SETH DICKENS- Finally Speaks on his Involvement in the HIV+ Mess

STATEMENT from Seth Dickens

I know everyone is scared with this HIV incident, and I know my name has been in the middle of this mess, so I would like to take a minute to tell my side of the story. Before I do, I want to say I love this industry, and I wouldn’t do anything to harm it.

I have been under quarantine since AIM informed me of patient zero status. I have honored this quarantine and will continue to honor it until released by AIM. Thankfully, I have successfully gone through my second round of testing. This has been a very difficult and scary situation for me.

I worked with patient zero on May 20th. She had a valid AIM test that expired on May 29th. I also verified her test on line before shooting that day. I have tested negative for HIV in two series of tests on June 8th and also June 22nd. I will gladly and voluntarily remain on quarantine until receiving my next negative test results on July 6th just like everyone else in my situation.

 I just want to be clear, I NEVER work unless I – and my partner – have a current valid AIM test.  For anyone that thinks I am calling around to work as talent; that is not true. The truth is, I am working as a production manager in order to pay the bills; that’s why I call around.

I’m really sorry this happened to the industry, and I know it sucks, but it’s not my fault. I’ve always had a good name in this business, I would like to keep it that way.  I am hoping this clarifies my involvement in this whole mess, because I have nothing to hide. I want to thank AIM for their help and I look forward to getting back to work. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Seth Dickens


  1. The Colonel

    Yes Seth, I think you’ll do anything as long as you think you can get away with it, but that didn’t happen and hopefully will never happen.

  2. The Colonel

    I know you better than you imagine, Seth, what I don’t know, and maybe you can help me and others to figure out while you’re here, are:

    1. Why did you perform with a person who had a pending HIV test? What were you thinking? Were you desperate for work or did Tom Moore talk you into it? What were the particulars of that shoot?

    2. May 20th or June 5th, What’s the exact date of the shoot?

    3. How many people did you work with after that fateful shoot?

    Answer these questions so we can discuss further.

  3. 1. First off Colonel or dickhead whatever you go by I didn’t perform with someone that didn’t have a test!! Her test was good till the May 29th I worked with her may 20 I even have a copy of her test so kiss my ass if you can’t take my word for it!

    2. Did you actually read my statement? I worked with her may 20th!!! She had a scene with someone else that day! Get it through your fucking head!

    3. I didn’t WORK WITH ANYONE AFTER I FOUND out. I am not getting and giving up any other names just to make my life easier!

  4. not getting sued … to make sense and that last statement.

    As for your Larry Horse you don’t know what your talking about.
    You people must think I evil…. It would take someone truely evil to do what you claim I have done.
    Read my statement

  5. You people have questions you can quit talking shit on your blog and actually ask me. What the fuck did I do to any people to have talked shit and this site. The answer is not a damn thing. I’m a really nice guy until repeatly being attacked on line. If you really have a problem come talk to me man to man face to face. Other then that everyone else that said something in support of me I do thank you for your support. Especially when I didn’t know if I was going to live or die.

  6. The Colonel

    Bullshit Seth, I’m glad you came to this web site and demonstrated your ‘character’ by repeating your lies instead of providing any actual, convincing, honest answer to crucial, important and legitimate questions about the crisis that you were so foolishly and irresponsibly a part of. Did you fucking read today’s headlines, Mr. Nice Guy? Let me read it for you:

    ‘AIDS Healthcare Foundation Files Lawsuit to require CONDOM use in porn movies.’

    This is a direct result of the incident that you were a part of, but don’t have balls to talk about it. Do you understand what does it mean? If they win, the porn as we know will go down the fucking gutter, it’s all gonna burn down to hell. But little Seth Dick-ins, or should I call you by your gay stage name Cameron Sage, can’t wait to go back to work and fuck people over for his rent money. That’s not going to happen, pardner. You’re out, wake up and smell the ashes and while you’re at it, start filling out job applications at Wal-Mart and McDonald’s. You’re not much of a man, Seth Dick-ins, you’re not much of anything, and I’m glad you came out and proved it to everybody. It was necessary.

