Brian Surewood Writes me from Prison- part 1

Porn stud Brian Surewood ( aka Brian Barnes) writes me from a prison in the LA area. Brian is there because of a car incident that resulted in a child’s death. Brian says he is totally innocent. He has now lost his home, his business ( a medical marijuana shop) and his son, who must now live with his mother in a drug infested neighborhood. Because of Brian’s lack of funds he is now using a public defender.

Is there a criminal attorney in LA that can take his case pro bono ?

I believe that Brian is the perfect fall guy for the DA because of his job in porn, his pot business and his tattooed biker looks.

Of course I have no way of knowing for sure whether Brian is innocent or guilty, but he certainly deserves a fair trial and the way things are playing out right now, it doesn’t look like he is going to get one.

More on this later…


  1. jed

    “a car incident”
    oh for fuck sake, surewood had his chance, that kid didn’t.

    pro bono?
    what benefit to the public is there to have this rock ape back out on the streets?

  2. jeremiahsteele

    Brian deserves a fair, unprejudiced trial in court, uninfluenced by whorish politics and the shit-tossing monkey court of public opinion.

    Brian’s a good guy, long hair, legalized pot selling, porn career and all, and it has nothing to do with the specifics of this case. Fuck bigotry!

  3. Let me get this right. Someone who took out loans or paid outright for 4 years of college, then 2 years of law school should take this case for free(pro bono) just because the defendant used to fuck whores for a living?

    Who the fuck does he think he is?

    He killed a child!

    If he would have killed my kid, I would have walked outside, hit a cop just so I can get thrown in jail. You want to guess who I would be paying a visit to once I was in?

    Someone educate Mr. Germy Steele on what a bigot is.

  4. jeremiahsteele

    Sorry I meant that the prejudice against Mr. Barnes is as bad as bigotry. 😛
    Either way, Fuck bigotry!

    Btw, it takes 3 years full time or 4 years part time to get a law degree.

    Someone educate BDD on law school.

  5. You are correct about 3 to 4 years, it was a typo but as usual you are totally off base about everything else.

    Any prejudice against child killers is justified so for you to say its as bad as bigotry is simply ignorant and childish.

    There is little to say that can excuse his behavior.

    I understand the only time you are around women is when you are hitting them or during bukkakes where you earn your $75 but if you are ever around a female that doesnt require money for sex then maybe you will have a child with her and then and only then will you understand that killing a child is one of the most severe acts you can perpetrate.

    Just so you know Jim Powers needs your short services on Sept 10th for the American Bukkake series. The girl will be on her knees so you will be able to perform without getting on your tippie toes.

  6. jeremiahsteele

    Typo, Lil’Dick?, possibly as you type with two fingers. I wasn’t at the tragic scene, Roy and neither were you. Some maniac was driving up Brian’s ass so Brian hit the brakes and the other guy swerved and killed. Whatever the truth is, perhaps there’s more to the matter than what we know of. My point was there’s prejudice against Brian and they’re out to crucify because he’s in porn, has long hair, looks like a pirate, sells dope (legally), etc. I don’t hit women but come n dress up like a woman for me, Roy so I can hit you and make an exception. I’m of the opinion that George Carlin had; Killin is killin and it’s bad, adult or child.

  7. pornster

    Brian Surewood will get a fair trial. It looks to me as he was fucking off and not driving safely. It’s reported he was racing at a high rate of speed and slammed on his brakes on purpose to screw with the guy behind him, causing him to swerve and destroy several lives. I also believe he fled the scene and turned himself in later. If, and only if, this is true then he will spend a few years in the pen.

  8. rics

    I wonded why a bitter comedian has become the prince philosopher of porners.
    From a evolutive POV killing a child is worse since humans are genetically programed to protect their offspring. So Brian hit the jackpot.

  9. jeremiahsteele

    i don’t think ‘bitter comedian’ is a wholistically a good characterization of carlin… brian didn’t hit the jackpot, the other driver did, the media and politicians hit the jackpot on this story which is why i hold back judgement (unlike others here) until all evidence is in… why even have a trial if everyone is so fuckin omniscient?

  10. jeremiahsteele

    damn computer froze up as i was trying to fix typo
    darn darn darn
    i was gonna add how its’ funny that a stone throwing sinner like roy who tries to destroy people by stealth, sending porn box covers to girls’ parents is trying to talk about righteousness- what a fucking unfunny joke!

  11. The Colonel

    Germy, it’s interesting how you rely on evidence to pass judgment on a drug dealing man whore who killed a child, but on every other matter, you make up your fucked up mind and pass judgment with such self confidence that is just absurd, disgusting and a further proof of your pathetic insanity. For example You seem to be sure that BigDickDaddy is Roy Garcia, how do you know that? How can you know that? What is your evidence on that? And even if that’s true, what are you going to do, what can you do, except for sitting behind your computer in a trash can that you can’t even afford to pay it’s rent and typing garbage day in, day out. You limb dick, woman beating, leprechaun midget, just pull out your final trick and kill somebody, or kill yourself. I’m watching, and my beer is getting warm. Dance, maggot. Entertain me.

