Gallery Magazine Goes Belly-Up

A mildly anti-Semitic reader writes in:

Since I haven’t seen this reported on any of the supposed real porn journalism websites I thought I’d send this to you. Old school shyster Jew porners, the Orenstein family of New York who own Montcalm Publishing have gone bankrupt and left many a photographer and model holding the bag  – some owed close to $100,000. Montcalm Publishing was one of the major skin magazine publishers, it’s biggest magazine was Gallery, which at one time had a circulation only eclipsed by Playboy and Hustler among adult mags. They also had successful mainstream magazines including Twilight Zone magazine.

The shady fuckers knew they were going under but strung photographers and models along with the usual ‘check is in the mail’ ‘check must have gone to the wrong address’ bullshit excuses. Gallery magazine was the ‘Girl Next Door’ magazine, their Girl Next Door of the Year contest was fraudulently advertised as a true contest with a $25,000 prize. Neither the 2007 or 2008 winners have ever seen a dime of their prize money.

In recent months a group lawsuit led by the photographer husband of web pornstar Nicole Graves was being formed but that’s way too late. No doubt in preparing to put the company under they have done their best to protect what they have from creditors.

They are shameful Jews, the kind of Jews who give the entire tribe a bad name. They were dinosaurs who never adapted to the digital age and tried to hang on in a dying business for as long as there was a dime left on the floor to pick up –  at the expense of photographers and models who bared their ass for them for nothing.

Maybe the clients of the family law firm should know that the attorneys who are handling their divorces and child custody disputes are deadbeat pornographers.


  1. The Colonel

    Scum bags in the adult, and any other business, come from all different colors, races and religions; but the bottom line is that a thief is a thief, regardless of the color of his skin, the language he speaks or the hat he wears. Thief jews in porn are nothing new or uncommon. Some of the most infamous and shameless of them are the Ovadia family of Anarchy Films/ Fifth Element. They virtually ripped off everybody from the producers to directors, performers, sales people, etc. Alan, their sales rep was diagnosed with cancer last year, and the Ovadias refused to pay his royalties, the money he needed for treatment, therefore he suffered a major nervous breakdown, and finally commited suicide on the new year’s eve. They don’t even pay the company who does their printing work, and owe Pritnt Tek $12,000. They have not paid any of their producers for one year, their business motto is this: take the money and run. They take people’s masters and tell them we replicate 3000 DVD units of your title and sell them , but behind the producer’s back, they replicate 4000 to 5000 DVD units, sell the extra for as low as $1.00 per unit, and put the 3000 units in the warehouse and tell the producer that the market is slow and nobody orders his title. On top of that, they license the titles to Canadian and European distributors, satellite channels and VOD sites, and also sell and trade producer’s scenes, and spend the money on releasing DVDs containing recycled scenes that have been shot years ago, paying their warehouse rent and on Guy Ovadia’s drug addiction. Their entire business is %100 dishonest, illegal and unlegitimate. They have not shot any new material for at least one year, no girl would work for them, no agency would book for them, and no producer would distribute through them any longer. In mid 2007, they lost a suit case to Ron Atkinson who had distrubuted 14 movies through Anarchy Films and was never paid. The court ordered them to pay $2,50.000 to Atkinson, and Guy and Oren Ovadia had to refinance their homes and get loans to pay their judgment. Now more people are after them to either sue them, hurt them, or kill them. Their daily lives are living hell, and soon everything they have evr done will come back and hit them hard and fast.

  2. Larry Horse

    Gallery hasnt been relevant in years, pre-internet ot meant something, but now? Besides, they use that cheap ass paper. Thievery in the Porn business is color blind. Isnt Rob Black Italian?

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