Raylene Speaks Out About her Treatment Since her Comeback. (This shd piss you off cuz I’m pissed off)


OP/ED by Cindi Loftus I generally keep my opinion to myself, or i give you a sound bite of what i think. This time it’s different. I just can’t keep my opinion to myself.  When something happens in this adult biz world that can get ME riled up, you know the shit has hit the fan. I wrote the intro, I have the attitude, not Raylene. She tried to be nothing but nice. I,on the other hand, have a temper when shit is dealt unfairly. This is MY opinion.  By now you know that I rarely offer my opinion on things. I generally allow everyone to give theirs and i stay in the middle of an issue the best I can. I think there are usually three sides to an issue. In this case there are only two, right and wrong. I tend to be on the right one. The beautiful pictures here are courtesy of Raylene.

NL-Let me tell you how this interview came about.  I noticed a discussion Raylene was having with her friend on twitter.  Raylene was talking about being called names and how it hurt her. My pissed off meter went through the roof.  Raylene had been told she was fat. Some girls are overweight in porn and that’s their niche.  But Raylene is not in porn for that. She is in the regular sized, feature film genre. Maybe we can qualify her as a MILF. Probably we can put her in the big-boobed category, especially since those amazing breasts are real.

Being called Fat is not always a bad thing. Especially if that is what you are into. But the reason Raylene was called fat was to hurt her feelings, to make her feel bad. To make her feel unworthy, not good enough to be in a “big asses” movie. And Raylene is too nice to say who said it.  Even though i might be nice at times, if you do a girl wrong I have no problem calling you out.  I am also feisty, and men who go out of their way to make women feel badly about themselves deserve a kick in the balls and some psychiatric counseling to help them get over their issues of low self esteem, and their Napoleonic syndrome.

The person who gave Rayleen a hard time is some guy, a really big deal (just ask him)  named Greg L*****.  He’s so famous I had never heard of him. So I looked him up. He has directed about 50 teen movies mostly for New Sensations/Digital Sin (& I’ve found NS/DS to be out of the loop at best. Janeen, return any emails lately? or maybe it’s just mine you don’t return?) Well, GREG, maybe Raylene doesn’t look quite like the teens you are used to getting attention from. See she is an adult , a grown up shapely women, who has had a baby, and OMG she is over 30!  Some day when you grow up and maybe are lucky enough to have a beautiful woman want something to do with you outside of porn you will learn that your overblown ego is not beneficial to your (not long to last) lucky break in porn.

Do you see makeup? A hairstyle? Take a long look at that face. Raylene is just freakin’ beautiful….WOW

Raylene came into porn as one of the most beautiful, well respected, professional, level headed, sought after performers of her time when she performed in the 90’s. Except for a few years of life experience not much has changed about Raylene. She is STILL all of the above.  She’s not a prima donna. She shows up on time. She does her job. She treats others well and has a sweet disposition. She is prepared and knows her lines. Sounds like a MILF any company would be lucky to have on their sets. But that is not how Raylene is feeling. After her short time back, she is already saying she wants to go back to retirement.  WHY?!

When did you start in porn and how old were you? Weren’t you a Vivid contract girl?
I was 18 when I started in the biz, I was with Vivid from 1998-2001 and retired at 24

When and why did you retire from porn several years ago?

I retired because I promised myself I would get an education in some type of field other than Adult Entertainment by the age of 27. When I met my ex husband Brad, I saw the opportunity to start a potential family life with him. I took a risk and left the business to set out and accomplish my goal earlier than expected. I got my Real Estate license and practiced as an agent.

When and why did you decide to come back to porn recently?
I returned to the business June 09. I decided to come back while I am still young. My New husband Ethan and I were looking to expand our sexual experiences together and thought it might be fun. I had been a Real Estate Agent for 5 years and as everyone knows the market took a severe down turn. It was the perfect window for me to make a return to Adult.

How have you changed mentally, How have you changed physically, between the time you left and now that you are back?
Mentally I am in a much different place then I was back in the early 2000’s. I’ve been in a business that doesn’t consist of Sex at all, and in a place where I had to keep the “Raylene” character on lock down so to speak. I had to learn a whole new way of proffessionalism.Living among what us Adult Entertainers sometimes call “civilians” in combination becoming a mother has rewired my brain. The most significant part of the change was the decision to quit using drugs. It will be 5 years this Thanksviging.  Physically, the change is obvious. I have carried a child, I don’t use drugs, I am going to be 34 soon. I work my ass off in my spin class and Bikram yoga 5 days a week. I watch what I eat. I am far perfect, but I work hard. No matter how hard I work I will never be a “little” girl again.

What did you do to get in shape mentally & physically to come back to the biz?
To come back to the biz I spent 2 hours in the gym and 1 1/2 hours in Bikram yoga 6 days a week. On a meatless, carbless, 1200 calorie diet for 2 months. It was torture and I will never do it again. Mentally I was not prepared, I was extremely nervous and insecure with my body even after all the hard work.

Have you found it easy to get hired for scenes since you’ve been back?
It was easy to get work when I first returned but work has been extremely slow for me since January.

Who have you enjoyed working with?
I love working with Julia Ann,Tommy Gunn, Ann Marie Rios, Francesca Le, Mark Wood. Just to name a few..

What movies are you happy with ?
I am happy with Raylene’s Dirty Work, Raylene Returns, The Divorcee, The Golden Girls XXX Parody, all my Zero Tolerance movies, and soon to be released The Raylene Diaries.

Do you find that you are treated differently this time in the biz, rather than how you were treated when you started in porn?

It depends who I am around. Some people are on the same level as I am and easy to be around, and others can be on their high horse and extrememly rude. For the most part my set experiences have been descent.

What are the differences?
Expectations to perform acts you normally wouldn’t are alot higher!

How has the biz changed from your first time compared to now?

