Eva Angelina- A New Life

Eva Angelina has done a lot in her young life and it looks like she is moving on to the next step. According to her Twitter page, she is now retired from porn and no longer feature dancing. She is selling her stilletos and autographed pictures  like the one below at auction.

She is a happily married mom. Her husband recently got back from Iraq safe & sound.

She is still doing live cam shows so you can see and talk to her one on one.

Lots of links on her twitter page  http://twitter.com/evaangelinaxxx


  1. Larry Horse

    I’m confused, wasnt Danny Mountain the father of the baby? And arent there some custody issues too?

  2. ST94

    Larry, Danny is the baby’s father, but if I remember correctly he put his hands on her in a physical altercation and she immediately broke things off with him. (I don’t know about the custody stuff) Then she started seeing this guy who’s in the military (I didn’t know they were married) and they marketed her Fleshlight with the story that he took it with him on active duty blah blah blah. As far as I know she was still performing while he was in the Middle East, but once he got back he must’ve voiced his displeasure and/or she decided on her own to quit.

  3. I don’t think they’re married. Last I read her Twitter, she called him her fiance. But doesn’t really matter.

    Webcam is still porn. And last I read her Twitter, she was talking about doing DPs and anal on her camshows. And if she sticks with only girl/girl/, that’s still porn.

    What exactly does he do for work? He just came back home the other week. She has a daughter to support and I heard the sperm donor wasn’t paying child support.

  4. Larry Horse

    I knew about Danny Mountain, seems like some folks in porn are divided about the issue. She says she isnt married, but it looks like there is at the least shared custody. Twitter is hard to source info from.

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  6. keiranlee

    I’ll fill you in people, i’m one of Danny best friends…

    Danny and Eva are divorced, she re-married another performers son, now the son and pornstar mom don’t talk…

    Danny is going through a court battle to see his little girl more often ( he has to pay $$$ a hour to see his own daughter) in the end the truth will come out and people can then make there own judgments on Eva and also Danny…

    All i can say about Danny is he’s a great guy, wears his heart on his sleeve and will do anything for his daugther who he loves more than anything…

  7. He attacked Eva in front of witnesses, the police were called, and she was granted a restraining order.

    Do you actually blame Eva for her husband not talking to his mother? That’s his and his family’s problem, not Eva’s.

    The reason why there is a court battle is because he was violent to his wife and has already shown he is not fit to be around anyone. Who will he attack next? Her daughter? Doesn’t he also an alcoholic as well?

    And if you mean he pays child support, then that’s exactly what he has to pay so it’s not Eva once again flipping the bill for everything. There isn’t anything that says that someone pays an hourly fee to see their child. It’s called child support.

    Isn’t he also behind on his child support payments & has flaked on seeing her daughter when he was suppose to?

    And wasn’t Eva also financially supporting him and his sister? Is that why he really wants custody so he doesn’t have to pay child support??

    The reason why he’s probably upset is because he lost his meal ticket that he was leeching off of.

    It doesn’t matter if he’s your friend. He attacked his wife and this was months after she had a baby. There are witnesses that back up the story and it’s all on record as well.

    He beat her, there’s evidence, and there are witnesses. He shouldn’t be allowed to ever see her daughter ever again. He’s already shown he’s violent and many later turn on their own children as well.

    And by you defending him shows that you’re also a fucking asshole with no regard for women at all. The best thing she did for her daughter is leave and take her with her. The abuse cycle would have continued and her daughter would have suffered for it. The best thing for Eva and her daughter would be if Danny never contacted them ever again so Eva can find a real father for her daughter.

  8. keiranlee

    Darrah your completely wrong mate…

    Witnesses??? You mean the witnesses that gave evidence saying that nothing happend?

    I’m not going say to much more like i said, eventually the truth will come out…

    But with the courts now seeing thru the bull, Eva’s main witnesses now on Danny’s side i wonder who will have egg on their face???

  9. From Rhyse Richards:

    Well I figured since “Witnesses” were upset, I would have to comment!!! Since I too was a “witness” however, Danny’s sister I was the one who took pictures of her bruises and saw how extremely upset she was .. I also have been friends with both since there wedding that I attended and if I remember correctly you didn’t … I also spend time with her and ______ everyday. And to say Danny only wants what’s best, why has he only seen her twice in the 20 court ordered visitation dates .. and amazingly those two dates were while she was filming flight attendent but she was able to make it anyway..

    And as far as saying she won’t allow him, that’s funny because it is court ordered and she would be held in contempt if she violated that.. He wants the best but has made no attempts at financially making sure she is ok… ie providing diapers, formula, money for doctor, or clothes. She has no health insurance because he didn’t pay it. I really think your story is just that, a story with no facts to validate it.

    So stop writing lies. Eva has stepped up and supported her daughter all by herself as she did when Danny couldn’t work. And didn’t you live off her as well? I think as ______’s aunt you should be defending her, not Danny. She is the one who is innocent in this and deserves better than what you are doing. Hopefully you will do the right thing. Rhyse

  10. keiranlee

    Ok lets get some facts straight Darrah as i guess your only seeing one side of the story here…

    Miss Rhyse Richards has given the courts a new witness statements on Danny Mountains behalf, supporting him and giving the case fresh evidence…

    ” Eva has stepped up and supported her daughter all by herself ” You will find actually Rhyse and Rhylee have been helping bring up baby silvi in her absence…

    As for the the 2 visits???? Again your being fed wrong info mate, Danny has seen his daughter countless times, you should check his facebook as he updates its reg with recent pics of his days out with her…

    The court did award him visitation rights again when it suited Eva….

  11. Can you understand that to the people on the outside looking in, we only know Eva’s story. There’s the police report and there’s Eva’s interviews. Your story and even Rhyse Richards’ stories cancels each other out because you’re both best friends to them and might lie to protect them. So what’s left is Eva’s public story and the police report. So none of us weren’t there. So we’re only going by Eva’s story and the police report.

    Sorry I attacked you but that’s how I am. lol

  12. joe know

    There is one very improtant thing to remember here.

    Jerry is a porn whore, and ALL porn whores lie, isnt that right Jerry? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  13. Larry Horse

    Jerry Butler? Still nothing to do with the story. Now Jerry Butler was a porn whore, did he lie? Well to Lisa Loring when he went back into porn. As for Eva and Danny, we can make certain that he hit her, correct? There is a child custody issue, correct? How much time did these two see each other before they got hitched? Give kudos to Puma and Keiran, they are engaged but not married, smart. And how much planning did Danny and Eva put into having a child?

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