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How to be a porn star

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Shelley Lubben Has LOST HER MIND & it’s captured on Video!

From Shelley’s Blog on

October 2, 3, 4 – The Pink Cross hits AdultCon, ANOTHER porn convention in the city of Los Angeles. Back to back conventions, you ask? That’s right. Pink Cross will stop at nothing to reach out to porn stars, porn addicts and expose the truth about porn.

The team again goes all out to educate porn fans and adult workers on the truth behind the lie of porn offering love and hope at the same time, Shelley is interviewed by ABC on the convention floor, prays healing over porn stars and porn addicts, and interrupts an interview between Lisa Ling, special correspondent for the Oprah Winfrey Show, and Steve Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, the world’s largest porn company, in which she challenges Steve to a public debate. deems Steve Hirsh the "Porn King" but is Steve Hirsch as powerful and credible as the world perceives? We’ll let you decide.

Check out the two videos entitled Ex Porn Star Searches for Wimpy Pornographer Part 1 & 2 Here
The videos show the "Lost Her Mind" part


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72 Responses to “Shelley Lubben Has LOST HER MIND & it’s captured on Video!”

  1. Kelli Says:

    This is supposed to be funny? All I notice is someone with a total and complete lack of manners stalking industry insiders to try and gain fame and publicity.

    I think she has the right to her beliefs but if what she really wanted was to “do the right thing” then there are clearly much better ways to go about it than what she is doing. Rudely interrupting an interview, and following people around the convention floor and flat out stalking them really shows her true colors.

  2. the general Says:

    But it sure does get alot of attention, here and elswhere. And attention means donations. Please keep this thread alive, more posts, more donations. Dont you all feel good knowing that youre helping Shelley raise money?

    You would think that someone would take Shelley up on her standing offer to debate anybody in the industry face to face.

  3. slubben Says:

    I think it’s rude you exploit women with known drug and alcohol problems. I clicked on your site to see some of your slaves at and saw at least five well known porn stars with serious drug and alcohol addictions.
    Most of us know which ones I’m talking about.
    As far as manners, are you kidding me? You’re the one promoting white house sluts.
    Enough you hypocrite!

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  5. the general Says:

    Speaking of ‘true colors’, what do you think of an industry that does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for employees who get diseases ranging from gonn/chlam, herpes, hepatitis, HPV, PID, trichomonis, bacterial vaginosis, syphylis,crabs,scabies,genital warts.
    ALL of these are common occurances in the porn biz. And you talk about true colors. You got to be kidding, but then again, youre still in the biz, and the two main requisites for being in the biz are to either act stupid and play along with the industry standard stupitity, or to actually be stupid and believe the standard industry bullshit.
    I bet you believe that its safer to have sex with a pornstar than someone in the gnereal public(lol)

  6. the general Says:

    Oh shit,
    I forgot the biggest one of all, HIV.

    And we all know how compassionaltely the industry treated those infected in 2004.

    Kelli, perhaps you can tell us how these people were treated, and show us the ‘true colors’ of the porn industry.

  7. Third Axis Says:

    Shelley, you’re not funny, you’re not clever, and you’re certainly not original. Yours is a tired, worn-out schtick that goes back to Carrie Nation and other such Christian social-dogmatists.

    Religion is not now, nor has it ever been, an “answer” to anything. It’s just a great way to make a buck and fulfill a desperate need for attention. Your public antics make you look and sound ridiculous. Leave this kind of act to Michael Moore; he’s much better at it.

  8. slubben Says:

    Anybody want to debate?

  9. sammyglick Says:

    Huh? Did I miss something????

    First of all, what was the point of the two videos? So you interrupted an interview between Steve Hirsch and lightweight journalist Lisa Ling. You could have at least made THAT interesting — yet you backed down and agreed to nothing, when you could have at least gotten Hirsch on camera with Lisa Ling looking like an idiot (if you’d gotten the cameras to capture your point of view and his efforts to sneak out on an honest debate).

    Yet you didn’t and you then just follow him around like a lost groupie. Again, coming off as foolish at best and dumb at worst. Sure, you got him looking just as dumb, but at least he managed to outwit you by sneaking off somewhere. Subsequently, you make yourself look like a total loon/nitwit, what with asking just about everyone and the janitor where ‘Steve Hirsch’ is.