  12. Larry Horse

    Medical Marijuana shop? Someone tell Tommy Chong about this. What a resume Surewood has, and a single parent jeez. Porners, like Sarah Palin, have too many kids. At least Brian’s son can be a second generation porner, call Tiffany Mynx right away. I think AVN should have a new catergory, Mother of the Year, but that means Jenna might have to show up.

  13. whynot

    Jerry Jerry Jerry, please get your facts straight. According to ALL of the EYEWITNESS accounts,the camaro was BEHIND the other car when they were less than a quarter of a mile from where the accident happened. BOTH cars were traveling at a high rate of speed. A quote frome one EYEWITNESS…”I was going about 45 to 50 miles per hour myself and both of these cars passed me like I was standing still.” This same EYEWITNESS also stated that the camaro was BEHIND the other vehicle. According to other EYEWITNESSES and the physical evidence at the scene the camaro then pulled abrubtly in front of the other vehilce and hit his brakes, at which time the other vehicle swerved to avoid hitting the camaro and smashed into the parked vehicle.(the skid marks that match the camaro tires were plainly visible on the street for several weeks after the “accident.”The skid marks start in one lane and go into the lane to the right,providing physical evidence to back up the eyewitness testimony that the camaro intentionally changed lanes in front of the other vehicle and hit his brakes very hard.)

    The witnesses had no idea who Brian is or what his occupation was. There is no bias whatsoever in their accounts of what they saw with their own eyes.
    And if you ever watch the news in southern california you would know that at the same time this “accident” occurred there were several other road rage, and street racing accidents that claimed the lives of innocent bystanders. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE COMING DOWN VERY HARD ON THESE IDIOTS,NOT BECAUSE BRIAN DOES PORN AND SELLS DOPE.

    And to even suggest that because it was not Brians car that hit the “innocent’ bystanders that he is somehow not responsible is to laughable to even comment on. If you cant see why Brian is responsible for this you are either being dishonest or you are extemely stupid.

    But then again, since both Brian and you are porn whores cant we assume that rule number one applies to both of you….”Porn Whores Lie!!!!”

    And just in case nobody ever pointed that out to you before, YOU ARE A PORN WHORE.

    Like YOU said, “gotta go now and take my limp dick n WORK FOR will ryder. That makes YOU a porn whore.

  14. The Colonel

    Germy, what will happen to you if Will Ryder dies in a car accident or gets killed by a drunken sailor? Probably you’ll end up starving on the street, holding a sign that says: ‘Will suck cock for food stamps and bus ticket.’

  15. jeremiahsteele


    one time i was driving years ago, some crazy guy who got pissed off that i honked at him for driving like an idiot went ape shit and started speeding and chasing, following me like some movie, right up my ass, i drove faster to try to get away and keep from being rear-ended, but the nut kept right on my ass… fortunately nothing happened like with brian but that’s the incident i think of regarding his case

    i don’t deny he was driving fast, but let’s hear all the evidence and by golly stop the name calling you fuckin hypocrite, callling me “YOU whore” and at the same time saying there’s no bias against porn stars


    one of these days i’ll give a detailed account of the similarities between bdd and roy but i just busted a very big nut and am tired

  16. jed

    hey steal, when you were put in the cooler, did you get extra harsh treatment because of your involvement in porn? ffs you’d think california was the deep south and porners are the new negroes

  17. whynot

    Jerry, the fact that you are a porn whore has nothing to do with the facts of the case regarding Brian. You are correct on that point.

    You are not correct on the point that Brian is being treated unfairly because he too WAS a porn whore. The EYEWITNESSES,who have no reason to lie, and, who along with the victims have to live with this memory for the rest of their lives, had no idea who or what Brian is. When i was nineteen years old, I struck a child with a car in a parking lot. He ran right out in front of me and I had no chance to stop even though I was only going about 5-10 mph. Fortunately the child was not severly injured, but that memory remains with me to this day almost 20 years later. In a small way the witnesses are also victims. Imagine living with the memory of a dead five year old and a mother with her leg torn off trying to pull her sons mangled body from the twisted wreckage. Brian gave these people these memories, of course he fled the scene and selfishly saved himself the nightmares of seeing this scene in his sleep. What a great guy!!!!!

    And as I stated before, the special media attention this case got was only because of the string of similar events that had occured in the few weeks before this “accident”(murder). Just a few days ago there was another accident that involved either road rage or street racing in Eagle Rock, a suburb of Los angeles. Four people were killed including an unborn child.

    A question for you directly Jerry, do you think the events in my above paragraph have more to do with the way this case is being handled, or do you stick to the “Brian is being treated unfairly because he’s in porn” story?