The business is quite similar to when I first started other than the lack of shooting due to piracy. The only difference I have noticed is the years of becoming a “star” are over, there are some but not as many as a few years ago. The saturation of Talent Agencies. We just didn’t need them back then, but I am grateful for the one I am with.

When I talked to you last night you mentioned that you were thinking of retiring again. Many of your friends and fans jumped in to tell you not too.
It’s something I am thinking about. I may continue to shoot for people now and again who actually care, and that I have a relationship with already. I came back to this business with moderate self esteem. I have never seen in the mirror what other people tell me they see. I have been kicked and beaten down about my weight since i’ve returned. People take cheap shots when they can. My self esteem is in the toilet and it’s going to take a lot of healing to bring it back to moderate.

You said you were thinking about retiring again while you still has some self esteem left.
Yes.. I have allowed so much spiritual damage behind all of the insults. My self esteem affects everything in my life. My attitude, relationships, my energy. I can’t look in the mirror or at a picture anymore without tearing myself apart. It’s not fair to anyone that I put myself through this.  (NL- did i mention i was pissed off?)

By whom & what companies have you been treated disrespectfully?
I prefer not to throw people under the bus here, I already did a little via twitter out of anger. It takes some serious discipline to not want to vomit all their names out. I will tell you, top talent agents, top directors, talent, and some fans can just be cruel.

What has been said/done by who and or what companies?
There was a specific director recently that was casting a “big butt” movie. My agency tried to get him to cast me. He said he heard I am too fat. Despite the brand new pictures on the agency website, he requested I take a cell phone pic nude front and back. I sent them and heard that he said I am still too fat to shoot. I do agree that I fluctuate up and down, but right now I am definitely down. It was humiliating, clearly he had no intentions of shooting me to begin with so why the picture? So unneccesary.
It’s people like that who enable drug use and suicide. Sounds severe but it’s the truth.

What have you heard, felt, that makes you feel less proud of yourself, your physical appearance?
I hear that I am fat all the time, and that I need to dye my hair back red. The red hair comments don’t bother me as much as the fat comments. It’s even harder to hear because I do the physical work to look my best.

What has been done to you to lower your self esteem?
Comparisons to what I used to look like when I was with Vivid, rude comments and remarks from agents and directors.

Can you please give me particular examples about things that stand out to you that were so disrespectful and/or rude that you’ll never forget them.
Yes, when a particular make up artist said to me “if that’s what having a baby does to your body i’m never having kids”. When a Dance agent said to me a certain club chain in LA won’t hire me because of my weight and i’m too old, I was 32 at the time.

Why do you think you were treated in this manner?

I don’t know, maybe because what they all say is true lol (NL- NO , it’s not true Raylene. this is why the porn industry is going down the toilet.)

What movies are you not proud of and why?
I would prefer to keep that to myself, I don’t want to ruin it for fans that like them.

What companies/directors will you no longer work for?

None of them are worth mentioning.

Have you found other talent to be overall responsible, reliable and respectful? or just the opposite? Who are your new favorites? Have you also found talent you would rather not be on set with, and certainly not want to work with?
For the most part I have found the talent I have been on set with to be great. My only issue is cleanliness, I have definitely had more bad experiences then I care to talk about with other talent. You will always have the guy and girl who thinks they are gods gift to porn, but you have that in every field.  I have so many new favorites it’s crazy. I have definitely made friends with some of the best people I have ever met this time around in the business. I love the new girls with great attitudes and a genuine love for what they do, Tori Black, Asa Akira, and Lizz Tayler are a great representation for the business.

After this comeback experience, and all the negatives and positives, are you glad you did it? What did you learn from this? What advice can you give to girls wanting to come into the biz? How about guys?
I am glad I came back, I have had some really fun times and done some awesome scenes. Despite the comments I have made in this interview, for the most part I have enjoyed being back. I have worked for and with some great people. I wouldn’t change a thing, I am just ready to go back to what I love. I miss Real Estate.  I’ve learned there are more important things in life than trying to be famous. My most cherished relationships are what matter. My beautiful family my husband and son, my closest friends. Knowing I have fans that care and love me the way I am. What matters is that no matter what I have the greatest love in my life and that I will not die alone.

As far as advice, for both guys and girls. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Period.

Do you really want to retire? Do you have a time frame in mind? Is there anyway we can talk you out of it?
I am not going away completely. I will continue to do daily shows on Streamate.com and shoot scenes for my website raylenelive.com which is getting ready to launch in a few weeks. I believe my time in this business has come and gone. I may shoot a scene here and there if it’s something I want to do. I still have a couple of shoots coming up that I m excited about, but yes I am going to stop actively looking to shoot. My timeline starts today, but you’ll still be able to find me 😉
NL-Raylene, being the talented professional mature beautiful adult actress she has always been, did this interview with me because she likes me, and any negatives that show up here, are because of me, and  are certainly no reflection on her. If you want a gorgeous fan favorite to be in your next movie, you better grab Raylene quickly. Because with assholes like Greg around, Raylene might just decide that being a  skilled attractive Real Estate Agent is much easier on her self esteem.

Hey Greg? I always offer both sides of the coin here. You want your opinion posted drop me a line. And BTW I just heard from two more stars who have something to say to you…


  1. JAG

    This is just sad. Hs the industry become so jaded by teeny boppers GIRLS that no one recognizes try beauty in a WOMAN? Whether it be her attitude or her real & true beauty.

  2. I loveee Raylene. Raylene is nothing short of amazing. She’s pretty, yes – that’s obvious by one look at her photo but she’s also super sweet, mature, responsible. All things you would never think to hear be associated with a porn star.

    But the problems Raylene is having aren’t just with her. A guy recently told me that he though Briana Banks was to fat to make a comeback. Now do keep in mind that Briana Banks is like 5 foot 9 inches tall and weighs about 120 – 125 pounds. If you run a BMI report (body mass index) that means she is actually underweight. No matter if she weighs more than she did in early Vivid days, she is still UNDER WEIGHT FOR HER HEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So then he says to me, oh well isn’t she old?

