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Chico Wanker Wang (Inkyo Volt Hwang) Claims All Charges Have Been Dropped

My Wanker Wang profile.

In 1997, Wanker Wang received two felony convictions for assault with a deadly weapon and sexual battery.

The case numbers are SBAYA034228-01 (filed Sept. 5, 1997) and XSWYA034228-01 (filed October 31, 2007). I presume the trial transcripts are available at the Torrance Courthouse at 825 Maple Ave., Torrance, CA 90503.

I went to and put in Wanker’s real name. That website still claims he’s facing felony charges and is out on $1 million bail.

Gene Ross reports:

Porn Valley- Wednesday morning I spoke to Chico Wang who told me that all charges have been dropped against him stemming from a domestic dispute between him and Haley Paige.

Chico had asked that some of our conversation be kept off record but from what he tells me it was another he said, she said and the cops took him in on an OJ complaint. Then when the police began matching up stories and certain things didn’t add up, he was let go as "a DJ reject."

He also tells me he spent several days in a jail cell with a Salvadoran murderer. Then I suggest we go out and get hammered.

"I’m never drinking again," he says. "I made a pact with God while kicking back looking at the Salvadoran’s ass." Today Chico’s kicking back with Jasmine Tame, he tells me.

Chico notes that this recent situation with Paige came just as they were about to get married, which would have been on July 11.

"Things went haywire," he said. "If you were in my situation, about to be married, and found out certain information about your girlfriend, I don’t think you’d be very happy, either. I don’t want to talk to her ever again, but I have her cat. I just want to figure out how to get it to her."

I wonder who leaned on Hailey Page, if anyone, to drop the charges?

It’s hard to forget forget all the hilarious stuff  Wanker wrote about on, including making a hopelessly  crack-addicted Jayna Oso live in a tent in the backyard of his compound "Boogie  Nights" when she wasn’t shooting gang-bang scenes for  him.

Wanker has been known to feed pills to girls and to enjoy their body while they were under the influence. I must interview Kat and Chanel Chavez. Anyone have their contact info?

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6 Responses to “Chico Wanker Wang (Inkyo Volt Hwang) Claims All Charges Have Been Dropped”

  1. Vin Says:

    He wants to give her back her cat? Doesn’t the Uncle Tom recall it can feed him for a week?

  2. perkoff Says:

    Hey Chico Wang opened his mouth and made himself look like an idiot again. Maybe the guy can talk some more, I could use a good laugh.

  3. Bornyo Says:

    “I wonder who leaned on Hailey Young, if anyone, to drop the charges?”

    I think you mean Hailey Page/Paige.

  4. Jim B. Says:

    It’s not up to Haley whether the charges get dropped, but the DA. And since so many Domestic Violence victims refuse to co-operate, they get photographed from head to toe in order to record every last bruise the S.O.B. inflicts. I hope he learned some rectal streching excersizes from the girls, because he’s going to need them where he’s going. You may be out now, “Wanker,” but you won’t be for long. enjoy it while it lasts.

    And SCREW GENE ROSS for wanting to go out drinking with this… person. Go have a drink, Gene. I hope you choke on it.

  5. frankiefiveangels Says:

    Actual Release Date: 07/03/2007 Release Time: 1811

  6. sexycraftysocal Says:

    Oh, wow, a pornographer who is sleazy and abusive to women . . . big fucking suprise.

    The one’s who aren’t dirt bags seem to be a minority, no?

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