  7. Ok Asshole you want to question my integrity then you call me at 818 451 5110 we will arrange a place to fight. I will beat your face to a bloody mess.
    What is your real name coward? I will find you and fucking beat your face in. You want to call me a liar I’ll make an example out of you just I did Donny Long. I’m going get ready for the party at Vice tonight why don’t you man up come on down and say this shit you’re to my face. Then I will viciously knock you out and embarrass you. I am so looking that opportunity. UnTil that day FUCK OFF.

  8. The Colonel

    Is that the best you can do, macho nacho? To make lousy threats of physical violence instead of answering legitimate questions? Of course, because let’s face it, you don’t have the balls or dignity to answer them. But it’s good, it’s working, continue and provide more examples of your ‘good character’. People deserve to see your true colors. I could never do to you what you’re doing to yourself on this very board.

    People, Seth Dickens AKA Cameron Sage has been exposed to HIV virus and can be a potential host. Do not work with him, do not hire him, do not risk your lives. Avoid him at all costs.

  9. The President

    —-Her test was good till the May 29th I worked with her may 20 I even have a copy of her test so kiss my ass if you can’t take my word for it!

    You can’t fault him on this. If he clears the standard quarantine window and maintains a negative test, there’s no reason to deny him work for this. Just the facts, no paranoia.

  10. kayryan

    Colonel always finding friends!

    As your mediator and eternal love slave, what questions is he not answering?

    With all the “fight” stuff I am getting a little lost. I understand that this will be a he said she said with the other performer. But Seth are you saying you did not know she had a pending AIM HIV test when you worked with her on the 20th?

  11. Listen people I have patient zero test right in front of me I know when I worked. I can prove it through producers I worked for. I’m not giving out the information to please this coward the colonel and get myself in a legal mess.I don’t start getting violet until someone ie the Colonel calls me a liar. So yeah I will find you colonel!!I will pay 100 dollars to whomever can tell me the real name and location of The colonel. Thank you folks check out my new statement at the home page.

  12. The Colonel

    I will pay you $200 to man up and talk, Seth Dick-ins, you’re a small, weak, lying moron with no dignity and no shame. Come on clown, let’s see what you’re made of.

  13. kayryan

    Oh Seth, better men and women then you have tried to reveal The Colonel.

    Quite frankly no one really cares who he is or isn’t any more, but we do like a good old fashion Colonel smack down. The ones between words i mean, not any physical violence.

    I think The Colonel is in all of us. Metaphorically Colonel, I know how your dirty mind works!

  14. The Colonel

    Kay, I’ll be glad to be ‘inside’ you, if you catch my drift; and no, I don’t mean metaphorically, I mean real one on one action.

    And Jed, welcome back. I told you Cindi is a genuine, good hearted person and you can work things out with her.

  15. rics

    Good Jed Is Back. Has someone noticed Phoenix Marie in Jules Jordan Forums talking about the Trannyfucker? The girl is delutional.

  16. freepornstarpix

    I received some new info regarding Seth, etc. Like they say on X-Files, the truth is out there.

    Seth, I don’t have any issues against you, I only seek to find answers.

  17. freepornstarpix

    new info

    Seth, you can’t be sued for discussing the situation. Go talk to the HIV organizations, they will back you and protect you.

  18. The President

    Oh my god, you really do treat this shit like an X-Files episode! When I wrote that in a reply to you under the other article I was just making a joke. Does the possibility of HIV cover-ups in porn excite you? Get the endorphins pumping for you? Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry,” baby. Big time.

  19. jed

    $100 to rat someone out? you’re the ultimate gangster, seth.

    i gotta ask, why is gay porn always the apparent last bastion of money making schemes? the robert rodriguez story would have been more interesting if he financed el mariachi through doing gay porn. yet surprisingly he found another avenue to raise the money.

