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How to be a porn star

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Jenna & Tito- The Babies- Pics

From Darrah at PornStarBabylon

Thank you to N/A for these new pictures of Jenna taking home her twins from the hospital. Her sons were reportedly born premature and had to stay longer but both are doing well now.

Last month pictures of a blonde surfaced outside the same hospital Jenna’s twins were in and with pictures of Tito also at the hospital that same day. She looks a lot like how Jenna would look like without makeup.

Many including myself thought that blonde was Jenna. If it wasn’t Jenna, maybe she is a cousin. They both have similar features. But because of these new pictures posted above, I finally remembered Jenna has a large tattoo on the back of her neck & shoulders. The blonde doesn’t. I also had thought then maybe the brunette with her was her assistant who has been photographed with Jenna many times. But it was possibly Jenna herself.

Thank you to Jenn for finding out that the blonde is named Miss Shana. She runs Jenna’s website House of Jameson . She runs the site according to her Myspace page.

Mystery solved …………

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6 Responses to “Jenna & Tito- The Babies- Pics”

  1. Sinners Delight Says:

    Awwwww..Best of luck to the entire family.

  2. The Colonel Says:

    There goes another one fanboys, one less fantasy whore for you morons to jerk off to, unless you come to terms and accept the fact that your million dollar porn starlet is now a suburban home fat fuck and a pile of meat. Fucking losers.

  3. rics Says:

    I think Jenna looks better that she has looked in years with the smaller breast implants and more meat in her bones. I would gladly stick my dick in her.

  4. pornfan Says:

    colonel, thanks for calling us losers.

  5. The Colonel Says:

    Pornfan, I wasn’t thinking of you when I made that comment. What I know about you from our conversations is that you’re a cool, intelligent and old school person and porn for you is a hobby not an obsession; therefore I have no problem with you and guys like you.

    I was mainly referring to overwieght, unemployed, broke as fuck basement lurking losers who jerk off 3 times a day, take shower once a week, live off McDonald’s dollar menu, ride the bus to their security job at the mall and constantly surf the internet and spam message boards with ass kissing, pathetic, stupid comments like ‘this whore is hot’ and ‘that whore is smokin’. The kind of scumbags who saturate places like and I have zero tolerance for them. I don’t even know why do they exist and more importantly how can they manage to do so little with their lives and yet take so much space. But you’re fine, brother. No hard fellings.

  6. pornfan Says:

    gotcha colonel, i was taken aback a little with your comments. i have been following porn for thirty three years those stars were holmes,seka,chambers,spelvin,cousteau, list goes on. yea, i guess i’m old school. i indeed like talking to you, i’ve been racking my brain trying to figure who you are. i probably do know you are thanks colonel.

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