    Really? OLD? She’s 31!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIRTY ONE – how the heck is that old?

    Jesse Jane is 30.
    Jenna Haze is 28.
    Nikki Benz is 29.
    Sunny Leone is 29.
    Nina Mercedez is 31.

    These are all top performers – all top 10 performers mind you. Top 10 performers mean very simply put, when it comes to drawing in the fans, they have the biggest fan base out there. That means they have the biggest earnings potential and every single one of them are around the exact same age as Briana.

    I couldn’t believe my ears.

    Some of the men in our industry are seriously so flat out F*d up.

    What is wrong with people in our industry?

    No, she’s not 19. No she doesn’t weigh 83 pounds. But what she does have is a massive fan base and years of maturity and experience behind her. She is super model hot. I seen pictures of her just this week – recent pictures and her legs still put any super model to shame. Seriously! She looks AMAZING right now. Just to die for and it makes me sick that some of the men in power in our business make the girls like Raylene and Briana feel like they aren’t good enough.

    These girls aren’t alone. Sunny Leone – here is a picture so you can see for yourself how great she looked in my movie Hocus Pocus XXX.


    You know what one reviewer said to me? Wow Sunny Leone turned into a fat ass. I’m like WTF? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????? Sunny Leone looked amazing. But check out that photo I just linked you and see for yourself.

    Here is a second one.


    What is wrong with people?

  3. Hmmmm

    I agree that Raylene is smoking hot but lets set the record straight here, she quit porn because she married Brad Hirsch.

    more importantly this industry is filled with thieves and misogynists, every day Jules Jordan does his best to destroy the industry from within by writing checks to Brazzers, maybe he is too stupid to realize that he is part of the problem, maybe he actually believes the BS he tells himself.

    Everyday people in this industry are put at risk because they believe Sharon Mitchell is actually a doctor allowing AIDS Healthcare Foundation to come in and enforce a condom mandate.

    Alec Helmy, owner of Xbiz magazine is supporting a .xxx sTLD that would more likely than not FORCE lukeisback onto a .xxx

    Talent rates are dropping to 1990s levels because the porn bubble has burst.

    And you are indignant because some asshat called Raylene fat…..

  4. origen01

    That’s a great job getting off drugs. Coming back to the industry is a major step backwards, though. Never open closed doors….

  5. origen01

    Why does she need directors in the first place?

    Save some money up and shoot shit yourself for your own website. Make the content exclusive with a DRM and someone would pay for that…you got name recognition…

  6. origen01

    And of course Greg Lansky is gonna say Raylene is fat. The douche is European! Francais, moreover. You have to be under 100ibs to meet their standards.

    Hit up Manuel Ferrara…

  7. Taylor Stevens

    Raylene… You are not fat by any standard.. your beautiful inside and out. Youve worked hard in your life and youve done everything you can for all the right reasons. You should be proud of your accomplishments. If I listend to everyones negative comments It would have been over before I started. I heard a lot of cruel and mean stuff but you have to know who you are and push through it. Anyone who puts you down has issues with themselves. I know this from personal experience, in this industry it wont stop you just have to push through it and know that your true fans think your beautiful..because guess what ? YOU ARE.

    Im here if you ever want to talk. Great interview and Great article cindi.

  8. The Colonel

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, what is beauty to one might be ugliness to another. Eventually, everybody is entitled to their opinion; and here is my opinion: Raylene is not fat, although she’s no Victoria Secret’s model, either. She has a natural beauty, and she also has some extra pounds. Perhaps the best thing for Raylene is to put herself on a diet and work out and drop the extra pounds instead of freaking out and getting angry. It’s nothing severe and out of control. The adult industry is falling apart and dying, and that’s something severe and out of control which should worry us, not a personal issue between a performer and a director that can be easily resolved. I’m sure if Greg Lansky calls Raylene tomorrow and offers her a scene, she will gladly accept the offer and they will become good friends.

  9. origen01

    That’s actually sound advice Colonel. Any body can be improved. And its best not to take things personally. Its all performance, and your body is the only major thing being judged porn. Naturally people are going to make all sorts of remarks and they don’t know jack shit about you.

    I stand by my first comment. Happy she’s off drugs but coming back to porn seems like a bad decision…

  10. Teddie

    Raylene comments are made by several other veterans of the porn biz. Teri Weigel shares the same view point, hence her retirement too.

    “Save some money up and shoot shit yourself for your own website.”

    Now that makes so much sense! Vicky Vette has prospered by doing this and has been adding Pornstars to her group. It is a great website and only getting better. This seems like a great way for Pornstars to reclaim there status; makes you join there site if that’s the only way you can see them. The only problem is it takes a commitment and hard work, which I think most Pornstars don’t want to do.

    Vicky Vette has made her website thrive, on the other hand you have Teri Weigel. Her website is the model of someone who doesn’t put an effort into her website at all. Teri’s website has had 2 small photo updates in the past 2 years. There are other great Pornstar website’s out there, if your favorite Pornstar is has bad you may be out of luck.

    So Raylene your a beautiful woman, please build / make a great website; where you can control the future of your career. Do your own cam shows, build that fans base you already have. It will pay off more then you know.

  11. The Colonel

    You are correct Origen, in the movie business, whether it’s mainstream Hollywood or porn, people are mostly being applauded or criticized based on their age, looks, weight, etc. Some are comfortable in their skins, and some are not. If somebody is not comfortable with his/her appearance, it’s up to him/her to do something about it and make some changes instead of freaking out and getting angry. It’s a personal issue that must be handled personally.

