1. pornster

    I’m very sad to hear this. Marilyn was a true pioneer and was very unashamed of her stardom. She literally changed the direction of the adult industry in the early 70’s by starring in the trailblazing Behind the Green Door.

    Of course, Marilyn starred in INSATIABLE, the greatest adult film ever. It’s literally a “Film” as it has great direction, exotic film locales, an original soundtrack, and Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn!

    The INSATIABLE DVD even has 2 Commentary tracks; one with Marilyn and another with Gloria Leonard talking about the way it was. How many adult films do you know of with TWO Audio Commentaries? That’s how big of a film star she really was.

    She made a lot of people feel good..I hope she went out with that beautiful smile on her face.

  2. rics

    So sad that one of the best porn stars ever and one that loved her job dies in her middle age in a trailer.

    Is ever a happy ending for PWs?

  3. jun jun

    Do any of these performers save their money? Marilyn should of been living in a nice house in the Hollywood Hills.

    Buck Adams slept in his car and peoples’ couches.

    Barbara Dare lives with her parents.

    Jerry Butler drives a school bus.

    This industry needs a financial advisor.

    Anyway, sorry to hear about Mrs. Chambers. She defintely was one of the best.

  4. freepornstarpix

    Do any of these performers save their money? Marilyn should of been living in a nice house in the Hollywood Hills.

    She did less than 20 movies and was in porn before the good money started (especially the $$ from feature dancing and magazine shoots).

    Danni Ashe is a good example of someone who saved their $$.

  5. rics

    Now that was a porn star, less that 25 titles and a she was a leyend. Today’s PW have 150 scenes and they are forgotten in 10 years.

    “This industry needs a financial advisor”

    I do not think that people that fuck strangers on film for money worries too much about their future, financial or otherwise.
    Remember, “when there is no future there is no sin”.

  6. jun jun

    I hear you rics. You gotta be a little off your rocker to be a performer in the first place. I remember hearing about a male performer who never did his taxes. He thought the paychecks already had the taxes taken out so he never filed. This dude was around 35.

  7. AL

    LOL jun jun, that’s even worse if he thought the taxes were taken out because he’s leavin his refunds with gov…

  8. jun jun

    Yeah Al this was in the late 90’s, early 2000 and I think this guy got paid cash most of the time. The porn company reports it and the porn dude doesnt. The male performer is too dumb to understand the mail from the IRS with the complicated words. So this guy owed money and lots of intrest and penalties.

    No wonder the porn world has been called “children in the playpen of the damned.”

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