I spent $2,000 with the FSC and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

Gene Ross writes:

Cleveland- Sami Harb, whose business Movies By Mail, www.moviesbymail.com, was raided by the Feds earlier this month, www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=23128 didn’t exactly put it in those words but his feelings about the Free Speech Coalition [FSC] leave little wiggle room for the exchange of future pleasantries.

I spoke to Harb Wednesday afternoon. He had just renewed his membership with the Free Speech Coalition. And now he wonders why he even bothered. Harb updated his membership before the raid earlier this month and placed calls to FSC regarding his case after it.


  1. freebird

    In the past six months, FSC has accomplished the following.

    First, FSC has finally hired an Executive Director who is capable of running a Trade Association. In conjunction with the Board of Directors, the new ED created a 3 year strategic plan for FSC, with measurable goals. (If you actually do want to know what they’re doing, I suggest you check it out on their website.)

    Second, FSC has successfully defeated ICM’s attempt to create a .xxx domain, which would have cost webmasters $60 per every single URL, administrative costs, and lost business. This was no small feat, requiring extensive use of resources and time.

    Second, earlier this month, FSC successfully defeated CA 1067, a bill that would have imposed restrictions on newsstands. FSC organized approximately 50 well-respected and established leaders of the idustry on a lobbying trip to Sacramento, during which those leaders were able to change legistator’s minds.

    They are currently working to defeat a repressive sin tax in California.

    As far as 2257 is concerned, they have made it clear that they will move forward with litigation or whatever is necessary as soon as the government comes down with the rules and regulations concerning the Adam Walsh Act.

    Censorship, unfair taxation, punitive zoning regulations, bans on merchandise, and governmental harrassment are just a few of the overwhelming issues that FSC tries to tackle on a daily basis. FSC is not a 1st Amendment activists group–it is the industry’s trade association, and, as such, must offer a broad range of membership services, protecting the interests of a broad and diverse industry–manufacturers, producers, distrubutors, and retailers.

    If you actually believe that the membership dues you pay to FSC are exhorbitant, I suggest that you check out the fee structures for comparable industries. For example, the American Gaming Association represents an industry that faces similar challenges. If you were a member of the AGA, you would be paying between $10,000 and $450,000 quarterly. If you were to join as a Financial Services provider, you would pay $50,000 semi-annually. If you were to join as a Professional Services provider, you would pay $25,000 semi-annually. If $2,000 means that much to you, you might want to consider a position with more earning potential.

    Because I actually take the time to read about what FSC is doing, I know precisely what I get for my membership dues, and I couldn’t be happier with the return on my investment. The only thing I’m upset about now is that I didn’t get a T-shirt. Where did you get yours?

  2. bigdaddy

    It reads that according to the FSC lawyer that they don’t handle this type of case!?! Well they sure the fuck didn’t mind taking his money to be a member. I think we should all as an industry boycott these fucks until they stand up for Sami. NO MORE MONEY from anyone until they do……

  3. JGallo

    Yet they can’t help someone who donates to their cause when help is needed the most? They should be ashamed.

    It defeats their purpose if they don’t help their members in times of need.

    Not to mention the lack of support they have given this guy. He gets a phone call days later and then snubbed after that? Truly pathetic.

  4. freebird

    Below is a letter posted today by FSC’s ED. Obviously, some pretty successful people disagree with you. I would say that the ED’s distinction between those who are “problem seekers” and those who are “solution finders” is evident:

    By: Diane Duke
    Posted: 6/28/2007

    What began with a simple call from Legendary Lars of AdultFriendFinder.com (AFF), stating that they would like to help the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) raise funds for its continued efforts with 2257, has evolved into a powerful tool in fighting government oppression and intrusion. AFF and its parent company, Various, Inc., not only initiated a fund-raising effort FSC on the website http://www.gfy.com, but also agreed to match donations up to $10,000.

    Platinum Dave of Platinum Bucks stepped up to donate $10,000 – to meet AFF’s match and join in the efforts to diminish or defeat 2257. He recognized that support from the industry is critical in FSC’s success.