  12. I saw Raylene in a movie back when I was 18 or 19, that is 13 years ago (damn). So she was one of the first girls I saw when I started to watch porn. ( I don´t count the movies I saw before, because when you´re not allowed you watch everything you can get). So she basically retired when I started to become a fan.
    When I saw that she is back, I was very happy because she was/is one of my favorite girls in the industry.
    Seems to me that producers and directors often forget that, of a girl/women is in this industry for a few years, she has fans that grow with them.
    If you ask fans, you´d see a lot of them would be happy if those women/girls like Raylene or Briana (who I´d love to see in a comeback)make movies for more than two or three years.
    So she isn´t 21 anymore, so what? So aren´t her fans.
    And she still looks amazing, I´d tend to say she looks better than ever.
    Oh, and btw I´m european and we´re not only into anorexic chicks.

  13. origen01

    Yeah Colonel. Like you said, some people can’t handle criticism and take it as an affirmation to they are worthless. They make themselves insecure and depressed and end up causing all sorts of havoc–like robbing a bank to get a Porche or pushing shady mortgages (not to say anything about Raylene, I’m sure she was a respectable real estate agent). The problem for Raylene is that these feelings are all triggers for relapse and being around a lot of drugs doesn’t help either.

    This whole situation reminds of Hailey Page. She actually commented a lot on LIB on her poor body image and depression. Look what happened to her…

  14. goatlord

    Raylene is an beautiful woman. Always has been. Id say the best face ever in porn…she is really pretty with sexy eyes. Her body rocks….SHE IS NOT FAT!! Great curves and an amazing figure…and an enthusiastic performer..unlike many of the Vivid girls.

    I saw Raylene once at CES in Vegas (2000?). I saw her across the room talking to Bobby Vitale. I pointed my camera at her….she noticed me….turned her head and gave me a great smile which turned into an awesome picture. Cindi is right on the money when she tells you how sweet and thoughtful this woman is.

    Raylene needs to brush those comments off and put them in the can. Ethan needs to give her a passionate fuck session. He needs to devour Raylene, lick her pussy and tongue her asshole like its his last meal. Ethan needs to worship her and make her feel like a goddess.

    When your in love, you dont care what others say or think about you.

    “To come back to the biz I spent 2 hours in the gym and 1 1/2 hours in Bikram yoga 6 days a week. On a meatless, carbless, 1200 calorie diet for 2 months. It was torture and I will never do it again”

    Who is the fool who put her on this bullshit? Meatless is great…but carbless is beyond stupid. Especially working out that much…you need carbs for fuel. OVERTRAINING…look it up…this is a classic example and its no wonder she felt like shit.

    Go meatless, eat good carbs, raw veggies, drink lots of water and NEVER eat processed sugars…and you will be in good shape.

    I have read a few interviews with Raylene over the years and heres a few things that surprised me:

    She was a “goth” as a teenager.
    She dated and lived with Buck Adams (can you imagine?

  15. Sure Bill

    Greg Lansky shoots for Reality Kings he hasn’t shot for NS for a long time. Has a reputation for yelling and being really mean and hurtful to talent.

  16. jeremiahsteele

    Have you ever liked a girl who you meet years later and she’s a few pounds heavier? Chances are very good you’ll still feel the same. I ran into an old friend like that several years ago who I hadn’t seen in about 16 years and the few extra pounds didn’t mean anything to me. The same person I knew for years was still inside. The same personality, same laugh, etc. Raylene’s skinny compared to the average American, but for some lonely people angry with life that’s not good enough. What’s funny is people who are really fat making fun of people who are far less fat then they are, labeling them “fat”.

  17. Houstondon

    Cindi, I don’t see why you are so surprised with all this (mock rage perhaps?). Porn as an industry has long held that younger, leaner, skinnier women are more desirable to the masses (on average). This idea has circulated for decades and a LOT of insider folks have demanded/required their performers tone up, lose weight, or otherwise meet some idealized standard. My personal tastes are for women with curvier bodies but I’m repeatedly told that I’m in the minority.

    As far as Raylene is concerned, she has long had self image issues, even before she retired. I interviewed her about ten years ago and she demanded final approval of the posted pictures. She hated the ass shots because of her cellulite and that was when she was actively stripping. I thought she was crazy because her ass looked just fine to me but she went on and on about it. She’s an attractive woman with a womanly body and if she did her homework, she’d know that Lansky’s marketing niche is for younger women so why get upset?

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  19. tonystar000

    So Raylene was told by one director that she was too fat….rejection is part of the industry, if this effects your self esteem… this is the wrong business for you to be in sweetheart!!! This Greg guy told you he heard you were to fat for what he was shooting… u persisted and he said fine, take a pic with your cell, and when you did he said… yep too him you are to fat for his scene… was he rude… probably…not the first time someone was rude in the porn industry…that’s all I see that happened

    Now as far as why u came back, unfortunately it sounds like your new husband is a suitcase pimp..”expanding our sexual experiences”..as why you came back…. umm you can have other sex partners other then your husband and not do porn!!! what kind of husband marries a real estate agent and then is fine with making money off her getting fucked on film for money?..Big difference if you were both in the industry or you were active when you met… but you were selling real estate and now he is basically pimping you out… tell him to support his f-ing family.. if your self esteem is this fragile this is not the right line of work for you….
    it seems like you have an overdeveloped sense of entitlement that alot of girls in the industry do…just because you are willing to work, you seem to have the view that people should hire you… the industry has changed since you were big..there are literally thousands of girls looking for work..if young and thin is what is making the money, then that’s what will get hired…why do you seem to think that you are entitled to get hired? shooting for your own site is the way to go these days… but that will take alot of work …are you willing to put in the effort.. (vikki vette is a perfect example)…many people got into real estate from 2001-2007 cause it was real easy money , not cause they really wanted a career or would work hard at it..if you could get a listing you would make money (can’t tell you how many open houses i went to back a couple years where the listing agent didn’t know the square footage of the house he or she was selling!!!) so is this an industry treating you bad, or and industry that has changed and for you to make the money that you want , you are not willing to put in the work?????
    My advise, tell your husband to get off his ass and support his family…you are a beautiful woman( in my eyes) if you and your husband want an open relationship you will have no problem finding partners…focus on being the best most knowledgeable real estate agent you can be…by quitting that game because it’s tough right now , you will never know how good you could be…best of luck to you!

