Katja Kassin’s New Boobs

Katja emails: "Hey Luke, I shot my first pictures with my new boobs today. Josh Ryan was my photographer. I know people are super excited to finally see them. You could be the first on the internet to have a nude picture (not even L.A. Direct Models has my new gallery online yet)."

Eergi emails:

There is something really screwed up about the way you treat photos on your site. Why do you have to deface them? Instead of defacing them in an attempt to censor content, why don’t you just not post them up at all. Lock the offenders in your ‘censored’ lock box, and save your readers the insult/aggravation/annoyance of dealing with your moral struggles. In fact make your site only text if that makes you feel better. Just quit annoying people.
Your best years were in the very beginning…the days of Marc Wallice when your blog was unvarnished and raw.

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