More Bullshit Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Hype

I was browsing the smut universe this morning and found this nonsense story on AVN about Digital Playground’s Blu-Ray discs selling like "gangbusters." Bullshit.

Do you know anyone with a Blu-Ray player (that isn’t also a game console)? Do you know anyone with an HD-DVD player? How bout an 8-track deck? Laserdisc player? Victrola?

Anyone – especially porn studios – who think this is the "next big thing" is gonna be in for a hard landing. In 1999, DVD was in a similar infancy as these new formats. How many people did you know who owned a DVD player? A shit ton. Cause VHS sucked and DVD was great. DVD is still plenty good. Hence no one cares about the new formats.

We’ll see how healthy porn is in 10 years when the cable companies control all high-def distribution and they’re paying out 2% to producers.


  1. Houstondon

    I like Samantha a lot but I did a lot more DVD shopping this year than I suspect she did; never seeing the shelves devoid of HD or BR titles at the box stores or sold out online. Sales of mainstream high definition titles were so poor that even they were holding a variety of “buy 1, get 1 free” type of promotions with sales of the very top titles nowhere close to their mainstream versions; such sales continuing as I type.

    While seeing the action in even more detail appeals to a guy like me, a lot of fans aren’t willing to pay twice as much for either format knowing full well that the format war could end in a year and they’d be stuck with obsolete discs too; adding in the wealth of scars, blemishes, and other aspects that were never meant to be seen so clearly.

    And sales?!? Well, until the magic return window is closed, none of those undisclosed sales are set in stone; returns far common in the industry than anywhere else. I honestly hope they can make the market but a few titles selling enough to cover the remastering costs (which has yet to be proven) does not translate into the cheerleading position apparently held by AVN.

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