  20. max softcore

    i have beaten off to Raylene in the past, but times fucking change, honey. I am tired of people who leave porn behind and then come crawling back and then BAWWWWWWWW.
    Some fucking current husband she has if this is how they are putting food on the table.
    Oh and did someone mention Teri Weigel? No comparison. Teri looks like a tranny and Raylene looks nice…

  21. OP/ED by Cindi Loftus I generally keep my opinion to myself, or i give you a sound bite of what i think. This time it’s different. I just can’t keep my opinion to myself. When something happens in this adult biz world that can get ME riled up, you know the shit has hit the fan. I wrote the intro, I have the attitude, not Raylene. She tried to be nothing but nice. I,on the other hand, have a temper when shit is dealt unfairly. This is MY opinion. By now you know that I rarely offer my opinion on things. I generally allow everyone to give theirs and i stay in the middle of an issue the best I can. I think there are usually three sides to an issue. In this case there are only two, right and wrong. I tend to be on the right one. The beautiful pictures here are courtesy of Raylene.

    This is what got you upset? With all the other things happening and being done to so many of the performers in this industry that you never talk about on LIB, THIS is what got you upset?

    She retired because she married Brad Hirsch. She came back to financially support herself, her baby, and her current husband who can’t seem to find a job to support his family without having his wife come back to this industry. Unless he’s disabled in some way and can’t physically work, then he should be ashamed of himself that his wife had to come back to this industry to feed her baby because he couldn’t.

    I rather see Raylene in porn than the anorexic 18-year-olds who don’t really know how to perform on camera. I also rather see her than the women her age who look twice their age because of the drug use and bad facial plastic surgery that make them look much older than they really are.

  22. bay

    What she is gonna have to do like all milfs do…is swallow her pride and start back doing scenes with black guys or more anal scenes then she will get plenty of work. The reason for her partial retirement is not because she wants to its because she has to. Nobody is hiring her now. If she doesn’t she’s basically gonna have to completely retire. She is old and needs to deal with that fact. The new girls are whats hot and old ones are whats not..that’s how porn works.

  23. jeremiahsteele

    translation… bay says, swallow your pride and then
    swallow more loads; do anal; it’s a real pain in the ass but you’ll make more cash, and then do black guys and anal; it’s an even bigger pain in the ass but you’ll make even more cash. good luck.

  24. Does she have a website or do cam shows? She should have a website by now. I Googled her name and the only thing on the first page is a fansite. She doesn’t link to anything from her Twitter.

  25. Reader Email

    If Briana Banks is 5′ 9″ or 5′ 10″ and 120 those are the measurements of a supermodel. If that is not good enough for the industry directors and fans then there is no hope. Have you seen the recent interview with Briana where she says why she got into the industry? She says that she and her younger sister were living on ramen and canned olives. Then one day she was fired and evicted on the same day. That is why she got into our industry. She looks very uncomfortable in the first interview before her first performance.

  26. If Briana Banks is 5′ 9″ or 5′ 10″ and 120 those are the measurements of a supermodel.

    That would actually be too “fat” for modeling. And remember hearing all those models dying a couple of years ago and they were still called fat before they died. Weren’t two of those girls sisters as well? Tanner Mayes was called fat months ago and she’s one of the thinnest porn stars around. Would the people who say this shit rather see her start doing drugs so she can then look twice her age?? Weeks ago someone told Aurora Snow she was too old and she’s only 28. She’s been in porn for 10 years. How old did he think she was at the least?? He told her because she told him how old she is, that he now couldn’t use her. Before Savannah killed herself, she was told she was too “old”. She was 22 or 23 when she was told that.

    This is what you get with an industry run by men. Yes women are very critical of each other. But if the majority of the power players in this industry were actually women, I believe it wouldn’t be as bad as it is now.

  27. TravisW

    OK, I’m not some industry insider, i’m just a guy from NC but i know what i like , and the current state of the industry aint it. The grown women should be held in much higher regard than they are !
    I don’t believe the word “comeback” means that these beautiful classy ladies have to give up their dignity by going the “harder” route like anal, gangbangs , interracial or any other genre that are so prevelant these days. on a side note when did slapping , spitting , choking become the norm ?
    My three favorite stars are and have been for years Raylene , Ruby and Janine , not neccessarily in that order. I wish them all the personal and professional success that they ever dreamed of.

  28. JohnnieMontecito

    Many of these women ” Raylene” would be much better off spending a good amount of time creating their website and getting excellent real content on it that is not cut from scenes from movies. Give their wonderful personalities to the site and interact with true fans that way. If a site is done right and kept away from these hidious affiliate sites that just rip you off. The female site can make a good amount of money. Biggest thing is it takes real hard work and real marketing not affiliate program garbage of giving away the exclusive content. Biggest issue in adult is free content so dont give free content that is of x-rated type.

    Just my 2 cents the DVD side of the industry is not worth dealing with. Also never do content trades with out it being two separate scenes.

  29. “She’s old and she needs to deal with it?”

    Well I say in response to that ….. you are an idiot and you need to deal with it.

    Raylene is far from old. She’s 33 years old.
    Do you not realize that the biggest names in our business right now are around that age.

    And by big – I mean those mega stars who are making boat loads of cash.

    Do you think Jesse Jane is 19?
    Do you think Jenna Haze is 20?

    Raylene is not old. Raylene is experienced, mature and prime and ready to make a whole bunch of cash if her career was handled right.

    I think what she needs is better marketing and PR. Girls like Raylene come with a name attached and that name = good money. I know because I know how much money I make off of her name 😛

    So but ya seriously, Raylene if you want to talk about how wonderfully perfect you are, then give me a call because let’s be real, you are perfect in every way and your real fans love you for who you are. They worship you.

