Murder Suspect Steve Driver aka Steve Hill- Picture

He is currently wanted as the suspect in a murder. Was last seen driving a Blue Toyota Rav 4 with right side damage. License plate number: 5YTC423


STORY IN PROGRESS. Details sketchy. Check back often. This is Steve Driver real name Steve Hill. Steve Driver was the name used in porn scenes. HIll was mostly in fetish vids where he was dominated/abused by women. Hill is suspected of grabbing a machete that was used as a prop, stabbing a fellow Ultima Studios ( employee. Two other employees, one being Tom Dong, came to rescue and Tom was stabbed to death. Tom Dong was also a performer in similar videos. Both Tom & Hill were living at the studio.  You can see them both in pictures on the site at

Here is Hill’s myspace (thanks Jeremy)

Here is HIll’s personal website

The stabbings took place here  Hayvenhurst Airport Business Park, located at Hayvenhurst Ave. and Saticoy St


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  5. brittanyblaze

    Catch that mother fucker!!!!!! i posted a clip of me interviewing him @ an XXX event several months ago where he admits to being loopy!

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  9. Omigod! I saw this article while in NYC but I wasn’t sure who he was. This guy always approached me at LA conventions with STACKS of photos of himself having sex with women on set as a sort of “resume,” asking if I’d be interested in working with him or if I shoot content for my site. Since I’d never heard of him, I just brushed him off as some sort of fan that wanted to get in the business or to have sex with porn stars so I always told him I wasn’t shooting at the moment. CREEPY to find out this guy killed someone on a set!!!

  10. jeremiahsteele

    Here’s Steve Driver’s x-creeps, I mean x-peeps page:

    He was the guy I was referring to once (I didn’t mention his by name)on a write-up on poontalk who walked into the Blue Moon smiling, eyes bobbing left and right, with a B.O. so horrific that all the people he walked past were going “Wheww! What the hell is that smell?” He was a true armpit terrorist.

    He also had the strangest video promo I had every seen. I can’t remember it except that it made absolutely no sense.

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  12. jeremiahsteele

    Both Steve and the late Tom Dong have Kita Zen as their top myspace friends.

    I always knew Steve was not all there, here’s some of his tweeter posts:

    “ppl who see my porn and get angry some wish I was them but some wish they were her, and it’s nothing but bad when they wish they were her”.

    “If you don’t like my lifestyle then FUCK YOU, point blank don’t like it FUCK OFF!”

    “Oh you think it’s gona me some Fuck me?! NO it’s gona be FUCK YOU…….”

    “Love me or hate me it’s still an obsession, if ya love me then fuck you, if ya hate me then FUCK YOU, lol”

    “Master Yoda told me “use the Force Mutherfucker!!!!” Look my cock is down her throat”

    “Don’t Tell me it aint worth it, shit’s totally worth it, they got it comin”

    “Gawd I hate Racists cunts, Killin em would be nice….”

    “I guess you could say I don’t fuck too often just too much…. Think about it….”

    “well just so you know I probally treated her pussy the same way I treated yours. don’t be shocked by it,”

    “It just kills me how some guys can be like “hey man I’m not gay I just love sucking dick and taking it up the ass” wtf dude?!”

    “What the world needs now is love sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of”.

    “So I’m a peace loving man, I am but those who came to find out discovered I can fight extremely will however”

    “Shit’s insane, like kick em in the balls and tell em “hey no pain no gain fool!” ”

    “So like I said, I might be a pornography yes, but I really love my women with real passion,”

    “So people keep wondering “what the hells wrong with that guy!” Well I’m insane that’s what!”

    “It’s that totally mentally ill shit like “punch that fools dick while ur giving me head!” ”

    “Sometimes when u play hide and seek you win by losing…..”

    “She can have whatever she like, but she gotta bring her friend…..”

    “I got this thing where certain girls just can’t seem to get me out of thier mind, it’s a type of power I’ve got…”

    “when in dought I whip my cock out…..”

    “If sniffing panties is wrong I don’t wanna be right!”

    ” porno has caused me to suffer mental and emotional trauma, I’m a masakist I guess…”

  13. RickMadrid

    yeah!! this guys was a very strange guy!! I worked a set with him on in Glendale and he had some “problems” and I just know about some of these guys anymore!! Its must be the “Chrystal” or the Crack or whatever there are doing. But he was a real basket case!!

  14. jeremiahsteele

    I wonder if he took pictures of the murder scene and is now showing them around to people the way he did with his porn stills.

    I guess his justification is “It’s good to be wanted”…

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