    Or more to the point, you could have asked the SAME people if they knew where Alex Rodriguez, Tim Geithner or Carrie Prejean was and you’d gotten the SAME BLANK LOOKS!!!!!

    You failed to make any valid or significant points for your arguments with this trite and more often than not, flat out stupid video.

    Why not truly stand up for your convictions and oh I dunno…hang out at the Vivid booth all day patiently waiting for Steve to come debate you? You wouldn’t even need to be a pest — you could just stand PATIENTLY by the side and/or nearby and just wait. That’s it — just document waiting for him to show up and when he doesn’t, you’ve proved your point (however thin it might be). Or even better, you could have gotten Steve while speaking to Lisa Ling, to agree in principle to debate you (either with Lisa asking the questions, or at his convention booth, or at his offices) and again…when he weaseled out, then post the results.

    Heck, you didn’t even go after Lisa Ling to see if she would consider adding you and your viewpoints to her segment. If she turned you down, then you’d have another piece of ‘evidence’ I suppose, showing the media ignoring your viewpoints on porn (although you’d have a hard time really proving this, considering all of the anti-porn hatchet pieces the major broadcast networks have produced over the years — the biggest being when Diane Sawyer got Belladonna to ‘cry’ on camera and nearly denounce her porn career).

    In fact, Nightline has done two pieces I believe on an anti-porn ministry that recently moved their church to Las Vegas. So you’d probably have no problem getting the support of Lisa Ling; if only because she could become the next journalist to boost their career, taking un-factual potshots at Porn Valley. Yet from what I can tell, you didn’t even think to go follow her or her segment producers around the convention floor to tell ‘your side’ of the adult industry.

    The point being is that your lame attempt at humor TOTALLY backfired. Your efforts to promote your cause just laid a giant goose egg.

  10. sammyglick Says:

    Slubben – I clicked on your site to see some of your slaves at and saw at least five well known porn stars with serious drug and alcohol addictions.
    Most of us know which ones I’m talking about.

    Come’on, don’t leave us in the cheap seats hanging! What is this, a Page Six blind item?! Names sergeant, names!!!!!

  11. the general Says:

    The point of the video is to draw attention to herself, her ministry and her cause. Thank you for participating and helping her achieve those goals. And thank you Cindi for posting it here. This one site is the BEST advertisement her ministry has, and I am sure Shelley would like to thank all of you for helping.
    Shelley loves you…

    As far a laying an egg…the publicity from here is without a doubt going to generate some more donations…Keep up the good work Sammy, Shelley needs the money(lol)

    Sammy, as much as you despise Shelley, it is your own ego that drives you to respond and therefore HELP shelley’s cause. Your rants, and others like it, are gold for organizations like Shelley’s…Like it or not, you are helping shelley…thank you.

  12. slubben Says:

    Whoever you are who puts down everybody from Sasha Grey to Ron Jeremy on this board, please help me find SOMEONE in the porn industry who has some brains and a promising pair of “cojones” to debate me publicly.

    I tire of these amateur comments made by anonymous weaklings who hide behind their computers. Come out publicly cowards and debate me!!

  13. the general Says:

    You know full well that asking for somebody with brains in the adult biz to debate you drasticaly reduces the number of qualified opponents.

  14. sammyglick Says:

    I hate to say one is a moron, but you really are one Mr. General.

    I’m not so sure about how much attention Ms. Lubben is drawing to her cause here on LIB — but it sure isn’t much if I had to simply go off of views on YouTube. Just a casual look tells me she’s not getting much attention, as a tribute video of ‘Classic Era’ porn stars, gets more views by a factor of three than most anything she’s done (except for her appearance on The 700 Club…and I dare say, the traffic to that video in particular, came from those who watch said show).

    Or put another way, the video of a cute little kid talking about kittens is close to six million views. Ms. Lubben could only DREAM of getting that kind of exposure.

    Secondly, I seriously doubt ANYONE who post regularly on LIB (or even reads the site and just lurks) is going to give a dime to Ms. Lubben. Yet you can theorize all day that somehow, the simple act of the regular LIB Peanut Gallery is going to send hundreds of thousands of dollars her way.