    If you want to discuss some PR strats that you can do yourself at home for free, just ask Cindi to give you my email.

    And as for the stupid people who say you are anything short of fabulous, they need to seriously look in the mirror.

    You are the one and only Raylene and everyone else just needs to shut it.

  30. natasha badanov

    Raylene looks amazing no matter what age she is. She looks better than a lot of 20 year olds. Kudos to her for having class and rising above it all. I wish her continued success and making it even bigger to prove those naysayers are wrong. Because they are.

  31. tonystar000

    Kelli, if you want to hook up with her… cool go ahead, but your comments are delusional

    she is 34… that is old in the porn/escort world!!

    HER FANS? she has not been active is about 8 years….what do you think these so called fans have waited for her latest release for these last 8 years ????

    Raylene did Anal and DP and IR when she was young… she doesn’t seem to want to do this now…well if you have this stuff already on film… kinda hard to say you don’t do it…guess her scumbag of a husband wants to keep her ass for himself…HOW ABOUT YOU GET A JOB AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR WIFE SCUMBAG… SO SHE WOULDN’T HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THIS CRAP!!!

    She looks great for a 34 old woman that has had a child…does she had the same body that she had when she was a star? No…. is there a market for full size women.. of course…but it’s still a niche market… again if you really want to do this… use the template that Vicki Vette did ..get your own site , shoot content for it , and endless and tirelessly work to increase your membership… she is making bank but she works her ass off for it..are you willing to work that hard….or do you expect shit handed to you based upon you past success??

  32. tonystar000

    Darrah, sorry but most woman( not all ) but most who are 28 or 30 and have been doing porn for 10 plus years, either look old…maybe the prevelant drug use and plastic surgery… or are shot out…. hate to break it to you, but the porn industry is based on men having sexual fantasies about woman…. thats it in a nutshell!!! Men aren’t fantasizing about being in a deep committed relationship with a girl they see( unless they are pyscho)… they watch a vid or clip or whatever and fantasize that they are the man and the girl is doing or letting them do whatever is happening in the scene…and people change who they fantasize about… so a decade would be quite along time.And on a purely physical level both men and woman are at their peak in their early 20’s.. from a purely visual point of view…no wrinkle’s, gravity hasn’t started biting etc….so stop sounding like a man hating girl ( cause I am sure your not)… and realize that without men running this, there would be NO porn industry…and if decades of experience has shown that men prefer to jack off to girls that are 18-24.. then thats what product they will produce….jenna haze jesse jane and a few others are exceptions to the rule… but the days of the actual PORN STAR are dying fast… to many girls to much free product etc…but young and hot sells and will always sell…in main stream and in porn…do you think a body type like raylene currently has would even make it in a beer commercial…. the answer is No !! JUST BE REALISTIC…hell check out the animal world… the younger faster and stronger get to eat… that’s really what goes on in life and in the porn world!!

  33. tonystar000, while it is true that 1 of the two biggest selling genres right now in movies would be teens, do you know what the other one is?
    That’s right … MILFs.

    That is Raylene’s category. She first perfectly into one of the two biggest selling genres. Sure she isn’t 19 anymore but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a viable career.

    And more than that, it doesn’t mean there is ever an excuse for rude behavior by producers, directors, whatever.

    I don’t care if she is 34 or 304.

  34. Pingback: Luke Ford | Age is but a number, but in porn what does that mean?

  35. Tonystar000 – you need to stop talking out of your ass because you are making a fool out of yourself.

    First of all, your statement that Raylene’s husband needs to “get off his ass and support his family” is not just insulting to Raylene’s family – but it is an insult to every unemployed person in this country.

    The same goes for you Darrah – how the fuck do either one of you know if her husband is one of those “lazy deadbeats” that the Tea-Party keeps talking about? How do you know that he is “spoiled” like Sharron Angle says? The answer is that you don’t. You have no idea what their circumstances are so you just assume the worst because that enables you two to talk some smack about her and her husband. Keep in mind that the economy is still in the crapper and that the businesses that are supposed to be “creating jobs” like the Republicans keep telling us, are instead cutting jobs so that more profits can be used to send the executive board on “retreats” to some luxury resort somewhere. The problem isn’t that we unemployed are unable to find jobs. We are able to find the jobs just fine – the problem is that no one want to hire us for a variety of excuses like we are overqualified, underqualified, have been out of work too long, our credit score isn’t good enough or simply because we are unemployed to begin with.

    Besides, when was the last time either one of you actually went out and looked for a job yourselves? You think that it’s easy?!? In this economy?!?!?!?!?! Seriously, if you two losers think that it is that easy to go out and get a part-time (8 hrs. per week) minimum-wage job flipping burgers at McDonalds or stocking shelves at Wal-Mart, then you need to do the following:

    1) take your hands off of your dicks
    2) turn off the porn
    3) put your pants on
    4) get out of your moms basement
    5) shower
    6) get on your skateboard or bike or borrow your dad’s car and go out and start applying for the jobs that you think are so easy to get
    7) wait by the phone
    8) wait some more
    9) wait one more week to hear back from the places you applied to
    10) repeat

    tonystar000, you have no idea if Raylene’s husband doesn’t want to work and you have no idea what their situation is, so don’t assume anything. And Darrah – in searching for Raylene on your website all I found was her listing on the top 100 Porn Stars and no mention on her family’s situation. Do you know for a fact that her husband is out of work, or are you just going off of what tonystar000 said?

    You said “She came back to financially support herself, her baby, and her current husband who can’t seem to find a job to support his family without having his wife come back to this industry. Unless he’s disabled in some way and can’t physically work, then he should be ashamed of himself that his wife had to come back to this industry to feed her baby because he couldn’t.” That tells me that you have no appreciation of how difficult it is to secure work in this new reality that is the Great Reccession. That tells me that you assume that it is so easy that a trained monkey could get a job. What, is that like it is “so easy a caveman can do it”?

