Free HIV Testing & LA Times using picture of Carmen Luvana?

Photo: A young woman takes an HIV test. Credit: REUTERS/Fred Prouser

This photo looks an awful lot like  former Adam & Eve Contract star Carmen Luvana. And she looks like she didn’t want her picture taken. Funny that the LA Times is using a picture of this "young woman" as their example in the story below. But anyway, if you want a FREE HIV test you have until Saturday to get one. You can get the locations by calling (800) 367-2437 (AIDS).

Free HIV testing this week in L.A. County

HIV Parks, banks and music stores will host free mobile HIV testing this week as part of HIV Testing Week in Los Angeles County.

Testing will be available today from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Home Depot in North Hollywood, 8236 Balboa Blvd., and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Echo Park, off Echo Park and Laguna avenues. Clinics will offer ree testing in other locations, including Huntington Park, Pasadena, Inglewood and Long Beach.

Sophia Rumanes, chief of prevention services for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, said the program promotes and encourages early detection and the awareness of risk behaviors.

“We want to educate people,” she said. “We want to let people know that HIV is still around, it’s still an epidemic.”

Last year, 1,800 people were tested throughout the week. This year, the county is aiming to test 2,000 people, Rumanes said.

HIV Testing Week runs from today through Saturday and is part of a public health campaign sponsored by the department to combat the disease. Each year, 3,100 people in L.A. County are infected with HIV, department officials said.

Of the 60,000 people living with AIDS in L.A. County, more than 60% are unaware of it, Rumanes said.

“We want people linked with treatment earlier than later,” she said.

— Nicole Santa Cruz


  1. the general

    This picture has been aroung a long time. She knew the picture was being taken. It was for a story in the L.A. times years ago.
    Now lets play a game…who can name the person holding the needle in that picture?(its really easy)

  2. “We want to educate people,” she said. “We want to let people know that HIV is still around, it’s still an epidemic.”

    This woman needs to be educated. Does she know what the word “epidemic” means? This is the kind of bullshit I’m talking about…

    And aren’t they still employing the old testing methods (Eliza). Any adult performers who read this and don’t know should know the industry won’t accept these free tests or go by this testing standard. I don’t know why AIDS organizations still do Eliza (actually, I do, but that’s another story… lots of false positives and terrorism are good for business).

    Here’s another bullshit lie/scare tactic, the same one that ThirdAxis pointed out recently…

    “Of the 60,000 people living with AIDS in L.A. County, more than 60% are unaware of it”. Again, no differentiation between HIV+ status and AIDS. If one has AIDS, that means they have one of 29 old diseases with symptoms and they’ll certainly be aware of it.

  3. the general

    Regardless of your opinion on hte HIV virus, there is no such thing as a ‘free’ hiv test being offered by the conty. These tests are paid for by the ‘taxpayers.’ I have seen others on odifferent boards asking shy performers dont get the ‘free’ tests offered by many county clinics. All I can say is….Why sould the taxpayers pay for HIV tests for performers making 500 to 1000 dollars per scene. THe entire premise of ‘taxpayer’ funding of porn performer testing is ludicrous.

  4. “We want people linked with treatment earlier than later,” she said.

    “treatment” causes illness. AIDS is claimed to occur on average of 10 years later. If a person is not sick and has no symptoms of any AIDS diseases why should they start taking poisonous “treatment”?

    just asking….

  5. BrianJay

    well if your on HIV meds chances the virus will never become AIDS is a really good reason to get on meds, also it will lower your hiv t cell count so it will become easier to treat.

    I am not sure about that number of people who do know, but its one out of every four people don’t know they are infected…. not that 1 out of every 4 ppl are infected…

  6. Brian. There’s a serious historical scandal about AIDS drugs, amongst other things. It needs to be looked at BEFORE rendering an opinion. Again, let’s employ common sense. If I’m not sick and I’m told I may die in 10, 20 years, but I’m healthy now, do I really want to take drugs that will make me sick on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis to fight something that supposedly might one day kill me?

    Again, how does this lady qualify this statement?:
    “Of the 60,000 people living with AIDS in L.A. County, more than 60% are unaware of it” How do they know how many have it and don’t know it?

  7. the general

    Jerry, just out of curiosity.

    If its not the HIV virus or AIDS, what exactly are these people dying from? What is it that causes their immune systems to stop fighting things like pnemonia, and other “aids’ related illnesses.

