19 year old Ami Jordan Passed Away

NL-I chased rumors around yesterday, until I finally found two of her friends that gave me confirmation. Then today I also recieved a link to her memorial service which appears to be posted by a funeral home. (Thanks L & C for info)  So sadly I report that 19 year old Ami Jordan has passed away in her sleep. No cause of death is being reported. One of her friends is telling me that there were no drugs found in her system, but truthfully, since it usually takes weeks to get those kind of results, I question that statement.


I covered up her real name and her family’s information. It appears from what I’ve read they were quite religious and I don’t know if they knew about Ami’s adult movies. I don’t think this is the time for them to find out. I will give out the link to the guest page to anyone that wants to send a donation or card, you just have to send me an email.


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  3. I honestly can’t keep up with these deaths. But I won’t give up either. This has to change and WILL change. My deepest sentiments to the family. God help them through this time.

  4. joe know

    You said that youre not sure if the family knew of her involvement in porn, but go on to say that you will provide the link to anyone who wants to send the family a card.

    I think thats a bad idea…Dont you think it is possible that someone will send the family something that might not be appropriate. It would be a terrible way for them to find out if they dont already know. I think you have already posted too much info here. Let the girl rest in peace.

  5. origen01

    I’m so sorry. My condolences to the family.

    Shelley, are suicides far more common than what’s reported on RAME?

  6. Larry Horse

    Condelences to her family. Shelley stay away, people who do porn, like America in General suffer from depression and mental illness like anyone else. She also may have died of natural causes. Do something about the exploitive assholes who are involved in porn, not the business as a whole.

  7. The President

    ——-I’m focused on the assholes.

    Sure you are. Dressing up like a Mexican stereotype trying to get media face time with Steve Hirsch really reflects that focused effort. Porn exploits some in life, Shelley exploits some in death. Everybody can see that.

  8. kermur

    I commend you for your thoughtful presentation of the facts but it only took me about 10 seconds to confirm this person’s identity using the information posted above…

  9. Greg

    I can’t believe this terrible news. She was a great performer also known as Passion 18. I was keeping tabs on her blog http://www.amijordanxxx.com/, but she fell off the map & stopped posting about a year ago. Figured she’d got married or eventually would return, but this totally sucks! :{

  10. Greg, the blog was probably started by someone else. There are only a few posts on it which might suggest the blog was only set up to get traffic.

  11. Greg

    I realize that Darrah, but it stopped about the same time as her twitter posts and her last myspace login. Btw, looks like the myspace page was recently deleted. Here’s her other site http://www.passion18.com/ before she became Ami Jordan.

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