  20. Everyone needs to hear what I am saying.I give everyone my word as a man and former MARINE Sergeant I did not work with patient x on june 5th I had NOTHING TO DO with that scene whatsoever. She had a test when I worked with her may 20th I verified on line thru the kickass account on I have a copy right here sitting here in front of me. It is tempting to release all the names of people on the quarentine and tell you the name of the talent that worked with her June 5th. I will not make peoples lives more difficult or get sued by anyone just so people who write blogs have story to write about. People can say whatever they like about my old job doing gay porn. They can make up shit and start rumors all they want I don’t really care. What I do care about is people calling me a liar after I post a truth about what happened. By the way do you see anyone else making a statement? I did the right god damn thing here. Anyone can see this colonel guy has allot of hatred towards me. Anyone who posts so much hate towards someone has to expect that person will want to kick the shit of them. I’m a really nice guy until provoked repeatedly and called a liar basically saying my word as a man is no good. I will not tolerate that I will make an example out of him. I have a few friends who think they know who this guy is and I will continue to offer $100.00 to who can provide me his real name and address . I will go vegas or wherever else to find this piece of shit. When I find him I will use every ounce of my fighting skills to wipe the floor with this guy. For those you thinking THIS GUY IS TO VIOLENT; take a second and read the comments from my 2 statements. Look at what this guy has said for the last month. I never been so insulted or pissed off in my life so yes I dedicate myself to finding this person and knocking them out. He has my number and yet he doesn’t call to arrange a place to fight. He’s a pussy that’s afraid to a fight a guy who used to do gay porn. I will not respond to anymore these blog attacks on line it just pisses me off to read this shit.

  21. 98thbasic

    I think Seth delivered his message with verve, clarity and a huge set of balls.
    Marshalling a plentiful array of facts, figures, charts, conjecture and utter bullshit (e.g., the aforementioned rants) is gratuitous use of pseudoscience for what? Are you that bored in life?
    Seth Dickens is the collective embodiment of espirit de corps, a guy that wears his heart on his sleeve, a stand up guy and good friend. Seth has a zest for life and humanity that is utterly contagious. I’ve never met a single solitary soul that didn’t love this guy after meeting him.
    This could have been any one of us my friends and Colonal, why don’t you get half a ball and man up yourself? Scared?

  22. The Colonel

    98thbasic, the way you praise Seth Dick-ins, I get a feeling you were having a hard on for him while you were writing this massive homo jerk stupid shit. Fuck you, you don’t deserve an actual response.

    But for the record, this couldn’t have been any of us, this was Seth Dick-ins, the swinger, private gay escort who was dating a HIV positive bi-sexual prostitute long before that fateful shoot. It’s even possible that the HIV exposure happened prior to that shoot; and maybe that’s one of the reasons little Seth Dick-ins is so afraid to tell the truth about it. No worries though, the truth is out there and eventually will be found.

    You reap what you sow and you will pay the price. There are no two ways about it.

  23. 98thbasic

    Colonal has your brain ever suffered the malady of an original thought? Is that the best you can do haha??
    What is a “massive homo jerk stupid shit” LOL??
    You are most definately the de Tocqueville of LIB LMAO.

  24. kayryan

    Seth again I must chime in…please if it up sets you to hear what is being said about you on LIB, why not just not come and read it. And Cindi I am sorry to send business a way from you, you know I love you and this site!

    It’s the same argument as porn if you don’t like it don’t watch it.

    I am a civilian and only know about the industry from these sites and some friends I have made here. But why even give The Colonel the time of day? Why even waste time putting up your phone # and saying you want to beat the shit out of him?…….
    Please get in line..

    If you have the truth then it will come out and so be it. Then you can come back and say I TOLD YOU SO.

    This is what this site is for..industry gossip, news, and advertising. Next week you will be old news and we will all be on to something else.

    So sit back have all your information and wait for it to come out.

  25. jed

    “verve, clarity and a huge set of balls.”

    hardly. seth’s rant reads like freshman with something to prove, agitating for his first school yard fight.

    you can picture this big chinned rock eater breaking a keyboard with every full stop.