    That my friend is a bullshit assumption about the unemployed that a lot of people make about us. You, like the talking heads on FOX, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party just assume that we don’t want to work, and you think that by insulting us you make yourselves morally superior to us. Trust me my friend, the last thing we consider you to be would be superior to us. You have no idea what any of us are going through.

    Take my story for example. I was laid off from my last “steady job” 7 ½ years ago. I had found a commission-based outside sales job 5 ½ years ago, but in talking to some hard-asses they tell me that it wasn’t a “real job” because I would only get paid when I sold something. When the economy started to go south in Idaho where I was living at the time, the job went with it and I have been trying to get work for the past 3 ½ years. In total I have contacted 1,085 companies and small businesses, some of them multiple times, trying to get work. I have gone on only 52 interviews, and I have never been extended a job offer by any of them. Does that still make me “lazy”?

    Because my last job classified me as an “independent contractor” I was not eligible for Unemployment Benefits. The benefits from my last “real job” ran out a long time ago before all of the federal extensions came into play, so I have not received a dime of unemployment insurance since September 2003. Does that still make me “spoiled”?

    Moral of this story my friend: make no assumptions about the unemployed because you never know who will take offense and call you out on it.

    As for you tonystar000, your statement that a woman peaks in her early 20’s was pretty much debunked by Luke Ford, but I’m going to put my two pennies in. Luke went over to the Fame Registry for his data, so I went over to Brazzers to have a look at their top 25 and see what their ages were:

    Rachel Roxxx (27)
    Nikki Benz (29)
    Lisa Ann (38)
    Monique Alexander (28)
    Julia Ann (40)
    Lezley Zen (36)
    Sienna West (32)
    Shyla Stylez (27)
    Gina Lynn (36)
    Diamond Foxxx (37)
    Savannah Stern (24)
    Holly Sampson (36)
    Abby Rode (31)
    Dyanna Lauren (45)
    Abbey Brooks (27)
    Carmella Bing (28)
    Audrey Bitoni (24)
    Phoenix Marie (28)
    Priya Anjeli Rai (32)
    Kylee Strutt (23)
    Memphis Monroe (25)
    Gianna Michaels (27)
    Jessica Jaymes (31)
    Rachel Starr (26)
    Jayden Jaymes (24)

    So just by looking at this list, your assertion that “men prefer to jack off to girls that are 18-24” has been flushed down the toilet. Out of those Top 25 women listed on Brazzers only four of them are under the age of 25. So if you break it down by percentages the top 25 looks like this:

    Under 25: 16%
    25-30: 40%
    31-35: 16%
    36 and older: 28%

    So it seems that the great majority of the women that men seem to fantasizing about by and large are over the age of 25. Now if your preference for women to jack off to only extends to those females under the age of 25 then that’s fine.

    Just don’t presume to speak for the rest of us.

  36. tonystar000

    Kelli, really… I mean in a perfect world no one would be rude to anyone…. but come on….she was told she is fat…BIG F-ING DEAL…there are rude people in porn.. both men and woman… and very cool down to earth people as well…again if she is this thinned skin… this is not the right business for her to be in… cause if this is causing self-esteem issues…can a relapse into her drug use be far behind… AND NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT!!! Curious how zero woman have commented on the fact her husband seems like a worthless piece of shit and is fine with pimping out his wife….????

    And yes milf is a big category…and raylene should do fine there…but her agent tried to get her work with a director that does teen stuff….think the agent fucked up there!!! also…she doesn’t seem to be willing to do the same activities that she has done in her past….seems like she is half assing this… and like I have stated earlier she seems like she is operating under the allusion that she is some big star and the money should just come rolling in, rather then actually work hard in a porn world that is diminishing as we speak!!!

  37. tonystar000

    PS .. at 304 u would be the only one in the world that would want to see her naked…also the MILF numbers are inflated because they have girls doing MILF titled scenes and movie that are so obviously not…. think of Layna Laurel… she is 22 and has a MILF movie… wtf is that about?

  38. tonystar000

    hahahah “biggdaddy cool”… even your name is a joke…ok, first of all the Brazzers list changes daily…but even going with your list…OVER HALF THAT LIST IS UNDER 30….GET A CLUE!!! and yes if a girl starts at 18 she can be shot out by 28 or 30… sorry loser.. thats the way of the world…. how many 30 plus or 40 plus are used in mainstream advertising when the image is supposed to be hot and sexy…very f-ing few!!! so maybe you jerk off to older woman.. maybe cause you think you have a better chance of getting one in real life… fucking bum!!!..but the majority of the world doesn’t!!! and I am not just talking about porn….got to freeone top 20 list…again these list have zero to do with what is actually selling…..

    And as to Raylene’s family… her stated reason for returning was such a blatant lie( i addressed in my first post) that the truth is obvious to anyone that is around or in the business… HER HUSBAND IS PIMPING HER OUT!!! Hell her first husband had her stop filming…so her “man” is a fucking loser who is fine with getting money for having people film his wife getting fucked while he sits on his ass!!!

    The economy is tough… boo hoo…go back to school.. and change your skill set to make your self more hireable if that is the case!!! As I can tell your not married… maybe you think pimping out your wife if fine… so you can stay at home and watch tv all day… I don’t… and don’t like seeing a woman being put in the situation that raylene is in!!!

  39. See tony this just proves how much of an idiot you really are. Like I said – you just make assumptions that are totally untrue and then you run with it. First you make assumptions about Raylene and her family, then you start making assumptions about me.

    First – I already have a woman in my life and I have been married to her for the past 15 years. So your assumption that I not only can’t get a woman and that I am still single are incorrect moron!

    Second – You have no idea what is going on in Raylene’s household and if her husband is working or not. You are just coming here with your Tea Party attitudes and engaging in their usual scorched earth way of debating. None of us know what is going on in her house – least of all you. So don’t make yourself look like a bigger tool then you already are and don’t comment on things you don’t understand.

