Ultima Honors Tom with a touching story & Reward for Hill’s Capture

This is from http://ultimaentertainment.com/adult-movies-producer-blog/

In Loving Memory of Tom Dong: Editor, Cinematographer, Actor, Hero and Brother to All

I first met Tom Dong on my first shoot 3 years ago, and since then he has been learning and growing every step of the way.  He possessed a myriad of technical and practical skills that impressed and inspired my staff every day.   Tom Dong was a cinematographer and actor of Ballbusting Pornstars, blogger, editor and webmaster of Armpit Girls, and he was also our best friend.   We are very saddened by his sudden and unfortunate passing, but we are also celebrating all of his rich contributions to our lives and business.

Tom heroism a few days ago enabled us to escape with our lives, and his sacrifice will not go unheard.  He will be remembered in the industry as a actor and technical “go-to” guy who was a valuable resource and friend to all.

We thank everyone who has reached out to us via phone, twitter, text-message and carrier pigeon to express their sympathy and condolences.  We value all of our friends, fans, vendors and business partners, and we hope that all your families stay safe and sound.

Due to the severity of the incident involving his untimely death, we are not relinquishing any information to the press until the police have finished their investigation.  However, if you possess any information that could help the police out in their investigation, please contact the LAPD detectives at:

LAPD  (818) 374-7719

Please reserve all other inquiries to me, Eric Jover at:


I am offering a $2000 cash reward for any  information leading to the arrest of Steve Driver aka Stephen Hill.  Please help us bring this man to justice.

NL- My sincerest sympathies go out to Tom’s family, friends & co-workers and all the people at Ultima. When you are ready to talk about what happened, please let me know. And I’d like to add $100 to that reward. xo Cindi


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  2. jeremiahsteele

    I’d like to add $75.00 bukkake money to that reward. But seriously, my condolences to Tom’s friends and family. It looks like he was a nice guy and of course he didn’t deserve this gruesome demise. Also, I hope the other two make a speedy recovery. I’m also interested in hearing what the fuck happened.

  3. I did’nt know Tom or Steve for that matter, but I feel for both these guys family’s. Tom I’m pretty sure didn’t deserve that from a guy he (it would appear) helped get in the game. It’s a shitty deal all the way around. Something like this happens and it effects many more people than just the victim and assailant obviously.

    Ultima, I have respect for, for offering the reward to help bring Tom’s Murder to justice and cindi and jeremy my hats off to you two as well for helping in that cause.

    At the eend of the day caught or not Mr. Driver will have to answer for is crimes.. sure people would like it to be in a court of law, but answering to god I fear will be far worse for him. God speed for both thier souls, and god bless both thier families and my prayers are with them in thier darkest hours..

  4. jeremiahsteele

    It looks like Tom liked da pussy (see photos). Who’s gonna take care of those cats? This is sad. They’re probably mewing in the middle of the night, wondering where he is 🙁 Do the cats need a home? I’m friends with the famous Cat Lady of L.A.

  5. jed

    get out on the road and collect this cash, steele. i’m keen to hear the adventures of jeremy steele pi, as he apprehends the samurai bukkake mope.

    i noticed christian made a hackneyed attempt to weigh in on the subject at xpt – desperate degenerates in desperate situations etc etc. slightly dramatic when he ignores minimum wage jobs filled with felons, considerably more subservience and less chance of getting your dick sucked. you’d have more chance of being knifed in a slave uprising at walmart than slashed by a loose cannon bukkake ninja.

  6. jeremiahsteele

    This looks like a job for Bounty Hunter Dog Chapman. Ultima should give him a call.

    Steve might have shaved his head and joined a religious cult in Oregon in order to hide, he could be hiding out in the woods, living primatively, or he might be in a cardboard box down at skid row. He might have gone down to Alvarado street and bought a fake ID. If he uses his cell phone or the internet he can be tracked. Interview any friends (if he has any) and family to see if he’s made contact in person or by phone. Being that he’s mentally ill and dangerous, they may be supportive in catching him.

  7. goatlord

    This weeks LA weekly has this as the feature cover story.

    -After Steve stabbed his first victim, Dong and 2 others ran in the room. They tried to calm Steve down, but he ran at them when he saw they were calling 911 on their cells
    -All 3 ran for the front door, there was a jam up…the first 2 got out, but Dong didnt make it and got stabbed in the back several times.

    Its too bad Tom Dong couldnt judged better where Steven was at the time. At least he would have been able to turn around and have a chance at defending himself.

    Another fucked up part is Dong helped Driver get work and vouched for him to get hired and stay at the porn production place where he was eventually killed.

    This is just fucked up all around.

    Tom Dong seemed like a good guy.

    Lets not forget him

  8. jeremysteele11

    I read that article, and my next op/ed is likely going to be related to it (not on Steve Driver, btw, but more related to the “mope” issue that Steve was repeatedly labled as by the writer and how other low level performers have been maliciously and erroneously compared to him- a guy who had serious mental problems).

  9. goatlord

    Looking forward to it, Jeremiah.

    The word “mope” has been getting thrown around alot lately.

    The mopes to me are the guys you only see in bukkakes or massive gangbangs…but you never see them in one on one scenes.

  10. goatlord

    This is from the OC Weekly:

    A Hollywood actor who attended UC Irvine and Cal State Fullerton will play the role of a murdered adult film actor in an upcoming true crime episode of “Fatal Encounters” on Investigation Discovery channel.

    William Ngo guest stars in the show’s second season premier, “Living on the Edge,” as Herbert Wong, the 30-year-old Asian porno star who was killed by a fellow porn actor in a bizarre 2010 samurai sword attack.

    Wong’s porno name was Tom Dong.

    Ngo tells me the show is “a heart-wrenching story about a man who pursued his own happiness and was shunned by his family for it.”

    OC Weekly’s sister paper in Los Angeles published Michael Albo’s cover story about the crime last year.

    According to the channel’s website, the Investigation Discovery episode is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. on Monday, May 28.

    Goatlord back here…..this should be an interesting show on the events that led up to that fateful night for Tom Dong

    I never met him, but he sounded like a sweet kid who loved cats.

  11. goatlord

    I watched the show the other night and it had some interesting information.

    It differs from the LA weekly stories in one big way. The weekly story said Tom and the others ran into the room after Steven Hill slashed his first victim. They calmed him down, until he saw them dialing on their cell phones Hill chased them, they all ran out the door…and unfortunately Tom Dong didn’t make it. In the the TV show, Tom runs in the room and gets hacked immediately. The others never entered the room.

    Some other stuff I found interesting:

    -Tom Dong was married for 5 years before he got into porn
    -Hill agreed with his father that he needed to come back home and get help. Ultima pictures owner Eric Jovier offered his studio as living quarters to Hill. Hill called his Dad and told him he changed his mind and was going to stay in California. He went on the hacking spree not too long after that.
    -Eric Joviar and his partner (forgot his name) seem like very nice guys. They both got emotional over Tom and you could tell they really loved him.

    Jeremy…Im going to watch “blood relatives” and tell you if I like your performance..or if i prefer your acting chops in “white boy stomp super gang bang”.

  12. jeremysteele11

    (while awaiting moderation, in case it takes a while,) Hey Goatlord, my old demo song “White Boy Stomp” is now on youtube (by Jeremy Feit). Coincidentally, I improvised the song the same year I was in the gangbang (2003), which I had never heard or knew the name of, until after the song came out.

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