    Or put another way, when I go home and watch the local and national news, there won’t be ONE MENTION today of her ‘Stalking Hirsch’ video…nor will there be any mention of her subsequent actions to show porn talent ‘the religious light’ tomorrow…next week…next month…next year (unless she actually becomes oh I dunno, media savvy and learns it’s pointless to harass Hirsch and then post idiotic videos of her lame stalking tactics…instead, she use some common sense and calls established media outlets and harass THEM until they give her some free airtime).

    Third, I don’t personally despise Ms. Lubben. Those are YOUR words (and perhaps, a Freudian Slip on your part?). Rather, I would prefer not to have my time wasted with nonsense cultivated in fantasyland. It would have been one thing if her two videos, totaling nearly 20 minutes, actually had a point. They don’t. While her ministry might very well be valid and a good thing for a certain segment of the adult industry, she’s a poor spokesperson for it as she fails to grasp even the simplest concepts of the current media culture.

    Or put another way, she’s about as clever as the family who thought they could get a Reality TV show if they faked their six year old son being in somesort of immediate jeopardy.

  15. Third Axis Says:

    I happen to be one of the opinion that the biggest idiot move of the porn industry was to promote itself as being an acceptable, mainstream endeavor. Instead, porn should be the punk rock of filmmaking. I give a big, lusty “FUCK YOU!” finger to the world, the “authorities,” Christians, the general and all other insipid germaphobes, and anyone else who thinks that people should all toe some invisible line—or obey some invisible man—and think alike. I like porn to be dirty, disgusting, immoral, and downright fucking beautiful in all of its unacceptable glory. Fuck OSHA, the taxman, and all pie-eyed moralists like Lubben. It’s YOUR days that are numbered.

    *Never Surrender*

  16. the general Says:

    You fail to realize that it is not the mainstream public who will be making those donations. Shelley uses these and other posts when soliciting donations from those who are more apt to donate to her cause. Transcripts of the hate filled rants here go a long way with the people who donate to her cause.(didnt think about that, did ya?)

    The six or seven people who frequently post here are not the audience that is going to donate to shelley. Neither are most of the LIB readers(lurkers). This is true.

    Imagine, if you will, the group of people who would be apt to donate to a cause like this. Then show those people the “hate” that she encounters everyday in her mission. This site, and others like it, with the unintended cooperation of people like you, make fundraising just that much easier, with less overhead.(this is a business afterall) Again, thanks for helping.

    Shelley gets all the exposure she needs “in the places where her donations come from”, and rants like yours and the colonels have helped raise lots of money, whether you like it or not, or whether you will admit it or not. I’ve seen posts of yours imploring others to ignore her, but like I said, your ego wont let you do it.

  17. slubben Says:

    Enough nonsense. I challenge Sharon Mitchell, Nina Hartley, Ernest Greene, Steve Hirsch and Larry Flynt to a debate tomorrow night, Wednesday October 21, at the Downtown Los Angeles Marriott Hotel at 10 pm in the lobby.

    333 Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071 in case you don’t know how to google it.

    Whoever doesn’t show up mentioned in the list above, their names will be sent out to every Los Angeles media contact I have named as a “coward”.

    Be there.

  18. Houstondon Says:

    There are plenty of people in the industry smarter than Lubbens and many of them would probably debate her if they truly had something to gain. As there are no universally accepted industry spokesmen (persons?) though, she would focus on generalities and platitudes that played to her select audience. A true debate would also require both parties either agreeing ahead of time on what the topics/questions would be (the parameters of the debate itself) which is not what Lubbens seems to want. No, she wants to control it to her own advantage and few people would be dumb enough to be set up like that.

    But if she wants to “debate”, let her post ten proposed questions here, the rest of us can post our own ten, and have at it. She’s not going to gain any financial support from LIB followers (she’s welcome to start her own thread on Xcritic for that matter), and contrary to the general’s musings, some of us believe that standing up to religious hacks, detractors, and charlatans is a process that serves us well; a rough & tumble form of free speech as it were. And it’s not like there aren’t plenty of openings for her to attack, she is just enable to realize that freedom equals choice, a concept she is horribly equipped to deal with given some of her statements of late.

    Regarding Kelli’s website: “I think it’s rude you exploit women with known drug and alcohol problems.”

    The alternative is allowing such women to fend for themselves or go on the public dole. She pays them well and if they chose to spend their earnings on things other than getting help, the rent, or some other positive goal, they are well in line with most of the world. When we see you railing about the excesses of retailers not covering their employees, how dangerous it is working at convenience stores, or the hundreds upon hundreds of industries where the risks are more prominent, perhaps you’ll have better perspective in which to gauge those in the industry.