    Third – I should go back to school huh? See, this is where you Tea Baggers go off the rails because you always assume that we all have money to be able to pay for classes. Look, I will use simple sentances and I will speak slowly so that you will be sure to understand, Okay? If…you…do…not…have…the…money…to…pay…for…classes…to…retrain…yourself…then…you…cannot…take…the classes. Comprende?

    Fourth – The fact that you are on a porn gossip site in the middle of the day tells me that you do not have a job yourself, because no one with half a brain would be surfing porn on their work computer. I mean, no one is that stupid, right?

    But let’s say for the sake of arguement that you do have a job right now and that you are reading this post. Well your manager is right behind you now about to ask you what the fuck you think you are doing.

    Made you look.

    If you really do have a job then do yourself a favor…STOP TROLLING FOR PORN ON YOUR WORK COMPUTER BEFORE YOU GET YOURSELF FIRED DUMBASS!!!!!!!

    Personally I find it hard to believe that anyone would be going to any porn site, gossip or otherwise while they were at work these days with all of the tracking software companies use these days. So it would be really stupid of you to think that you would not get caught.

    And if by chance that you do not have a job at the moment, then you have no business critisizing anyone else for being out of work.

    In other words Mr Kettle, my name is Mr. Pot – and you’re black!!!

    As far as I am concerned your opinions are worthless, and I don’t believe in engaging in a battle of wits with someone who doesn’t have any.

    Good luck with your life tony, as bitter a “fucking bum” as you seem to be – you are going to need it.

  40. jeremiahsteele

    I’m glad to see there are new bloods of Hatfields & McCoys to feud it out here on LIB. Remember, take no prisoners. Feuds = Food 4 LIB.

  41. tonystar000

    hhahaahA… i have my own company shit for brains…clear about 15k a week.. whats with the Tea party references….i dont give a shit about either party… THEY ARE BOTH FULL OF CRAP TO ME :)…

    You have a woman of 15 years…no wonder you need porn to watch.. guess u think about raylene while fucking your tub of a WIFE huh !! You have been unemployed for how many years… wow… stop being a POS and go back to school.. the gov has all kinds of grants and aid to people that really are trying to better themselves…

    As far as raylene’s family… i have been around this business for 15 years.. i have longtime friends that are talent, direct, produce and distribute porn…raylene’s situation isn’t very unique … I GUARANTEE I KNOW WHAT THE F.. I AM TALKING ABOUT IN REGARDS TO HER LOSER HUSBAND!!!

    Seems to me that you would love to pimp out your girl if you could…maybe your just to embarrassed to be a 40 year old going back to school with people half your age…oh well… stop being a leach on society…then you could support your fav porn stars by buying their product instead of downloading pirated shit WHICH IS WHAT I AM SURE YOU DO !!!

    Your wife must feel so proud… having married such a loser as yourself….have a stunningly great day !!

  42. Seriously tony – that’s all you’ve got? That’s the best you can really do is just recycle the same old smacktalk?!?

    Ok, so you have been around the industry for 15 years. You have your own company and clear 15k a week.

    So…..what, am I supposed to be impressed now? Just because you say those things doesn’t mean that I have to believe you, and it doesn’t make you any less of a prick in my eyes.

    You’re really quick with the advice as to what I should do with myself. Well how about being a good guy and actually hiring someone who needs a job right now since you are clearing 15k a week, huh? Or is it too much for you to actually create a job so that someone could support themselves and “stop being a leach on society.”

    The reason I call you a Tea Partier is because you sound just like them. All of the crap that you’ve been writing is the same crap that Sarah Palin, John Boehner and Sharron Angle have been saying about the unemployed lately.

    And it also seems that you are just a little bit obsessed with husbands who “pimp out” their wives. Guilty conscience much?

  43. Tony, in all seriousness – guys like you are what is wrong with the internet, politics, the economy, the adult industry or whatever you care to name. It just seems to me that you were looking for a fight the second you got into this thread. Unfortunatly I forgot that you should never get into an arguement with either a zelot or a foll – and Tony, you seem to be both.

    In a way I actually feel sorry for you. You seem to be angry at something and you just want to lash out and something so you can feel better. Tony, seriously – seek help!!!

    You say that you own your own business. Well if that is true then for your employees sake I hope that you don’t treat them as badly as you have treated people on these boards – and for your sake I hope you don’t treat your customers/clients the same way!

    Tony what goes around comes around and the more you treat people badly the worse the karma will be for you when you finally do get yours. People like you Tony, I can’t bring myself to hate you…

    …I just pity you.

  44. tonystar000

    NL- “Tony” you add nothing to this discussion but hatred and your comments accusing people of things you have no way of knowing, ” a scumbag who is pimping out his wife” “a blatant lie” In order to know these things you would be living in their house. You are new on here Tony, and frankly i don’t need another delusional, misogynistic hater living in his own self centered fantasy world on my site. I have BDD to fill that role, except he occasionally has a point. You don’t. YOU are done here. “sucks to be you !!!… “

  45. Buck Swope

    No, sucks to be the AIM bashing cocksucker tonystar000

    aka JoeKnow

    aka morning

    aka Darra Fjord’s #1 contributor Anonymous / “Someone sent this”


    Read your posts on XPT again – fucking dipshit

  46. bareback69

    NL- Since u r new, you get one warning. NO REAL NAMES, read the rules on the top of the site.

    “Probably we can put her in the big-boobed category, especially since those amazing breasts are real.”

    What? Wait a minute.
    Her breasts are not “real.”
    Her first porn role was in Shane’s
    World, part 4.
    Anyone who remembers the vid, and her
    scenes, knows that her natural(original)
    breasts were extremely small.
    Relax, I’m not hating, just being honest.
    My cock was easily hard and hungry for
    her vag meat; regardless of breast size.
    ########## breasts are not real.

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