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I have spoken to a few industry sources and I am pretty sure that BigDickDaddy is not Roy Garcia. One person seemed very sure they know who BDD is, and that it wasn’t Roy. That brings up the question: Where Is BigDickDaddy?

In other news, it has been a very busy week at the LIB Legal Department. A few important bullet points for people who want to send me threatening emails promising legal action (I’m getting carpal-tunnel from all the cutting and pasting):

  • Libel is the term for the written word. Slander only applies to the spoken word. I cannot slander you on this site, only libel you.
  • Libel only applies to false statements. Your libel suit isn’t going to get very far if I can easily prove that the facts of my story were accurate.
  • You cannot sue me for comments that users post on this site. Please read Barrett v. Rosenthal, and see the California Supreme Court was very specific in their ruling.


  1. jeremysteele

    “I am pretty sure” = “I don’t know”.

    “Another person SEEMED very sure”?

    Anyone can act like they know things so to impress the impressionable, like Fake Luke.

    Someone told me they’re absolutely certain that BDD is O.J.,

    So forget all the myriad of similarities between Biggus Diccus and Roy.

    Perhaps you want the truth to remain a mystery since that angry loser works so hard for you for free, Fake Luke.

  2. jeremysteele

    “One person seemed very sure they know who BDD is, and that it wasn’t Roy.”

    Who is this “one person” who “seemed” so sure who BDD is? and, of course if it’s not Roy than WHO IS BDD??????????

    Why the fuck are you not interested in telling us the alleged identity, Fake Luke??????????? HMMMMMMMMM????????????

    Of course, the reason is sickingly obvious. All you fucking care about is “Where is BigDickDaddy” (so he can keep working for you for free and filling up empty space) not who.

    This make me think a little metaphorically: The day we find the cure for AIDS, the AID$ industry will go out of business… The day our savior comes, religions will go out of business… The day we run of out of superbad guys, James Bond and Spiderman will be out of business… And the day the identity of “BigDickDaddy” is known, Fake Luke will actually have to work hard, since he’ll have noone left writing all the time for him for free!!!!

    This “News” clip is a fucking disgrace!

  3. skankfuk

    Please come back Roy and we will pretend like we don’t know who you are. You can insult us some more and we’ll all play guessing games and get really confused. It will be so much fun and Fake Luke can get really good traffic for his site. Please come back Roy! Please!!!

  4. jeremysteele

    * Must be willing to maliciously insult everyone. You may insult the same people and/or use the same insults repeatedly when you run out anything new to say.

  5. Larry Horse

    * Must be misanthropic, sociopathic and have few friends

    * Social and industry outcasts preferred

    Steele, I know a guy perfect for the job but last I checked Wanker Wang is still very dead.

  6. leslie

    Not only was he flooding the comments with shit about pretty much eveybody now…all the “post” involve him.Getting thinner it seems.When somebody is actually “banned” or when he feels not wanted then,if you have no life and want to sticks around then…you simply change of username.I don’t know who BDD is but wouldn’t be surprise one bit that he is the same person as the “Colonel”. Read his last post(Colonel)real polite and sweet honey towards BDD.

  7. PSB

    Read his last post(Colonel)real polite and sweet honey towards BDD.

    Posted on 01-Mar-08 at 11:57 am

    Colonel was mean to me but then changes his tune when he finds out I’m a girl. lol

    BDD is an enigma. He shall go down in LIB history!

  8. The Colonel

    Leslie, I’m not BDD, I don’t know who he is either. You can say and think whatever you like, it doesn’t matter, and it’s not going to change anything. Every no-life, loser, scum bag deserves to get her/his Sherlock Holmes moment, and regardless of how stupid, irrelevant and laughable thier speculations and rantings are, it’s fine as long as it’ll make them feel a bit better about themselves and their miserable existence. Some more theories of interest: Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact a robot controlled by the soviets, Woodstock never happened, and the world is run by a race of shape-shifting reptile aliens who live beneath earth, and the actor Kris Kristofferson is one of their secret agents. See, the Sherlock Holmes wanna-be losers on are not the only ones in the world. They’re just one more small time clown in the big circus of insanity.