  19. BigLeeBail Says:

    Shelly scores a few points because she’s so ugly. Many feel sorry for her.

  20. girlygirl23 Says:

    sammy, i read this site and i support shelley… and i’m waiting for someone to stand up and debate her as well. doesn’t seem like anyone is willing. i wonder why.

  21. sammyglick Says:

    Once again, Ms. Lubben shows her inept approach to her crusade. If she seriously wanted ANYONE from her debate list to show up…common courtesy would give them at least a week, if not a month, to clear their schedules in order to actually make the effort to attend.

    Clearly, she’s not that serious about debating anyone from the industry. Rather, she just wants to be a moronic pest. The media isn’t going to care about how Ms. Lubben used an semi-obscure website to try and, under a 24 hour ultimatum, get a handful of famous names in Porn Valley to debate her.

    Or put another way, even George W. Bush gave Saddam more time to get out of dodge before dozens of cruise missiles were programed for his imperial palaces.

  22. slubben Says:

    I’ve been asking them since August 20. That’s over a month.

  23. the general Says:

    As far as exposure on YOUTUBE goes, Shelley’s vidoes have over two million hits, and thats just the first 15 or so vidoes you get if you put Shelley lubben in the esarch box.

  24. I DIG XXX » Shelley Lubben Has LOST HER MIND & it’s captured on Video! Says:

    […] here: Shelley Lubben Has LOST HER MIND & it’s captured on Video! (No Ratings Yet)  Loading … Comments […]

  25. BrianJay Says:

    no one is going to debate her because its giving her attention … do u call 911 when someone cuts you off while driving? no, you just give them the bird and move on.. moral of the story, pest dont deserve more time than needed..

  26. eisforeric Says:

    You know what happens when women go out of porn? They work at blue collar shitholes like KMart, where they’re even MORE worthless than they were before.

    Do you know who Constance Penley is, Shelley? How about Camille Paglia? They are two very-well educated WOMEN who have attained levels of academia that you could only dream of. Debate them, Shelley. They would eat you and your “If you want people to take you seriously, get them removed” breast implants alive.

    And the general, save your poor health conditions for Catharine MacKinnon. It’s not the industry’s fault that people don’t take better care of themselves.

  27. The President Says:

    —–I challenge Sharon Mitchell, Nina Hartley, Ernest Greene, Steve Hirsch and Larry Flynt to a debate tomorrow night, Wednesday October 21, at the Downtown Los Angeles Marriott Hotel at 10 pm in the lobby.


    —–Whoever doesn’t show up mentioned in the list above, their names will be sent out to every Los Angeles media contact I have named as a “coward”.


    Nobody is going to debate you because you aren’t worth it, lady. This is where you belong, right here on the cheap blogs where nothing really matters and we’re all just here for entertainment’s sake. In related nutjob news, I don’t think President Obama will be inviting Fred Phelps to the White House for any faith sessions either. As far as reaping attention and donations goes, I think that’s fantastic. The more you can get religious zealot hypocrites to dispose of their money on causes that never achieve anything, the better. Keep on throwing donations down that black hole and wondering when porn is really “coming down.” Any day now….;)

  28. The Colonel Says:

    Shelly Lubben AKA Roxy says:

    ‘Anybody wants to debate?’

    I’ll debate you, alright, if you agree to give me a blow job on camera after we’re finished debating.

    P.S: In the meantime, while you’re sniffing Steve Hirsch’s ass and making fun of yourself with cheesy mustaches, degenerate perverts around the globe are jerking off to your fuck movies. Tell me how does that make you feel, Shelly. I bet you’re getting off on it. Once a whore, always a whore.

  29. redgoat Says:

    A complete 180’on the events…

    A new video where Shelley is interviewed by Ledger Live during the recent eXXXotica convention

    A new video where Shelley is interviewed by ABC News at the recent AdultCon convention

    Two news videos of Shelley trying to find and debate Steven Hirsch — Part 1 & Part 2

    It’s almost as if one hadn’t actually seen the content.

  30. Darrah Says:

    I had nine Shelley related links. So I posted them all in one link post. So what’s wrong with that? I also read all the links and watched the videos. So yes I did see the content.

