Jeremy Steele Caught in the Act?

From XXX Porn Talk:

It has come to my attention that last week Jeremy Steele cruised into the offices of director Jim Powers at Multimedia Pictures and surreptitiously made off with Powers’ video camera and a few other assorted items.

Steele might think he got away with the crime, however it has come to light that the theft was caught on the company’s surveilance cameras and the tape has been handed over to the authorities. Could this be the end of Steele’s long and storied porn career?? Will he be joining other gay-for-pay porn performer Jack Hammer behind bars??


  1. BigDickDaddy

    Honestly I cant blame Jeremy. Jim Powers is only paying $75 for a bukkake which is complete and utter bullshit. I’m surprise more shit hasnt been stolen. Alot of the bukkake guys depend on the money to pay their rent. I doubt Jim took a pay cut so why should the male talent take a pay cut?

    Obviously I use the term “male talent” very very loosely. Almost as loose as using Lynn Lemay and talent in the same sentence.

  2. moonkelly

    I heard that the amateur guys at the bukkakes only get paid $20, which barely covers the cost of the gas they burned driving to the scene.

  3. Larry Horse

    They’re trying to frame the man, though the Midget may be helping humanity by keeping Babysitter 122 from being made. Shoot, if the Midget would steal Ed Powers’ camera that would be fine too. Do Ed and John Janiero buy their black t shirts at the same place?

  4. jeremysteele

    This is unbelievable. I have not been in Jim’s office in well over a year, and that was with the anthropologist (who shot me in the documentary coming soon) who I rode with to pay a visit.
    I also have not worked for Jim Lane in a while, and whenever I do, I have my checks mailed to me so I’m never there.
    There are surveillance cameras there that monitor who comes and goes and a receptionist has to buzz you in to allow you to enter first Johnny’s, the Jim’s office behind him and they should know I was never there. I got a call from that dope bakkaki wrangler Rocker a few days ago who asked me “Were you in Jim’s office the other day?” and I said “No.”, and as usual he asks me the same question two more times like he didn’t hear or understand me. I asked him why he asks and he says because someone stole Jim’s video camera. I read on XPT that I’ve been “caught in the act”. I am going to sue whoever thie “deepthroat” guy is posting on XPT because this is a serious allegation. This is fucking great. This is the second time in my porn career that I’ve been accused of stealing a video camera based on no evidence whatsoever, the last time by an ex-roommate who then felt justified to spread lies based on his assumptions. I just left a v.m. for Johnny and he just text me back with “????”. That’s strange. I called and again and told him to check the, top news story.

  5. BigDickDaddy

    Jeremy Steele will not sue anyone. Johnny Thrust, who likes to call(stalk) female talent on the personal numbers he gets from working for Multimedia, is not worried about getting sued. Nevermind he is 39 yrs old and have zero assets to his name to show for his many years of stalking . .I mean working in the adult business.

    No one is worried about getting sued from Jeremy Steele.

  6. jeremysteele

    With Johnny’s response to my phone message asking why the fuck am I being being accused of this with his text message of “????”, this has made me think; that while some anonymous dipshit named “Deepthroat” goes around saying that i got caught red handed stealing something, it’s strange that neither Jim nor Johnny or anyone at Multimedia has asked me for me to return it, and that Johnny seems to not know what I’m talking about when I called. BTW, Jim Powers is a major participant in the documetnary I’m… coming soon! His help and partipation in it has been appreciated. Are they just trying to give me more free publicity or what? I know it’s boring around here in LukeFord-Land. I’m gonna now go listen to my neighbor’s mexican christmas fiesta.

  7. jeremysteele

    Another fine example of jackass journalism: “It has come to my attention”…

    ACCORDING TO WHO????????????????

    Source your references, Dipshit.

    May some Karma run over your Dogma.