  9. RickMadrid

    I—-III know who it is!!! It’s Rickmadrid hahahahahahah!!! or know it’s that dude that used to work with Frank wank Rob(colonel( HAAHAHA know it is really RickMadrid Big dick Latino!! Have a great weekend peoples!!!

  10. jeremysteele

    PSB wrote:

    BDD is an enigma. He shall go down in LIB history!


    BDD is Roy. That’s why he won’t attack himself. Wake up PSB!

    All anonymous keyboard warrior/ badasses are in fact cowards. If not they’d reveal their identity. There’s no way on planet Earth to philosophize around this fact.

    BDD is, was and will be King of All Losers. Amen.

  11. Larry Horse

    Steele, in the photo archives there are photos of you with a sort of mohawk haircut and BDD is a loser? and the King no less? DAC, you ever use Steele? I’m mean in front of the camera, not running down to the 7-11 for some cigs for Cris Taliana?

  12. AshleyWentworth

    Okay, here’s an offering from a long-time reader who’s not a commentor… until now. From my point of view, BDD is a mean-spirited, insulting coward (because he won’t expose his identity). He seldom has a nice thing to say about anyone. His insults are violent, bloodletting, below-the-belt. EVERY adult actress is a “whore,” drug addict, loser, money squanderer, stupid cunt bitch. EVERYTHING about the industry is trash, scum, rotten, filled with illiterate, theiving, slopsucking scoundrel assholes. Anyone who critisizes him receives a stinging eviceration from him ten times harder than was thrown at him. I can’t stand him and it amazes and baffles me there’s so many of you who defend him. It appears he has no life except to post here; he obviously spends too much time reseraching and writing. By giving him all this attention you’re just stroking his sick, pathetic ego. Jeremy Steel, you’re no better. Al Cervix and some of you others are only marginally better, but it’s barely perceptable. I’ve had enough of this site and the crap that’s thrown around here. What gossip? It’s a joke. I leave you to your shit slinging, leave you to yourselves – all six or eight of you – and say bye bye.

  13. Larry Horse

    Not every actress is a whore and such, some are, usually you hear about them before the good ones. Actresses, usually the veterans are some/most of the good people in the business, actors and producers and directors and agents, who are guys make up most of the scum suckers/bottom feeders in the business. Last I remember BDD usually calls them out, Steele, Herpes Iron, Donny Long and so on.

  14. dac

    BDD has been a real jerk, but he’s also been pretty fucking funny, too, & he’s definitely right more often than a stopped clock, even if the vitriol can get suffocating once it’s no longer amusing. I called him out once or twice but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get a real kick out of his rants. & ah, no offense to Jeremy “Is this thing on” S., but to merely state the facts, Mr. Horse, I have never been & am not now a employer for said … fellow.

  15. jeremysteele

    Ashley Wenthworth, I agreed with your missive until you mentioned me, where is suddenly seems as if you took a hit of a crack pipe. If there was a microstand of truth that I am no better than BDD I’d actually be offended. Instead, I’m perplexed on how you such a comparison. I don’t expect to hear back from you, however, since you’ve probably said goodbye to this lame site.

  16. jeremysteele

    Btw, I just want to clear something of non-importance up. I never got to mention this because I was unable to post back then: I came up with the term “entranced parrot” to describe a crazy fan of mine who used to always promote and repeat himself about himself. At the time I noticed he suddenly showed up on LIB and talking about himself on multiple posts. After I addressed him here as “the entranced parrot”, other people started addressing other people as the same, as if I was addressing them, when I wasn’t. This is not at all important but at least this will help fill up LIB since posts are so aparse.

  17. Larry Horse

    Telemarket? Being in Porn is definitely a step up. Hey is fake luke Chiam Makeitup, his fake rebbe, so maybe he fake luke is really Luke’s invisible Gaon of the Valley.

  18. RickMadrid

    Back from a fun weekend of shooting!!! the weather getting better and my pocket fatter and it’s full of money, Now who is BDD this is getting CRAZY!! I bet after some of the girls I was working with this weekend is LEX or Marcus I bet come on tell us!!! May Frank wank??? Have a great LA week!! let the camera’s roll!!!

  19. That’s ‘Bigguth Dickuth’ to you Monty Python fans. Or ‘Larry Horthe’ to you gay porn fans. To each, his own.

    I wish BBD and LH nothing but the best ED linaments.

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