Dave Cummings on his trip to AEE


BY:  Dave Cummings – Porn Star/Producer/Director                 

Jan, 2011
Like every January, I just attended the annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in Las Vegas. It’s THE place to gaze upon beautiful adult actresses, and to see and chat with porn insiders and friends. Yes, the hugs from the girls were nice, but it was also a pleasure to reconnect with all the Adult Industry folks. Everybody of note seems to gather every year at AEE, and this year was no exception.
Upon arrival at the Las Vegas Airport, it became evident that the Computer Electronics Show (CES) attendees heading to their venues made up much of the crowd standing in the taxi lines. While the very long line was snaking its way to the taxis, I overhead a lot of comments from CES people about their intent to also get over to AEE. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that AEE is a significant drawing card that motivates folks to sign up for CES in the first place, just so attendees can also make the rounds at AEE.
Upon getting to The Venetian, I had breakfast and then headed to the AEE Press Room to get my badge. As in the past, it was humming along like a well oiled military operation with personable/knowledgeable/helpful AVN staff members to process us, smile, make us feel welcome, smile, and to answer all our questions while smiling and being helpful. I saw lots of genuinely happy folks in that room.
Upon entering the AEE, I had an interesting walk through the Business-to-Business area which contained some very creative displays exhibiting an array of sex toys and other adult and miscellaneous products. From there I walked past rows of meeting rooms where Adult Industry buyers were doing business with manufacturers and owners, and into the main AEE room. Immediately, I noticed the delicious views of porn girls at booths signing autographs and posing for photos with fans. Despite the negatives of the rampant global piracy of porn, the room was full of happy people who seemed like they had just walked into a chocolate manufacturing area with “all-you-can-eat” welcome signs disguised as sexy models smiling away!
After walking around and enjoying the entire area, I headed to the Playboy Radio booth for an interview by hostesses Christy Canyon and Nikki Hunter who were doing their show live on Sirius/XM. We turned the sexual rhetoric up a few notches, and mischievous fun broke out. We three have a reputation of sorts for letting it all hang out.
Like I connoted, AEE was THE place to be. I think all fans of adult entertainment should put AEE attendance on their “bucket list”. Also for everyone’s list, year-round, I recommend these two favorites of many visitors to Las Vegas, and residents of Las Vegas, namely the Las Vegas Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club (see http://www.vegashustlerclub.com/ and The Erotic Heritage Museum (see http://www.eroticheritage.org/ ).
While in Las Vegas, I broke all my New Year’s resolutions to lose some weight. Oh, well! I can rationalize a bit of it by pointing to the way the two-quart containers of ice cream are now less than that; same with some bags of potato chips; and even the pop tarts seem smaller. Gee, what does a junk food guy like me do? For the record, nibbling on carrots won’t curb my craving for chocolate. It’s funny (not!) how I have no resistance to chocolate, and how the partially eaten large chocolate candy bars have been beckoning me to get my butt off of this desk chair and into my kitchen to grab yet another chunk of candy. I know that I shouldn’t buy chocolates in the first place, but I stupidly think that “this time” I can eat just a nibble every few days. Wrong!
That’s enough of my ramblings. Instead, please have a great, fun, happy, and healthy 2011; and let’s be extra nice to people just because it’s the right thing to do.
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  2. The Colonel

    Docqualizer says:

    ‘I have placed AEE on my bucket list.’

    Can I borrow your bucket and take a shit in it? Seriously dude, what kind of a big, pathetic fucking loser comes to a message board and publicly admits that one of his greatest wishes is to go to a joke of a porn convention before he dies; and what stops you from going there, anyway? Perhaps you can’t afford the ticket and snack money. In that case, I suggest you get a job as the security at the mall where you go for shoplifting and start saving your pennies. By next year, if you’re still alive, you’ll have enough money to buy AEE ticket and take the Grey Hound bus to go and see your dream whores. By the way, when was the last time you got laid, you buffoon? Get a life or kill yourself.

  3. Kalamazoo

    Prozac moment Colonel? What a hypocrite, the mentality of a school boy trying to find his own identity. Does it really bother you that much to go off on a rant that long about what somebody wants to do?

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  5. The Colonel

    Not the Prozac moment, Kangaroo, the moment of truth: Anybody who comes to a message board and publicly admits that one of his greatest wishes in life is going to a porn convention is a fool; and you’re even a bigger fool for siding with such a person. Go shove a dildo up your ass and think about your future.

  6. jeremysteele11

    I can’t believe this got more comments than my “AVN vs NFL” article. The only thing any one cares about, Mr. Cummings, is who that girl is licking your face.

    Wow. The Packers just fudge-packed Atlanta.

  7. Kalamazoo

    Siding with doc you call it? just because i pegged you for a mental midget. Its a freakin’ blog for crying out loud, not cnn or the new york times or even your local radio station or paper. a gossip board ya ignoramus. I’m not sure what your fetish is with dildos, maybe because there’s one up your anal canal to remind you of it daily.

  8. The Colonel

    Go fuck yourself, Kangaroo, you bottom feeding scumbag. Who the hell do you think you are to “peg” anybody? You’re just a dime a dozen lonely masturbating dirt bag who trolls on porn web sites, looking for free pictures and videos to jerk off and get his daily fix. However, you’re right about one thing: I do have a fetish with the dildos, my fetish is to stick dildos up the assholes of whores like your sister and listen to them moaning and calling me daddy. Get lost, go suck Docqualizer’s cock if you like him so much.

    Piece of fucking internet shit.

  9. Larry Horse

    I would like to go to AEE, but its not on my bucket list. Being around porn people in small chunks is okay, a room full of them like AVN, nope. Go to smaller show first and see what’s like to see a Porno Dan in person, Christy Canyon walk around like she doesnt need her fanbois. Madame Demi in a panic on the phone setting up privates. Evan Seinfeld selling everything that isnt nailed down for $20…and so on. The AEE would be worth seeing if one could get Donkey and throw him into the middle of the hall chained, same with Max.

  10. Kalamazoo

    Colonel please dont breed if you havent already, i would suggest anger management, but honestly i see no help for you.
    Dime a dozen masturbating dirt bag ….lmao, that narrows it down to the majority. Your spaz attacks amuse me, you can really turn on words but tell me how you really feel. I like a good pissing match, just get in the last word though so you can pat yourself on the back.

  11. The Colonel

    Kalamazoo Says:

    ‘Colonel please don’t breed if you haven’t already.’

    I liked that one. Don’t worry, I haven’t, and I’m not going to. Who in the right mind wants to bring another human being into a declining world like this, anyway? The greatest contribution we can make to this planet is not to breed anymore. 7 billion people and counting, living on a planet which is running out of resources (food, water, oil, etc.) The future will be so bleak and dark I don’t even want to imagine it.

    Right on, man, we’re cool.

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