is For Sale

Luke Ford here. ( and its entire contents are for sale.

My deal with the previous operators fell through (they found writing the site too much work and they prefered to concentrate on ventures that made them more money) and today they gave me back the site.

The minimum bid for the site is $10,000.


  1. PSB

    I’m sure Luke can get more than $10,000 for the site because it’s Alexa rank last I checked was about 25,000. And the demographics for most porn related sites are young men which is a key market for advertisers.

  2. sixamrush



  3. PSB

    Work it off? What am I, your whore?

    Or do you mean that I’ll be the one updating while you own the site and I take a cut of the profits?

    What exploits? I’m boring and I live in the suburbs.

  4. leslie

    Luke will get rich with this.It’s an old scheme.Ever heard of the Irving in East Canada?The guy is billionaire.How he made his money?Buy selling house to person who couldn’t afford it so,after they discover they can’t pay anymore,Irving takes the home back and sell it to another guy until…that other guy discover he can’t pay for it and so on,so on 🙂

  5. RickMadrid

    Hell Yeah Loan us all $10,000 and we can take over this and make $$$$ off the advertising and start a Talent gig search site here for those agency girls that need WORK!!! and maybe start our own agency!!! that would work……now Jeremy what do U think???

  6. jeremysteele

    It’s mercury retrograde now which means it’s a bad time to do any business deals. It was a mistake for the previous owner to give the site back to the fake jew in the first so he can sell the same site twice. It should’ve been given to someone who would’ve done something with it besdies try and sell it again.

    Mercury is the planet of the mind, communication and perception. People tend to be more irrational now, irresponsible, second guess things, flake, be overly critical, escapist, doubtful, restless, unstable, imitative, verbose and argumentative. It’s especially bad for tweekers and those who have to deal with them!

    Business deals often fall through, people miss the fine-print, hasty and faulty decisions will be made, delays in travel, misunderstandings, arguments and miscommunications.

    Just say No to Luke. Luke, be a good jew and give the site to someone who’ll run it since you sold it already and claim to no longer be associated with the porn industry. Remember, the Rabbi in the sky is watching you.

  7. Germy, arent you supposed to be under Will Ryders desk while he copies another 70’s or 80’s sitcom idea? I hear he is thinking of doing a porn knock off of “happy days”. Maybe you could play the fonz or at least play his right thumb since you are so short.

  8. jeremysteele

    Dear LittleDickRoy, you got it wrong. The person under Will’s desk is your mom. Thanks for making me the designated midget/ whatever else of this biz even as I can name handfulls of dudes who are or are about the same height. Also thanks for reminding me to send a Happy Father’s Day card to you in San Diego.

  9. jeremysteele

    I never cease to be amazed in this world I’m in. The “Porn Star For Rent” anthropologist offered the last owner $1000’s for the site, giving him a chance to recoup some of the money he wasted buying it the first place and he instead just gives it back to ol’ Fluke Floored to sell again.

    I don’t know if the Gods are laughing or just shaking their heads.

  10. jeremysteele

    btw, today’s date is Saturday June 14th, not June 8th. How typical.

    To know the real date of these postings, add 5 days and subtract about 15 minutes.

  11. sixamrush

    Yes, for the $10,000 loan, you would be my whore. That’s what “working it off in trade” means. As for your picture, well, for $10,000, I’m certain that I can get other offers for trade, and I want to make certain that I am getting the best “bang for my buck” so to speak.


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  13. rics

    Well I guess he never really left. I always suspected that some of the articles were really written by the real Luke Ford (sound like a porn star myspace).
    SexyP you got the chat with the Luke, give us the scoop.

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