Jana Jordan to Write for LIB


NL says- Jana, I’d LOVE to have you write for LIB. Welcome!  Please get in touch (click the e-mail button at the top) and we’ll set it up. There are also some perks i want to tell you about…

NL says- Fan Boi- Good play my man. I owe ya, let me know if you are hiring anyone else to write for me, lol.


janajordan Says:
I evacuated to Austin from Houston for the hurricane. I just came back, and Houston is a fucking mess still in my area. My power is back on, and most of the street lights are working again and stores are opening up but there is still a curfew and trash/trees are still all over the place.

Yesterday at 10:11 p
FanBoi Says:
Jana- So glad you are ok! You should write a blog for this site so we can all read what you are doing. NL-Ask Jana to write for you!
a fan

Yesterday at 10:37 p
janajordan Says:
LOL I would love live to write for ya’ll. I do on my website, freeones and lots of other boards


  1. jed

    and she might want to get that melanoma on her foot looked at, at that size i’d just amputate the whole foot. whoring might be over, but there’s still the paralympics in 4 years time.

  2. jed

    oh have you asked kimmy (last name removed) if she wants to write for you?
    i’d be interested to read the blog from her trial, what about surewood, he’s got plenty of time, is a blog still a blog if it’s written on paper first?

  3. jeremiahsteele

    Koo koo as this may sound and knowing this has nothing to do with nothing here, after watching the pre-game festivities of today’s final game ever at Yankee Stadium, with Joe Torre & Don Mattingly not being able to attend as they were busy with Their L.A. Dodgers, it seems apt that The Dodgers didn’t score today with a 1-0, 11 inning loss, as if it couldn’t be helped that a piece of the hearts and minds were elsewhere. Thanks to asshole boss, big spoiled baby Steinbrenner, Torre and Mattingly are no longer Yankees, but The Yankees’ loss is The Dodgers gain.


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