  8. jeremysteele

    And just in case “Deep Throat”/ the originator of the rumour happens to have any religious devotion or affilities, let me humbly point out the following; situated between the two O.T. NO-NO’s of “Thou shalt not steal” and “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house…wife… manservant, maidservant…, ox…, ass…, nor anything that is thy neighbour’s, is another commandment which reads: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against the neighbor.”

    Hell’s got a deeper pit for hypocrites.

  9. if you didnt do it, then why are you so concerned with justifying yourself to anyone that will listen. if you didnt do it, then sit back and wait for jim to find out who did.

    good luck 😉

  10. jeremysteele

    Hi Veronica, I’m just thinking out loud. I came here to wander and vent since it’s such a wasteland in need of content. I’m just rambling coz I like it, not that I need to disprove a negative. Sorry you are interpreting things that way. I’m not sure what you are wishing me luck about but thank you. Goodnite Mistress ;p

  11. Larry Horse

    Luke make up a story Jeremy? Dont start drinking the Margold kool-aid. He’s just so lazy…oops…depressed that he grasps at straws for posts. Now if Dennis Prager was caught on tape stealing Jim Powers camera, Luke would be all over it like a cheap shirt, of which he has many. As for Johnny Thrust, he cracks me up when he acts like he’s 25 in those MILTF vids. Maybe he has the camera, Street Hookers 5 must be shooting soon, there indeed is shooting without a permit.

  12. jeremysteele

    The only person I’ve been able to talk to so far is Rocker. I’ve been told that this happened about a couple of weeks ago but have not been give any specific date or time. I’m still waiting to hear back from someone from JM’s office. I demand vindication on this stupid matter.

  13. jeremysteele

    I’d like to also repost this from the above XPT link. Thankyou Mr. Loh.


    Huang W. Loh
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    Re: Jeremy Steele Steals Jim Powers’ Video Camera!
    #281594 – 12/18/07 01:42 PM Edit Reply Quote

    Can this be Luke Ford writing this, then quoting “himself” as the source on his site? Look at this poster’s writing style, then compare it to Luke’s. They both have the air of self importance, malicious style, and no facts.

    Here are couple recent quotes describing Luke and his journalism by Jeremy Steele on LIB:

    In response to this story/accusation from LIB:

    “Is Mark Spiegler of Spiegler Girls feeding defamatory information to the FBI about his rivals, Derek Hay of Direct Models and Joel Lawrence of Goldstar Modeling? I know Mark has a bone to pick with former business partner Mike Sullivan (one of the founders of Direct Models, now co-owner of MeatCash), but why the moral crusade?

    For years, Mark was the king of bringing undocumented European girls to work in the U.S. without drawing the ire of immigration officials. Now that Derek has surpassed him in the exploit, is he spilling the beans?

    Why so angry, Mark?”

    jeremysteele wrote:
    Luke I know both you and Mark (Spiegler). Here’s my take. Mark is one of the nicest and most decent guys in the porn industry. You are one of the most malicious guys in the business, sexually confused, religiously faulty, morally bankrupt, angry and vindictive. Other than those minor faults you’re an o.k. guy. If you got proof about someone put it up, if you don’t than go back to dildoing your ass.

    jeremysteele wrote:
    “Only jackass journalists say “I heard…”.
    Real journalists list their sources and say “According to ____ …”
    I heard Luke hears voices.”

    Could this be Luke Ford striking back?

    Happy holidays all.

  14. liamcear

    What can I say about this? Well let me get to the point. I have known Jeremy for 17 years before and after he entered the adult film business and the bottomline is this story is a bunch of bullshit!

    Not only was Jeremy not in the location in question, but he WAS NOT CAUGHT ON ANY TAPE! If the “mysterious tape” was turned over to the authorities (i.e. LAPD) then who is the lead detective that is in charge of this case? What is the case log number and at what station was this tape turned into?

    Even bigger question, with such conclusive evidence why has Mr. Steele not been arrested?

    I myself having alomost 15 years of law enforcement experience with several agencies on various levels find this hard to believe and will help Jeremy not only clear his name but will utilize my contacts to see that whoever made these false allegations be made accountable.

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