  31. momn8rx Says:

    I’m not really busy today so if you folks need me to run around downtown Tampa looking for someone, anyone; say the name.

    Otherwise, the late 80’s/Geraldo-esque (pseudo) in your face journalism tactics don’t work in this instance.

    And should you consider those videos as 20+ minutes of life and time that can never be reclaimed, imagine the debate…Run Steve run, make like Gump and don’t look back.

  32. redgoat Says:

    I wasn’t directing the comments at YOU, Darrah. I was directing it at how the links were worded.

    They made it seem like these videos were something that she did that was a success and it rocked the foundation of the porn world.

    A select few who read these boards know who Shelley is, and the “cause” that she solicits money for.

  33. Third Axis Says:

    Disgruntled ex-porn actress turned Christian anti-porn crusader…
    Why would anybody even care to “debate” her? She has zero credibility or professional standing in or out of the porn or any other industry. And lil’ general, just how much money do you believe that Lubben collects in donations? Probably not as much as lower-tier bukkake talent. I just get a kick out of the self-importance that you crusaders place in yourselves and your pedantic views.

    The world keeps turning.

  34. Third Axis Says:

    Shelley and lil’ g, you might want to read Ernest Greene’s latest post on the recent ruling denying Cal-OSHA’s access to AIM’s medical records, along with yet another correction to the blatant misinformation regarding HIV and other STI which the PCF insists on using in its lying propaganda campaign.

  35. sammyglick Says:

    Come’on Third Axis — Shelly and the General are far to busy doing their ‘debate preparations’ (which I gather, amounts to standing in front a mirror and telling each other how amazing they are) to do any real research on the issues…

  36. The Colonel Says:

    Third Axis, what’s goin’ on, brother? Good to have you back. While you were away, I borrowed your bitch the little General for some old fashion spanking and free laughs. Hopefully that’s fine with you, and we don’t have to fist fight like our founding fathers used to in the wild west salons over cheap whores.

    I can buy you some whisky and make it up to you.

  37. Third Axis Says:

    My bitches are your bitches, compadre. Feel free to bend ’em over any time! Don’t be gentle either (AL, we’re not talkin’ gay here, so don’t go gettin’ all homocentric with the comments). The little g has taken a big slide downhill, and his typing is becoming more erratic every day… must be the Alzheimer’s kicking in.

    What i’d like to see is a debate between Lubben and Polanski!
    Stay out in front, brother, and let the devil take the hindmost*

  38. sammyglick Says:

    Speaking of the Wild West, it isn’t very ‘Christian’ of Ms. Lubben to make fun of Yosemite Sam and Latinos by putting on fake mustaches and wearing sombreros.

  39. RockPepe Says:

    Fuck! this lady is a pain in the Ass ;)So boring!!

  40. The Colonel Says:

    Third Axis says:

    ‘The little g has taken a big slide downhill, and his typing is becoming more erratic every day.’

    Oh yeah man, the little g’s last fragments of sanity are goin’, goin’, goin’, gone. In fact, it reminds of the writing in the poster on Travis Bickle’s wall in Taxi Driver:

    One day, I’m going to get



    I salute you, brother.

  41. Pornodudestud Says:


  42. Kelli Says:

    I love how you DEMAND these people drop what they are doing to “debate” you, as you put it, for your publicity stunt but in reality it’s like me saying I DEMAND BRAD PITT, ANGELINA JOLIE AND JENIFFER ANISTON MEET ME AT A HOTEL LOBBY TOMORROW AND DEBATE ME OR I’LL CALL E! AND TELL THEM WHAT COWARDS THEY ARE!!!

    This of course is only after I followed them around, interrupting their interviews, etc.

    But the truth of the matter is, in doing so that would make me look just as much like a crazy stalker as your video has done for you.

    If I was any of the people you named on your list I would be calling my lawyer asap to get a protection order. You sound like one of those people who may just be into boiling little kids rabbits.

    I get that you may want to do the right thing but you are going about it the wrong way. You are scary. Down right scary. Stalker scary and it may just land you in jail because there are laws against stalking.

  43. sammyglick Says:

    Well Lubben has, according to her comment (#22), been asking for a debate since August 20th.