    Even you have to admit that ‘SOMETHING’ is causing these people to die. Since you seem so sure about what is “not” causing it, I thought you might enlighten us as to what is causing it. \

  8. BrianJay

    I am not sure about her statement..
    if someone has HIV and they gets on the drugs chances are you will never reach the AIDS level (which is just advanced HIV)

    if your on the HIV meds your not going to have to worry about so much dying in 10 to 20 years, as to where if your not on meds chances are you die in 10 to 20 years.

    I do know a thing or two, I am not HIV + but I work as a counselor and I also do i HIV testing as well as health education.

  9. the general

    And once again, the headline may read “Free Tests” but we all know it is taxpayer funded. Nothing is free when it is provided by the government. It is paid for by the taxpayers. Just because the headline says ‘free’ doesnt mean everyone has to keep repeating that lie.

    Jerry, in post #7 are you trying to insunuate that once someone has this virus(and there is no doubt that the virus itself exists, I dont think even you deny that) that they are then put on ‘meds’ that cause the diseases from which they die? Or am I misunderstanding your post?

  10. Each case would have to be examined but the fact is, AIDS BY DEFINITION IS NOT A NEW DISEASE, ONLY A LINKING OF 29 OLD DISEASES TOGETHER UNDER ONE UMBRELLA LABEL, SOLELY LINKED TO A RETROVIRUS… So, there’s no suggestion that people aren’t dying. People are and have been dying for years and will continue to do so. What’s relatively new is this enterprise that was born where all these unrelated diseases were linked together. When women became the fastest growing AIDS group this happened right after the CDC strangely adopted and added Cervical Cancer to the list of AIDS diseases. This conveniently brought women into the equation in what was in the Western world pretty much a male disease (amongst IV drug users and gay amyl nitrate users.. the first AIDS disease was Kaposi Sarcoma which is caused by amyl nitrate). The only difference between diarrhea and an AIDS diarrhea is the HIV+ label. So treat the old disease the old ways, that’s all.

    Again, Robert Gallo, credited with discovering the HIV retrovirus now admits that HIV can not in itself cause AIDS without at least co-factors.

    There’s much more to say about it, but why don’t yo peeps asking me question review that shit first???

    The first AIDS drug, AZT, with the skull and crossbones, was considered “too toxic for human consumption”. When people started taking the drug they died of AIDS related symptoms. Now they have cocktails but this is just a lighter version of the same scam that drugs are saving people who either didn’t need to be saved, or were sick from other old diseases which existed long before their association with the “AIDS” label….

  11. deun99

    These so called toxic drugs do preserve life just ask Magic Johnson. Jerry reminds me of a former friend who stopped taking his meds. I say former cause he died after he stopped taking his anti-rejection medication after a lung transplant cause he felt fine and didn’t feel it necessary to continue taking them.

  12. If that’s the fact, that’s great. But is it? Where do you get this shit from? Source reference pleez

    Hurry before the ambulances come to take me back to the mental ward… j/k

  13. I know that look anywhere…it’s not “she didn’t want her picture taken” it’s “she doesn’t like needles”. I have the same look every 4 months when I get blood drawn (making sure the statin drug isn’t harming my liver). I hate needles and have been known to freak out at the sight of a needle in my arm. It helps to look away.

  14. deun99

    That’s a fact. Source referance Mount Hope Cemetery
    San Diego Ca. Healthy people can afford to be crazy sick people get put in the ground. My advice to anyone out there who is sick with any type of illness is to follow your doctors advice, TAKE YOUR MEDS and keep your sanity. The same person who once” You can’t argue with Crazy” also said 10 percent of the population is crazy it’s up to the rest of us to take-up the slack. Magic looked fine a few weeks ago at a fund raiser at the Renaissance Center.

  15. RockPepe

    haha Rics! Call Shelley quickly! Really did you like Carmen? Another hot Latina “que habla español” but he never wanted to tell me a word in Spainish, I never liked her very much, nice ass but not especially of my favorites

  16. rics

    I do not think Carmen needs Shelley, I think she is more like a Eastern Euro, she can handle well herself Pepe.

    Fund data, El Glorioso knows her.

  17. rics

    Pepe “A little sad?” giving with my experience with other PWs and former PWs, full strength suicidal depression can be expected.
    That is what worries me.

  18. RockPepe

    Rics she told me she is really emo, and she tends for feeling depress sometimes….No way to talking with her she is very reserved. I am worried too 🙁

  19. sirecumalot

    i dont recall AIM using those plastic tubes when drawing blood, my guess is that the picture is not from AIM testing but i guess that would go with the story of free testing for the general public, not for adult performers..

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