    I think his treatment has more to do with the EPIDEMIC of death on our streets cause by immature idots like Brian and the other driver, not Brians occupation. Thats my answer Jerry, whats yours?

  18. jed

    sorry germy, i never follow your links, and retard i may be, but i did graduate from university. did you finish high school before you moved onto cold calling? it’s embarrassing though, wasting the time and money it took to get a degree, i could have educated myself the germy steal way, reading conspiracy blogs for free!

  19. whynot

    Hey Jerry,
    I didnt think you had the guts to answer the question posed above.
    Also nice to see that you can call other people names(malicious retard) but you get offened when someone refers to you as a PORN WHORE.

    Another direct questioon for you Jerry?

    ARE YOU A PORN WHORE? I say yes. Do you have the guts to answer this very simple question honestly or are you a retard?
    I cant wait for your lame respose where you go on and on but never actually asnwer the simple question. thanks Jeremiah Steel a.k.a. ‘porn whore”

  20. jeremiahsteele


    I think the because of the fact that Brian is a ‘porn whore’, etc. the DA will seek to slam dunk and make an example out of him. And jed is malicious and by his own admission, retarded, so? What’s wrong with you shouting ‘PORN WHORE’? You watch porn, right?

    jed, yes I graduated H.S., went to Mesa college for two years in San Diego then two years at Cal State U. Long Beach. I got all A’s in my major- speech and arguement/debate classes.

    jed, why are you so endlessly obsessed with me? If I were hypothetically a loser like you say, you should have sympathy since you yourself are retarded. Sometimes life throws people a bad hand and you do the best you can. Why are you trying to put people down? WTF is wrong with you?

  21. jed

    steal do you really think i’d follow you somewhere else if you left, there’s no obsession, you’re here and haven’t you considered i’m trying to help you? if enough people come here and see that you’re a limp dick, woman beating, thieving midget, they might stop hiring you and you’ll be forced to do something else. possibly achieving your potential, and becoming the great man you’re destined to become.

  22. jeremiahsteele

    hey jed, as i’ve said you’re retarded, i was able to figure this out and then you admitted to it, and you’re malicious, a bad combination. how did i know you were retarded????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    i am not a limp dick or a woman beater or a thief or a midget. if you went to college then you should know accusations or shittalk don’t equal facts, especially when coming from people who have repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly demonstrated their malice. you should also believe in a fair hearing before verdict yet you’ve refused to examine any evidence which contradicts any of these claims.

    i do dig the “achieving your potential, and becoming the great man you’re destined to become”…. reminds me a little of tony robbins

  23. PhukU

    In response to whynot,

    You say you almost accidentally killed a child. You were very lucky you didn’t. I can’t understand how you are now part of the lynching mob ready to convict Brian for something he didn’t do when you were once so close to being in that position yourself. One never knows what good or bad surprises life can bring you. We could only hope for the best. You shouldn’t talk so much crap because what happened to Brian could also happen to you one day. Then you could personally experience what he’s going through right now.

    I’m very close to Brian and know more about his case than of the gossiping queens you’re associating with. You mention details about his case that are completely false. For example, the tire marks on the ground you mentioned are not Brian’s. The detective didn’t do his job correctly and he never bothered to measure and compare those marks to Brian’s car. This came up in court and the detective looked like an idiot. Brian’s car has anti-lock brakes, it doesn’t leave tire marks.

    I’m glad you brought up the Eagle Rock story. Four people died in that accident. The guy was allegedly road raging and then they said drag racing and he ended up slamming in to a car causing it to go straight in to a tree. Four people died. That guy is being charged with vehicular manslaughter and his bail is $200,000.00. That comes to about 50 thousand dollars per victim. About a month ago in Northridge a woman hit and dragged a C-SUN student waiting for the bus. She killed her and fled the scene. She was eventually caught and her bail is 50 thousand dollars and she too is being charged with vehicular manslaughter. Since this happened to Brian I’ve been following all the latest car accident fatalities in Los Angeles and all it does is prove to me that Brian is getting an unfair trial. The average bail for these type of accidents is 50 thousand dollars per deceased person and every one gets charged with vehicular manslaughter. Brian’s bail is over 1 million dollars and they are trying to charge him with murder. I see a lot of unfairness here.

    Brian did not hit anyone and he did not cause anyone to hit anything. The teenager that crashed was trying to pass him on the right and he lost control of his car. He never said that Brian slammed the brakes. What the co-defendant says contradicts what the witnesses say and the witnesses contradict each other.

    I can’t believe how many haters are out there. Brian has always been a good person and a good charitable friend to many. Those who really know Brian know that he is one of the most easy going, laid back persons on this planet and he is not capable of doing what they’re accusing him of. I believe Brian. He’s innocent and he deserves a fair trial.

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