    But it’s clear, she’s a lunatic as if that is the case — for why not include that information in her video in which she pesters Hirsch about doing a debate? You’d think she’d had a subtitle which states “I’ve been trying to follow up on my original effort to have a debate on Aug. 20, 2009”. Yet she doesn’t even include that nugget of info in the original blog write-up about her video.

    Which make one suspect, the ‘Aug. 20th’ date is a vain attempt by Lubben to backtrack and make herself sound like the only sane, reasonable and honest person in Porn Valley.

  44. Pornodudestud Says:

    see what a history of drug and alcohol abusecan do to a person….HYPOCRITE…kELI??? SHE IS A NUT FROM bAKERSFIELD INGNORE HER!!!! PEACE.

  45. The Colonel Says:

    Stud, tell Rick I said hi. I Haven’t seen him and talked to him for a while; he used to stop by and comment on this board every now and then, but not lately. I hope he’s well.

  46. Third Axis Says:

    As many of you may have noted in Cindi’s post regarding the recent strike-down of Cal-OSHA’s legal demand to access AIM’s medical records, and the Superior Court’s preliminary injunction against the agency’s attempt, you’ll also want to make particular note of other actions being instituted by the powers that be against the adult industry. This from Earnest Greene on the Pro-Porn Activism blog:

    “Meanwhile, as AIM struggles to keep its doors open, the swat on the nose Cal-OSHA got from Judge Smith hasn’t deterred them from their campaign to drive the lawful porn industry out of California. They have now begun sending inspectors to sets based on lists of filming permits and going over studios and locatioins with a magnifying glass. If they find a loose extension cord or a ladder where it shouldn’t be or an improperly mounted fire extinguisher, the inspectors are writing citations on the spot. They’re also writing citations on the blood-borne parthogens standards for healtchare facilities, even those said standards have not yet been establishes as applicable to the porn industry. One company was recently cited because a production assitant picked up a used towel without wearing gloves. They’ve even been inspecting offices where no production goes on in search of minute violations.

    If the infractions are small, or even non-existent, the penalties are draconian. The minimum fines start around $15,000 per citation. As you can imagine, it doesn’t take many small transgresssions to put a struggling company underwater.

    Meanwhile, the LAPD, in the wake of Michael Weinstein and Shelley Lubben putting on their dog-and-pony show for The Board of Supervisors, has formed a special squad to roam the city in search of non-permitted shooting (looking for grip trucks in driveways, etc.) and shutting those shoots down.

    All of this comes at a time when production is the lowest it’s been in 15 years and talent and crews are struggling to pay their rents.

    Meanwhile, both the state, county and city governments are deeply in debt and the most basic services are being drastically cut back. Farm workers are dying from pesticide exposure in the fields of The Central Valley, ER patients are bleeding out in the corridors of county hospitals because there aren’t enough personnel to treat them and gang violence is resurgent all over the city.

    Yet these taxpayer-funded agencies and organizations continue to find time and money to snoop on porn sets from which no complaints, in a supposedly complaint-driven inspection process, have been made.”

    Indeed, we can expect these Nazi SS-type raids to continue, and unless producers can afford the potential of such substantial fines, then you had better have your permits, OSHA protocols, and occupational health and safety standards in place. The only alternative is to keep your productions completely underground, your lips sealed, and your back covered.

    Big Brother is watching…

  47. elglorioso Says:

    shelley, you are not going to win this battle … we are sexual beings and SEX SELLS …. nobody cant stop that

  48. ernestgreene Says:

    Just for the record, Lubben never made any attempt whatsoever to contact Nina or me or Sharon Mitchell regarding this so-called debate, denying us the opportunity to tell her to get lost. How unfair is that?

    While we’re calling names, she’s welcome to call any of us cowards for failing to jump up and run out to give her a photo op at the last minute, but the fact remains that you can tell when she’s lying by whether or not she’s moving her lips.

  49. Third Axis Says:

    Thanks for that bit of info, Ernest. I’m sure there are far more useful, rational, and worthy debates to be waged than that which would be completely wasted on Lubben, or Weinstein.

    Keep up the good work*

  50. the general Says:

    Just for the record, do you know if the company that hire “paitent zero” for that shoot a couple of months ago has filed the proper workplace exposure forms with OSHA yet? Isnt that company required by law to report this exposure to the HIV virus that occured on their set? Do you know how long they have befroe they have to file? Isnt ‘failure to report” one of the things that both TTBoys’s companies werre fined $15,000 each for?

