One More Q with No Name Jane


Cindi- What is a death fetish movie? I’ve never heard of that one. Do they put white make-up on you and you pretend you are dead while people have sex with you, maybe?

Jane-A death fetish movie is where the evil villain usually kills a girl by strangling, then plays with her lifeless body.  I usually don’t try to make myself look dead with makeup, since the body’s fresh.  Sometimes I get shot or shocked with a tazer, or knocked out and raped before I’m killed.  Any sex is simulated though.


  1. BobC

    Loads of PWs have done that shit. Taylor St Clair, Gen Padova, Sarah Blake, even everyone’s favorite existentialist.

    Producers seem to think that the lack of real penile penetration makes them immune from prosecution. That their amateur hour snuff would get compared to mainstream torture porn like Hostel and Saw. Not sure that’d work too well in front of an obscenity trial jury.

  2. jeremiahsteele

    Regarding existentialism, I know it’s an impressive word with it’s 5 syllables and it’s an umbrella label held over many great and various writers from Satre to Dostoevsky, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Kafka, Camus and even Simone De Beauvoir, but what does it really mean to say “I’m an existentialist”? Can one be more specific? I’d say what all popular existentialists have in common that they are zealously individualistic and revolt against traditional ‘norms’, but does having these qualities make you therefore an existentialist?

    To quote an author (Walter Kaufmann) on the subject:

    “Existentialism is not a philosophy but a label for several widely different revolts against traditional philosophy. Most of the living “existentialists” have repudiated this label, and a bewildered outsider might well conclude that the only thing they have in common is a marked aversion for each other. To add to the confusion, many writers of the past have frequently been hailed as members of this movement, and it is extremely doubtful whether they would have appreciated the company to which they are consigned. In view of this, it might be argued that the label ‘existentialism’ ought to be abandoned all together.”

  3. NonameJane

    Yep, death fetish is pretty messed up. Whatever floats the boat I guess. I try not to think about the people who watch it, and while we’re shooting we try to have fun with it (check out Horny Retard on nicheclips for example). Its not easy to find work up here in Washington, death fetish is feeding my family at the moment. Girls got to do, what a girls got to do, especially with how bad the economy is right now.

  4. jeremiahsteele

    Hey NoName Jane!

    “Death fetish feeds the family”; that could be a title. Whatever floats one’s boat. Well, since corpses float I guess you can float one as a boat.

    Horny Retard, yeah! That reminds me of a shoot I did once for Mr. Tony Malice.

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