Tiffany Holiday Escorting?

A reader writes that he’s found Tiffany Holiday posting on Craig’s List and Humaniplex as an escort.

Now I know that there are hundreds of girls doing the same thing, but I’ve always wanted to interview someone who is public about doing escorting and porn. 

If anyone has the links to Tiffany’s ads please send them to me. I want to contact her and see if she will do an interview about it.  Thanks.


  1. AL

    When I used to fuck around with that, I always used Eros… CL is unpredictable, I have heard of bad shit using the erotic services section of CL… No escort of a certain caliber would fuck with CL… The clientele is just more downscale…

    In the past I have seen plenty of ads on Eros for pornstar escorts… There are also a couple of agencies that specialize in that, though their names escape me right now…

  2. kayryan

    Are you kidding.. isn’t everyone’s favorite bad boy Christian an escort? Interview him.

    I have to say, I believe that all this fighting on LIB is because Christina is no longer around and we have no one to fry up. He was such an easy target!
    The good old days!

    Is there anything going on with him? I cannot believe that he has been this quite for so long.

  3. NobodyLovesDaymond

    I believe see left the industry in 2006-2007 for a boyfriend, so it’s not shocking after some time away she’s itching to return. It’s a usual part of pornstar “Retirement”. Using a small time escort outfit or doing it themselves through social networks like Craigs List are usually the way they get back in. Whether it be behind the boyfriend’s back without them knowing or with the boyfriend’s knowledge. A boyfriend who’s willing to accept the money from selling sex, but doesn’t want his friends & family to be able to see it. Thus her not returning to porn, joining 1 of the major escort sites, or starting her own escorting site…

    Of course there could be other reasons than a boyfriend, but none of them I want to believe…

    She could be out of shape, but Tiffany was a very skinny girl all her years in the industry. Thus I don’t think that’s likely…

    She could be too crack’d out, but who wants to think that.


  4. Larry Horse

    Ruby, you are correct. Dollar sign on the Vulva. Trannyfucker? He’ll be back, Steele was gone and he’s back. Luke may even be back, how’s his all Jewy all the time thing goin’?

  5. Ruby

    We’re all in the sex buisness in many forms, I go back and forth between the parts of the buisness that I feel comfortable with and are compatible with my life, like right now, I’m not comfortable seeing clients because I would like to have another baby, but I still love dancing and phone sex. Everyone pays for sex.

  6. deun99

    Not trying to call anyone out but she’s been a crack ho for years and furthermore her exit from the industry wasn’t entirely her choice since the number of people wanting to shoot her quickly went to zero. She’s desperate for money and is willing to do anything to get it. I suspect that the number of current and former porn stars advertising their services on CL will only increase as the economy worsens. The number of people willing to pay in excess of a thousand dollars for vanilla sex is dwindling and the whore john ratio is rising meaning some of the porn stars are in for a rude awakening when they decide to retire and move to escorting.

  7. rics

    Cindy, I have interviewed in private by email some PW about escorting. Maybe and just Maybe I can arrage one of them to write for you in a Anon way.

    If not why do not just interview Trannyfucker or Gina Rodriguez?

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