  51. the general Says:

    Of course Ernie, nor anybody from AIM would debate either of them. Why? Because Ernie knows the FIRST question Shelley would ask him is “How many total performers(not number of tests) but total performers has AIM tested in the last year?”

    If they answered that question honestly, the the L.A. County Health would know the REAL percentage of performers who test positive, and that would be the death knell for the industry. the latests statemnt from an AIM officila is there is a “constant” 2.4% rate of positives.

    Heres antoher question they will NEVER answer, even though the talent has a right to know….What percentage of performers, who are in the industry for at least six months, test positive for at least one std?

    Perhaps Ernie will answer these questions, or tell us why he wont. So Ernie, lets see if your lips move, and have the guts to answer these SIMPLE questions honestly.

  52. sammyglick Says:

    Can’t wait to hear how Lubben will twist and distort the fact she failed to contact Ernest Greene for her debate…

    Oh, that’s right — I’m sure it was on THEM to stay up-to-date on any upcoming Shelley Lubben debates via reading her website, tweets and/or LIB! Never mind…lol.

  53. the general Says:

    Shelley’s first public challenge was made at the press comference with the AHF regarding the OSHA filings. It was covered by CNN, NBC, ABC, and others.
    Sammmy, do you think Ernie will answer the simple questions put forth here, and dont you think the talent who test at AIM have the right to know this information?

  54. the general Says:

    I cant wait to se how Ernie will twist and distort the facts about the number of people tested, and the number of positive tests. Maybe you really do belive that only 2.4% is the rate of infected performers. C’mon now. Lets get real.

    Another simple question, if the rate is aconstan2.4%, what does that correlate to annually?
    (hint, about 85% of those tested are REPEAT patients)

    What is the annual rate of infected performers, and you dont count the same performer 12 times because he tested every month. PERFORMERS HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW. WHY IS THIS INFORMATION BEING WITHHELD FROM THEM?

  55. the general Says:

    What is the mathematical equation you used to come up with the 2.4% figure you posted on the AIM website.? And better yet, where does that 98% compliance with voluntary protocols come from?

  56. sammyglick Says:

    Wouldn’t the only way to be fair about all of these stats, is to compare them to a similar group of regularly tested civilians?

    Again, you can quote the figures all you want, but your and Lubben’s case isn’t helped, if people like you can’t argue that those outside of porn are anymore ‘safer’ to fuck without a condom.

    Or more to the point, does The General get an STD test as often as people in porn? Oh what’s that you say…you don’t fuck unprotected every day, week, month? So because you chose to keep your cock in a lockbox, and only let it out a few times a year, and when you do it’s ALWAYS with a condom, you’re exempt from getting a monthly STD test…

  57. the general Says:

    2.4% infection rate
    98% compliance with voluntary protocols
    Porn is a 15 billion dollar per year industry
    Porn girls love anal sex
    Polanski is innocent
    the colonel has talent
    the porn industry is open and honest
    Ernest will answer the simple questions posed to him

    Which of the above statement are true? Can you say ‘none’?

  58. the general Says:

    I dont disagree with you . The problem is, you cannot get the real infection rates from AIM unless you know the total number of peole tested. Ernie can make any statement he wants about infection rates, but until you know the total number of people tested, his stats mean NOTHING.

    Sammy, what about porn workers who have unprotected sex with 5, 10, 15, 20 or more people between tests? What good is a 25 day old test when you have had unmprotected sex with 20 other sex workers, who intrun are having unprotected sex etc.etc.etc.

    According to the LA county health dept, they say the rate is 10x higher than comaprable groups. I;ll find a link and post it.

    Until you know the ‘denominator’ in Ernies equation, his 2.4% is as beleivable as a politician telling you he wont raise your taxes.

  59. sammyglick Says:

    You forgot a few:

    “Whoever you are who puts down everybody from Sasha Grey to Ron Jeremy on this board, please help me find SOMEONE in the porn industry who has some brains and a promising pair of “cojones” to debate me publicly.”

    “Whoever doesn’t show up mentioned in the list above, their names will be sent out to every Los Angeles media contact I have named as a “coward”.”

  60. the general Says:

    Touche Sammy, touche.

    Now what abut the substance of the post. Any comments on that?

