Bye Bye Ty- Gonty Past Eviction

This story is for FF & MM. You know who you are 😉

Mr Ty Gonty continues to not pay debts owed through HellHouse. Now we see he’s not paying personal debts either.


Looks like Mr Gonty had a few court cases against him.

NL- Basically what this means in my non-lawyer opinion is that Ty was served with eviction and didn’t leave so his landlord filed for Unlawful Detainer. This means Ty is using the landlord’s property without paying him.


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  3. ffugly

    Isn’t it interesting that at the same time Gonty starts a “new dungeon location coming May 10th!” for his wife Madame Sindi that they get evicted from their current home? And even more interesting that the address of the new dungeon isn’t available unless you email – and most likely have to go through a set of questions before they give you any info to make sure you aren’t a process server or something similar. Sounds like the typically Hellhouse Media spin to me. Take something and “restructure it” so hopefully some new person falls for it and signs there savings account away. If you look up the other court cases you will find some interesting cases, including one against a former employee.

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