The Colonel responds to Colonel Rob

The Colonel wrote:

Rob, you just made my day much more interesting. I’ve been knowing you for years, even though we haven’t talked for sometimes. I always thought of you as one of the cool guys in the adult industry, even though at times you were a bit slow to catch up and realize what’s going on, but this, excuse my french, is bullshit, and I know where it’s coming from, so let me break it to you: you might have called yourself The Colonel in the past, it’s only a word, a noun, a military rank, a state of mind, the important thing for me is that people can relate to it, they see the user name, and they get the idea of what they might expect, that’s all, there’s nothing more to it, and with all due respect, you have no copyrights to the word “Colonel”, so stop talking about the legal action and that nonsense, you have a decent reputation in the adult industry, don’t ruin it by acting like a drama queen.

I started posting on LIB ever since Luke Ford switched to WordPress and activated the comments section a year and half ago, and everybody on this board knows that, the reason I did so, was because I felt there are things that need to be said and issues that must be discussed with a language that people can relate to, some will agree with my comments, some won’t, some will like my style, some won’t, so what? That’s the essence of freedom of speech, to speak your mind freely and let the others decide. LIB is the only board I write for, I’m not on XPT, ADT, or any of those forums, because I don’t like to chat and fuck around to kill time and get a hard on, I want to talk about the bitter, dark, and nasty realities of this business so everybody, specially the outsiders get a more real picture of the true face of porn in America, and who knows? Maybe something good comes out of it, maybe some young girl in Alabama is smart enough to do a research about porn before signing up with LA Direct, and finds out it’s better for her to stay home and finishes the college instead of taking the bus to Los Angeles and becoming a porn whore.

I started posting here, because I valued Luke Ford’s work and bravery, he was a flawed human being, just like all of us, but he was an ambitious and daring journalist who also valued people’s rights to practice their freedom of speech without the fear of repercussion and the need for self censorship, and I’m glad this site was taken over by a great woman and her team who have the same respect and understanding for their readers as Luke Ford did, it’s a pleasure to be here and write here; and that, brings me to my final point: Rob, it’s interesting that all this time I’ve been writing here, you never felt the need to act and defend “your name and your legacy”, until a few days ago that I spoke against Bill Margold and responded to his insults to LIB and it’s readers. Bill Margold has a big mouth, and if he wants to say something, he knows how to run that mouth, you don’t have to play his puppet. Be yourself, by yourself, for yourself. God bless you, Colonel Rob

Truly yours,
The Colonel


  1. jeremiahsteele

    “valued people’s rights to practice their freedom of speech without the fear of repercussion and the need for self censorship”, not counting his “ban-a-thon”
    attempts on bdd and germy steal


  2. Ruby

    Is anyone surprised he has to pretend he’s someone else! The only REAL Colonel is Mr Dave Cummings who actually earned the rank, anyone else who calls himself a Colonel,shows disrespect for our Armed Forces. I’m speaking as a military spouse.

  3. Fuck Dave Cummings. Cheap bastard. I’ve had several girls tell me that he pays $500 and wants two popshots.

    I’m a former 11B myself and his former rank means nothing in porn. Just to clarify he was a Lieutenant Colonel and not a Colonel. In Army slang he was not a “full bird”.

    While he lives off my tax money I dont appreciate him low balling porn whores trying to make a living. I dont even mention the fact that he lives 100 miles away from porn valley which means the girl is basically doing two scenes for $200 each.

    His cheapness is my only beef with him but its a big beef. He was doing this way before the downturn in the economy which is fucked. People should be trying to spread the wealth. Dave wants to be cheap as hell but then gets mad if someone steals his movies from download sites. They are just being cheap like him.

  4. Ruby

    Oh come on, what porn director doesn’t try to get his money’s worth. I know he wasn’t “full bird” but he did his time.

  5. PSB

    This is because of Bill Margold, isn’t it?

    The Colonel never went as Colonel Rob. How anyone can be upset by the comments on LIB is ridicules. I’ve been commenting here since January and it’s brutal. And I’m sure was worse when Luke was here because many hated him.

    NL never once said anything negative about Bill or Amber Lynn throughout the whole Henri Pachard mess. Now Bill is upset because of the comments on here when Bill and NL have been friends for years.

    Wasn’t there a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court protecting what’s written in blog comments? You can basically say what you want without the site owner facing any legal action because of those comments. Unless personal information like address and phone number being posted. Things like that I would edit out or delete. So someone using the name Colonel is legal and would be laughed out of every court if any legal action takes place.

    Worse has been said about you Bill like you helping to protect and cover up Marc Wallice after he knowingly infected his costars with HIV. Get a thicker skin. People post as their signatures on XPT horrible, untrue things about my family and I. I can’t do anything about it. I made a few lies about that person on my signature but then took it off because it’s all stupid. Colonel Rob, grow up!

  6. jeremiahsteele

    Hey Doctor, how would like to find a stethescope up your ass? You’ve obviously never met Col. Rob or been to Mondo Video A Go Go {RIP}. God Bless Col. Rob!

  7. The Colonel

    PSB, you nailed it. You’re on a good roll, it’s great to see your hard work and perseverance is paying off, and my respect for you is increasing. Keep it up.

  8. The Colonel

    Ruby wrote:

    “Anyone else who calls himself a Colonel,shows disrespect for our Armed Forces.”

    If you want my attention and/or insults, you gotta do better than that. Tell me, is your ex-military spouse listening and jerking off to those degenerate fuck ups who call you in the middle of the night to ask for instructions on how to shove a dildo up their shitters while their wives are sleeping? I hope he demonstrates some of his military pride by evasdropping on his wife’s dirty conversations with delusional lonley strangers for $1.99 a minute.

  9. PSB

    The Colonel wrote:

    PSB, you nailed it. You’re on a good roll, it’s great to see your hard work and perseverance is paying off, and my respect for you is increasing. Keep it up.


  10. The Colonel

    Rics, it’s interesting that every trailer trash , terminally ill, mentally retarded, financially fucked up, desperate hag who works as a phone sex operator describs herself with the exact same words: busty, tall, blonde, blue eyed, horny, cock loving slut; more interesting are those morons who call and pay with their credit cards to jerk off to them. The fucked upness of this world never fails to amaze.

  11. Ruby

    Always baby, I’m not tall, I have red hair huge tits,and look pretty much the same as I always did, hourglass, big ass, and still a military spouse, still married and fucking hubby twice a day. I’m just a little much for one man to handle,as always. I think the cherry private wants my strap-on, what do you think?

  12. The Colonel

    Ruby wrote:

    “Married and fucking hubby twice a day.”

    And I am the mayor of New York city. There’s a little something we can do with that dildo of yours: we can do a triple penetration on you. Here is how it works: one dick up your cunt, one fist and the dildo simultaneously up your ass. If you think it sounds wierd, wait untill you feel the intensity of it in your stomach; knowing the whore you are, probably you’ll beg for more, which is great. BTW, you didn’t say how many times a day hubby jerks off to your dirty calls.

  13. Ruby

    My husband has a job. I hope he masterbates as much I do, keeps the pipes clean. Twice a day, more or less, on average.

  14. RickMadrid

    Heeehehehe …..I always thought The Colonel was Colonel Rob ??? Dammm!!! well bob is in the UK shooting and making his money at his best!!! what a damm trip!! we’ll smoke another blount and think about this one!!! hehehe.

  15. The Colonel

    Ruby erote:

    “You, sooo want to fuck me!!!”

    You clever evil woman, how could you read my heart so easily? Your hubby is a lucky man.

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