  61. Third Axis Says:

    Sammy, this is a pointless debate with pointless people. Everything that needs to be said on this subject has already been said, but have at it.

  62. Third Axis Says:

    From Ernest Greene, Pro-Porn Activism, June 14, 2009:

    “Since 1997, AIM has performed over a hundred thousand such tests [for HIV and other STIs] for the thousands of performers who have passed through the porn industry during that time. During those dozen years, a total of five active players on the heterosexual side of the industry have been diagnosed as HIV positive. Four cases were discovered in 2004 and one on June 4 this year…

    In thirty-five years of legal pornography in this country, not a single clinical death has been correctly attributed to HIV transmission in the making of heterosexual porn. During that time, thousands of sexually active young Californians from very similar demographic cohorts have died of AIDS contracted in circumstances utterly unrelated to porn, including a significant number whose cases were contracted in bathhouses and sex clubs where HIV prevention has been the province of governmental oversight.

    Our good fortune in porn is directly attributable to two things: constant voluntary testing and the much-derided conceit of the external ejaculation, which significantly reduces the risk of serum transmission through mucous membranes.”

  63. The President Says:

    Since Shelley finds racist caricatures amusing, she ought to do her next video in blackface. Perhaps demanding that Lex Steele or Mr. Marcus debate her. That ought to please the white supremacist portion of her following and encourage donations as well.

  64. Julie Meadows Says:

    A better tactic might be to politely ask for an interview. Of course, I politely asked for one from you, Shelley, and instead had to write a blog asking my questions before you responded. And in the response you actually ask me why I didn’t just “get to know you first, before writing my blog?” lol

    People don’t want to be attacked. You’re attacking is only pushing them away when you could be nice and try to actually understand why they do what they do and are who they are. Kill them with kindness. It’s possible you know more about being helpful because you are a former sex worker, but acting like a pit bull doesn’t actually resolve any problems. I’m not telling you what to do, but it’s possible that being more friendly would get you better results. And the picture with the bound and crying female on it is tacky. I still think the “Dead Porn Star” video is deeply insensitive, not only to the deceased, but to their loved ones. It’s just really tacky. You can be a lady and still get the attention you need for your cause. Oh, and female-to-female, you’d look so much better without all that make-up. The “porn star” make-up doesn’t look good on you. Too harsh.

  65. Julie Meadows Says:

    Wow!!! I just saw the part where she assumes the Asian woman is Chinese!!! Aaaah!!! Talk about insensitive!!! You shouldn’t have left that in the video. That is soooo not “evolved human being” footage. Oh man… In the video reads “God created you for greater things than porn.” But not greater than racism??? Not good!!

  66. Third Axis Says:

    No, Julie, she should continue exactly as she has, totally discrediting herself and her cause. Honestly, what public official would ever take her seriously after viewing such shameful ignorance and juvenile mentality?

    Incidentally, did you see the TV news coverage of the L.A. Marriott Hotel protest? Pure bored-housewife theater of the best kind. The Lubben/Weinstein supporters are their most effective detractors.

    Please carry on, Shelley. You are loved.

  67. Julie Meadows Says:

    No I haven’t seen that.

  68. Larry Horse Says:

    Shelley, you’re a whack job, those videos just reinforced it. Go save Sophia, I imagine the two of you could real understand each other.

  69. Shelley Lubben: The Michelle Bachmann Of Ex-Slut Ministers…And Completely Off The Rail Batsh*t Crazaa | The SmackDog Chronicles (Ver. 2.6) Says:

    […] Problem is, she is so much of a publicity whore and a zealot for her cause that she tends to simply allow her zealotry to overwhelm her…which is why she responded so abruptly and so quickly when the porn blog decided to reveal her antics at Adultcon with the heading “SHELLEY LUBBEN HAS LOST HER MIND!!…” […]

  70. Shelley Lubben: The Michelle Bachmann Of Ex-Slut Ministers…And Completely Off The Rail Batsh*t Crazaa | Red Garter Club Blog (Version 3.0) Says:

    […] Problem is, she is so much of a publicity whore and a zealot for her cause that she tends to simply allow her zealotry to overwhelm her…which is why she responded so abruptly and so quickly when the porn blog decided to reveal her antics at Adultcon with the heading “SHELLEY LUBBEN HAS LOST HER MIND!!…” […]

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