    Just as the dust was settling, the folks from HotMovies.com came forward with yet another $10,000 donation—this on the heels of a fundraiser from HotMovies.com that netted nearly $20,000 for Free Speech Coalition just two months earlier.

    The leadership exemplified by these companies is truly inspirational. When thanked for the donation, the response from these companies was identical: they believe that everyone should take part in this effort and they hope that their donations will encourage others to do the same.

    At a time when many step up to identify problems, it is the great ones who participate in solutions. Thank you AdultFriendFinder, Platinum Bucks and HotMovies.

    If you would like to contribute to FSC’s continued efforts to fight 2257, feel free to call me at 818-348-9373 or email me at diane@freespeechcoalition.com.

  5. JGallo

    “Legendary Lars of AdultFriendFinder.com”

    One of the largest supporters of bit torrent sites in the entire industry. That was mighty kind of them to donate to the cause.

    Out of the entire industry, only 3 online companies are donating money?

    Look, I’m not against the FSC, I just think too many people believe, as it has been sold to them, that they are there to help, when in fact they only help their members selectively.

    You can list all the positive things they have done all you want, the painful fact still remains that when they were needed by one of their paying members, not only did they take their sweet time contacting him when they were needed, they are also letting him hang out to dry.

    It has to make you wonder who else is going to be blown off when they need the FSC.

  6. freebird

    JGallo: You are exactly right. I clearly don’t know the exact facts of this horribly unforgivable transgression. Please inform and educate me. Exactly what were the times and dates of these phone calls so that we can determine exactly what “taking their sweet time” means? And, who exactly said that FSC would not provide any assistance and simply leave Harb “out to dry”? What exactly was Harb told? Oh please educate me.

  7. freebird

    JGallo: I’ve begun doing a little research on my own. First, this has absolutely nothing to do with 2257; the Harb brothers were charged with obscenity. It seems that they mailed Max Hardcore to Utah. Let me say that again. They MAILED MAX to MORMONS! They should be arrested for being MORONS. Your turn.

  8. JGallo

    My turn? lol

    If someone is a member of the FSC, it does not have to be an issue of 2257 for you to call on them for help. You posted it yourself, look at all the other things they are doing. All things that take donations and member fees to do. A prompt phone call is the least they can do. A call on the same day to even pretend that they cared would not have caused anyone at the FSC any inconvenience.

    Why would it take days to get back to a paying member in need? Why has it been days since they said they would get back to the brothers? A prompt phone call and some solid advice from Jeffery Douglass would be nice for a $2000 membership fee. Why pay a membership fee at all or support them if you get blown off when you need to talk to them?

    This is my last post regarding the subject. I’m going to go out on a limb here by your strong support by the FSC, that you are also the kind of guy who thinks that AIM Healthcare is the best and only medical facility in California that can deal with adult performers. But that industry scam gets to be argued another day.

  9. bigdaddy

    JGallo. Is it me or does it appear that your have a back and fourth debate with someone that works for the FSC?? The bottom line is this. If someone pays their dues to the company then they by moral standards they’re obligated to represent their clients. Why the hell else would Sami pay these uncaring fucks?? The man isn’t in this for the status or red carpet affairs. It seems that, (and this is only what I’ve seen from them) they only have interest in the players that can make them famous. Jeffrey Douglass is a fucking lawyer for heavens sake.By definition he’s a scumbag! A porno shield lawyer at that. What the fuck do people think. He’s obligated to keep his word?? Good luck. This business is about who you are! Porno is a popularity contest. This means that the “little guy” gets fucked without lube every chance someone bigger gets. I read on Gene Ross’ site that Evil Angel, Vivid and Wicked told Sami to go fuck himself. Great people…those are the ones that we need to support??? They should be paying for his defense. Of course that’ll never happen because everyone thinks Sami’s done so there’s no money in helping him. Luke scares the people in this industry that don’t do the right thing because at least he has the balls to expose these bastards for who they are! It seems that all of the other news web sites for the porno business is also a popularity contest, the one with the most ad bucks gets the best press. Porn needs a Luke Ford!!

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