  26. freepornstarpix

    Seth, there is some sort of medicine that can be given to people exposed to HIV. Did AIM give you and the other performer that medication or tell you the name of it and where you could get it? It is very costly, but it sometimes can block HIV from your system after being exposed.

  27. the general

    there is a shot that is given to people(i too cant remember the name) of people who were just recentyly exposed. It is usually given to healthcare workers who accidently stick themselves with a needle, or who spill possibly contaminated blood products. It is only thought to be effective if given within one or two hours.

    And jerry, you state …”the fact that magic(johnson) is now HIV negative….” Please show me EXACTLY where you get this from.(or is this just something you ‘heard’) I think you have truely goneoff the deep end

  28. Hey general,

    I originally made the point that Magic’s wife who has fucked him innumerable times is HIV negative. Someone else claimed he was negative so I looked it up and his levels are “undetectable”, though some claim this does not mean he’s virus free. Again, remember all us porn stars who test have “undetectable” as well, which is what we also equate as “negative”.

    ( i spaced out the link so Cindi does not have to approve it and have it show up in the middle of all these posts by the time it shows up):

    http: // www . extremeskins . com/archive/index . php/t-198672 . html

    And fpsp, you’re telling Seth who is HIV negative to take toxic cocktails. That’s like telling a person who doesn’t have cancer to have chemotherapy. But you think Sophia Mounds is credible, so I’m not surprised.

    Stop doing lazy research. This is people’s lives here.

  29. Btw, I’d like to announce that I’ve been experimenting in my bathroom with a petri dish and bunsen burner and discovered a deadly retrovirus I call The “life virus”, or LV. It is shown to causes death within 60-80 years. For this deadly virus I am selling my unique variant of thalium (rat poison) for $1000.00 per bottle (lasts a week). I suggest you take this poison sooner than later to counteract the debilitating stages of the disease as it occurs down the line. ACT NOW!

  30. freepornstarpix

    Magic has the best healthcare money can buy and supposedly goes out of the country to get HIV treatments involving blood purification not legal in the US. He is a poor example. HIV is not just another illness. It has different strains and mutations and is harder on women than men (the people picking at Tricia Devereaux’s appearance needed a good smack).

  31. Lostbutterfly

    WOW! Anyway writing a britanica sized book about HIV/AIDS will not stop HIV/AIDS from spreading. Education, spermicide, condoms and safer sex practices will. I knew a striper who’s a sex addict, she f-d and blew every untested guy in the place. It blew my mind! Cus I cared about her and I prayed that she didn’t catch HIV… Verbally battering people because you must feel powerless over somthing that no one seems to be able to stop. I understand that. But what is acting like that going to do? A woman was the victim not Seth. It’s absolutly pointless to point the finger at any one person or group. I remember Rock Hudson if I remember correctly, when he first came out, he took a lot of heat and so did Fredy Mucury. The HIV virus is just that a virus, it doesn’t hate the victims it choses, only a few of the posters attack others for a virus that’s killed millions. I saw a horrible picture of an 18 year old African girl who was days away from death, she was laying in the nurses arm, she weighed maybe 60lbs, she coulddn’t even hold her head up, because that’s how HIV kills. A tear came to my eye… I’m not black, I don’t live in africa, but the thought of another human being suffering that much effected me, to be more compasionate towwards people living with HIV/AIDS… It only took one picture that said more then a million words ever could.

  32. fpsp, it’s a Magic Trick…

    The rumor I’ve read that Magic isn’t taking any meds can’t be proven or disproven unless Johnson is monitored 24/7. He owns on org that takes in money “looking” for a cure. Regardless the reason he’s not sick and dying could be because he’s not taking any medication and doesn’t need to as he is not sick and never was.

    And again if HIV is such a deadly epidemic that is spread sexually why is his wife HIV free?

    Am I right El G?

    If we REALLY care about people who have HIV or AIDS we should research the controversy. Again it’s a fascinating subject. I found some really fascinating things out about Ryan White that those who claimed to care so much about never knew.

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