee, won 2011 xBiz, and we are looking forward to more success for him in the near future.

19 What releases have you got coming out shortly and can you tell us about them ?
    I have started my own Amateur line called Naughty XXX Amateurs. It is real amateur content shot and edited professionally. Real couples, real first timers, but not shot on some crappy camera with even worse editing.  I’m out to make Amateurs look good and I think they appreciate that. The first title will be available on AEBN this month.

20 Can you tell us about your site?
    Well we launched www.anjanetteastoria.com about two months ago with Valley Heat and are having a lot of fun with it so far.  It’s exciting to see the site start to take root. It offers direct contact with me in a variety of ways, monthly fan fuck shows, weekly updates, weekly live shows, direct email, all my fan sites  anytime sex chat with me, blog, extended library of scenes, extended trailers, exclusive footage of behind the scenes, a toy store, personalized products, downloadable content, and a lot of other things as well. I hope you come by and catch me on one of my live shows!


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  3. goatlord

    This chick loves to lick man ass! So does Lucky Starr!

    I want to see a movie where these 2 ladies each grab an ass cheek on Jeremey Steele and pull the ass cheeks back. Then Anjanette and Lucky lick Jeremys ass, the double tongue action not missing a single crevice.

    The movie will be called “Double Ass Lickers”

    Oh yeah, they suck his cock too…sometimes together and other times while one licks his ass.

    Alternate male talent that will work if Jeremy cant fit it in his schedule:

    Gino Greco
    Dino Bravo
    Wally Babba

    Behind the scenes will include Jeremy Steele playing hacking sack and Lucky Starr walking around naked

  4. jeremysteele11

    Yeah, lick my biohazard bunghole right after a Pink’s hotdog feast whilst I have a fart-attack- that would be the shit! j/k Interesting choice of male talent you have, btw. I’m honored!

    And I’ve been hackey sacking since 1984. My skills have improved expodentially at this point and I can really keep it up. I was at a Bruce Lee martial arts seminar class and they were very impressed with my hackey sack moves. All I have to do is pretend someone’s nuts are a hackey sack and it’s all over!

  5. jeremysteele11

    Btw, Mum’s gotta nice bum.

    Btw, I just also got word that Kacey Jordan says she’s pregnant and that it might be Charlie’s. How the fuck does a porn star not use birth control? That’s like a surgeon using a spoon instead of knife.

    According to TMZ she sent Charlie Sheen these two text messages (two texts as one message):

    “Charlie, I’m so sorry how things turned out, I want u to know something before it hits the press..I’m pregnant and I don’t believe its yours, but I’m going to… Oregon to take care of the situation. I never wanted any of this crazy attention, I just want to wish u well and thank u. – kacey”

    I find the not wanting attention claim a bit dubious. If that’s the case, how did TMZ get a copy of her sent texts? Meanwhile, Republicans want to ban abortions! Wow! Well, if she did got knocked up that likely means she hasn’t been on drugs, non-stop.

    I guess this is what we all get for glamorizing and mainstreaming porn and equating porn work with “stardom”!

  6. Larry Horse

    She’s not knocked up, just a scam for some cash, of course if she’s stupid enough…and she is, to have a kid with Charlie and put up with his bullshit she’s a moron, ask Denise and Brooke how that’s working for them.

  7. jeremysteele11

    She just got $30,000 for 3 minutes of sex, Larry. And we know it was three minutes based on the fact that that’s what she told the world. I can see if Charlie only paid her $30.00 instead of $30,000 that she might go off about shit like that, but how much money does it take for her to have enough respect to keep private information private?

  8. goatlord

    Jeremy…you should be honored to be mentioned in the breath of that male talent. Each possess unique qualites:

    GINO GRECO-tall older guy with long tooth pick size legs. Attached to those scrawny legs is an ass so hairy you think you are back in ‘Nam. Lucky would have a hell of a time licking that thing.

    DINO BRAVO-just a normal guy with a thing for old school Vegas. He looks just like my Uncle.

    WALLY BABBA-saw him on a talent site, never in a movie. He is middle eastern and looks like he could be studying to be a doctor at UCLA.

    Honorable mention:
    Trent Soluri-baby face who wears Pantera shirts

    Hackey sacking back in 1984? You must of been one of the first.

    Top Five Reasons why Jeremy Steele would not let Lucky Starr lick his ass last night:

    5) Hemmoroids were present
    4) He’s sore from doing a strap-on scene the day before directed by Christian
    3) He has zits down there from too many sweaty hackey sack sessions
    2) He was disgusted and mad that Lucky did a scene with Bill Margold earlier in the day.
    1) Butthole was dirty looking due to going weeks without anal bleaching

  9. jeremysteele11

    You should toss that top 5 list in the shitter, Goatlord… I thought you were cool. Me now thinks with the latest comment that you’re a fool.

    You don’t just jump on someone’s ass without warning at any given moment. I was on my period, ok? And thanks for including me in that illustrious company. I’m even more honored now that you’ve spelled it out. I know Gino and Dino, but had no clue as to who Wally Babba was.

  10. goatlord

    Jeremy, I didnt realize you were being “jumped” with an ass licking. You can disregard that top 5 list.

    I pictured you and Lucky freshly showered and getting ready for bed. I thought you were insane for refusing a tongue in your asshole as you wander off to sleep…..but now I realize you were so tired after a shoot you just went right to bed…dirty butthole and all…and you smelled like Sandra Romain

    Jeremy, I now realize you just wanted to be clean for your woman. Your a good man. Its guys like you who breed women who liked to lick ass. Im sure Lucky’s first butt licking experience was one of a clean asshole. Didn’t matter if the 2nd one she licked was dirty…cause she knew clean bungholes existed from her first experience!

    The singer of the great NYC band “The Cro-mags” wrote in his book about his bassist having some nasty hemmoroids. In front of the band, he had his girl suck on his hemmoroids like a sippycup.

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