You read it here first- Vivid’s Newest Contract Star A J Bailey

Thanks for the tip D!

photo by Twisty’s

If you go to a Myspace page and you find clues like;

a former porn star is making a comeback,

the top "friend" on her site is Vivid

She only has 253 friends so far ( means brand new page)

She has close friends leaving her congratulations messages

AND then you have inside info that she signed with Vivid on Friday morning, lol, I guess it’s pretty easy to be the first to announce- Vivid has a new contract girl!

Here’s what she has to say- "My name is AJ, and I’m a Porn Star. I started out in 2005 and have appeared in Hustler, Penthouse, Strip Las Vegas, and Rockstar magazines to name a few.

I left the "biz" to complete my education in 2006. Now that I have accomplished that, I’m BACK!

I am a happy healthy little Sex Kitten who loves a little adventure in life"

  and her is her addy-

I bet she has a lot more friends by tomorrow !


  1. AL

    “I left the “biz” to complete my education in 2006. Now that I have accomplished that, I’m BACK!”\

    I didn’t know they offered degrees in Kama Sutra

  2. chip love

    vivid sucks. i can’t even remember the last time i watched a flick by those dudes. i was probably bored to tears in a DoubleTree hotel in some shit-hole town like El Paso or Grand Junction with absolutely nothing better to do with my time.

    commuting from NoHo to regular Ho for work i’d pass by vivid every day and wonder how they make enough money to keep their own building. then i’d see some of their girls and dudes at the Fox and Hound bar after work. in all fairness the chicks are hot, and besides their over gelled hair-dos, the dudes could be pretty funny at the bar.

  3. The Colonel

    I always hated Vivid. Those fuckers took the concept of plot driven porn flicks of the 70’s and 80’s, stripped them from all and every fun and innovativity, turned them into turd and shoved it up the throats of middle age couples in need of a substitute for their broken fantasies and dead sex lives. Rob Black once said: If I ever want to release faggy porn, I’ll get Paul Thomas to direct them for me. Couldn’t say it any better; and as if their original movies are not horrible enough, they’ve started re-making the classics: Debbie Does Dallas, Deep Throat starring Sasha Grey and directed by no other than Paul Thomas, etc. What a bad, bad fucking idea.

    Despite their overall healthy DVD and cable sales, they’re not the company they used to be. In today’s industry their expenses are simply too high to leave them any considerable profit. But they will survive the current crisis and stay in the business. One of their most important sources of income is licensing and selling merchandise such as sex toys made based on their contract girls and managing nation wide tours for them. That’s the main reason they still keep signing up new contract girls.

  4. Houstondon

    She’s a hotty but having only done g/g flicks, and a handful of them at that, she is delusional if she thinks she’s a porn “star”.

    As far as Vivid is concerned, I’ve watched their movies off and on since the company was founded in the mid 1980’s, probably reviewing more of their works over the last four years than anyone online. Despite my reservations about the use of film on bigger projects (looks like crap on low budget) and how generic some of their titles may have been, they are a LOT better than they have been in years. You can focus on Paul Thomas all you like but director B. Skow’s Brand New Faces is one of the best newcomer series available and babes like Nikki Jayne are nothing like the vast majority of contract gals on the market.
    Since the name came up, whatever happened to Rob Black? Last I heard, he was still facing multiple accounts of felony charges and making lame ass porn focused on shock value over anything normal people could jerk off to. 😉

  5. chip love

    true. nikki jayne is hot. but vivid is boring. rob black’s pornos are like watching a hateful little ******. it’s gross. and psychologically criminal. i like hard sex, but fucking a bitch til she pukes then pissing on her is not sexy at all.
    NL-Behave Chip…

  6. The Colonel

    Rob Black is over and out. In 2006, he stopped distributing titles on DVD and blabbered about an exclusive deal with to release his material online. Anybody with half a brain could realize that as a producer, it was absolutely riduculus to put all your eggs in one basket and count on your VOD revenue to continue doing business. That deal obviously went down the gutter since nobody is even talking about it anymore. Maybe he still shoots cheap, disgusting blow job/puke scenes with crack whores and midgets here and there, but his better days are far behind him and he’s finished. The last I heard he was living in his mother’s house.

  7. I’m really really surprised at this one. I mean she’s pretty and all, I don’t mean it like that but I guess I’m what I’m trying to say is that she’s not similar to those who normally get signed with Vivid. I seen some photos of her from other places like Danni, etc. and it just seems out of place for them.

    And throw in the fact that she is almost 30 years old, seems even more out of place for Vivid who tends to like them young, sweet and barely 19.

  8. chip love

    sorry. i’ll put it in check. i’m so jaded, misanthropic, and black-hearted that i often forget other people still care about things in life. ha!

  9. Real Luke Ford Fan

    Houston Don says: “Since the name came up, whatever happened to Rob Black?”

    Rob Black, along with his wife, Lizzie Borden pleaded guilty to 1 count of conspiracy to distribute obscene material in a Pittsburgh Federal Court a few weeks ago. Their sentencing is July 1. They face up to 5 years in jail and up to a $250,000 fine.

    Don’t they claim to be champions of the first amendment? Fuckin’ hypocrites.

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  11. Pornodudestud

    Colonel You hit that right on the nail with VIVID! They are a faggy-Porn company and will be taking a major dump soon with internet provailing with productions today and all they got are Derrick’s gay bois hanging around to do Craigslist shoots!!!

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  14. yves_ryan

    The Colonel is right as always. Vivid puts me to sleep. Then again, since I mainly watch their product in hotels, maybe that’s not a bad thing. They keep me out of trouble.

    I also wonder how Vivid keeps afloat. Their movies are like 90-minute episodes of “Melrose Place” with a handful of poorly-lit sex scenes thrown in.

    I see no reason to be excited over this new chick or whoever else they trot out under the “contract girl” gimmick. It’s passe to the point of self-parody. Move on, Vivid. But if you guys insist on staying stuck in the past, at least hire Greg Dark to shoot a movie or two. At least he made sex look like fun (unlike Paul Thomas).

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